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Apple Maps gets a makeover: Apple Business Connect

By Bastien, on January 18, 2023, updated on June 19, 2023 - 2 min read

Apple has just announced a major update to its Apple Maps application, which will now offer users much more than just directions.

This new version will include photos, buttons and promotions on the pages of businesses listed on the application.

This initiative of the Apple brand is obviously aimed at surpassing Google Maps to attract and retain new users.

So, the Apple Map update, good or bad? Debugbar has tested it for you and tells you everything you need to know.

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Overview of the new Apple Maps update

The Apple Maps update is intended to bring much more than just directions to users.

The application, a bit simplistic until now, now includes:

  • Photos,
  • Buttons,
  • But also promotional offers directly on the pages of the companies concerned.

Thanks to this new version, Apple promises to give you a quick overview of where you are and to see the promotions that you can access around you.

With such improvements it is likely that some users will now switch from Google Maps to Apple Maps.

Apple Maps: What does the new version bring to businesses?

This new update is great news for businesses that have even more chances to reach their potential customers.

Yes, by providing photos and detailed information on their page, it will be much easier for them to stand out from competitors and attract a new audience.

In addition, the new features (buttons and promotions) will definitely allow them to attract customers who might not have thought of visiting otherwise.

How will this update benefit users?

This new update allows users to get an even better idea of what each location looks like before they visit.

This will allow them to quickly find out what businesses have to offer without having to look up the information themselves.

It also allows people using Apple Maps to stay on top of their surroundings by updating information in real time.

This means that any changes businesses make will be reflected in the app almost immediately, so users can always get the most accurate information possible.

Comparison between Apple Maps and Google Maps

Apple Maps and Google Maps perform some of the same tasks, but Apple’s new update seems to give it an edge. However, you can compare for yourself with this table.

FeatureGoogle MapsApple Maps
RoutesComplete routes for public transport, walking, cycling and drivingComplete routes for public transportation, walking and driving, but not biking
Points of interestA wide variety of points of interest, including restaurants, stores and tourist attractionsFewer points of interest than Google Maps, but better integration with Apple applications, such as Siri
Street ViewStreet View available for many locationsStreet View on its way to becoming interesting
User interfaceClear and easy to use user interfaceModern and aesthetic user interface
Offline accessAbility to download maps for offline accessAbility to download maps for offline access

In summary, Apple has taken a major step forward by introducing a major update to its Maps application. With more than just driving directions, users can now get a clearer picture of their surroundings before visiting.

In addition, businesses now have more opportunities to reach potential customers with photos, buttons and promotions.

Finally, information is updated in real time so that users always have access to the most accurate information possible. Thus, Apple Maps rivals Google Maps and is poised for even greater success in the future.