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DebugBar > Langages for DebugBar 4.x

Those language files apply to DebugBar version 4.x.
For DebugBar version 5.0 and more, the language files can be found here.

  • The language files for the Debugbar can be found on the subfolder "Languages" in the DebugBar installation file, by default "C:\Program Files\Core Services\Debugbar".

  • There are 17 langage files included in the core installer :
    • English.lang
    • French.lang
    • German.lang (Thanks to Martin Specht)
    • Russian.lang (Thanks to Paul Colomiets)
    • Ukrainian.lang (Thanks to Paul Colomiets)
    • Chinese.lang (Thanks to Nannan Boy)
    • Czech.lang (Thanks to Miloš Vysoký)
    • Danish.lang (Thanks to Steven Wood)
    • Dutch.lang (Thanks to Wicliff Wolda)
    • Hebrew.lang (Thanks to Kobi Meirson)
    • Italian.lang (Thanks to Luigi La Marca)
    • Korean.lang (Thanks to Kang Heewoon)
    • Norwegian.lang (Thanks to Johs Ensby)
    • Polish.lang (Thanks to Jakub Walawski)
    • Portuguese.lang (Thanks to Candido Tominaga & Ricardo Baptista)
    • Spanish.lang (Thanks to Luciano D. Iannicelli)
    • Swedish.lang (Thanks to Mathias Back)

  • To create a new translation, get one the existing file (your preferred langage), rename it by using one of the following names and translate the strings :
    • AFRIKAANS.lang
    • ALBANIAN.lang
    • ARABIC.lang
    • BASQUE.lang
    • BELARUSIAN.lang
    • BULGARIAN.lang
    • CATALAN.lang
    • CROATIAN.lang
    • ESTONIAN.lang
    • FAEROESE.lang
    • FARSI.lang
    • FINNISH.lang
    • GREEK.lang
    • HUNGARIAN.lang
    • ICELANDIC.lang
    • INDONESIAN.lang
    • JAPANESE.lang
    • LATVIAN.lang
    • LITHUANIAN.lang
    • ROMANIAN.lang
    • SERBIAN.lang
    • SLOVAK.lang
    • SLOVENIAN.lang
    • THAI.lang
    • TURKISH.lang
    • VIETNAMESE.lang

    * When it is done, send us the file at [email protected] to receive your free professional single licence.

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