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Arc – the browser that’s hot right now

By Bastien, on March 12, 2023, updated on June 2, 2023 - 4 min read

Arc is a relatively new web browser that has gained popularity over the last months. Designed to offer fast and secure browsing as well as an intuitive and customizable experience, it’s no surprise that Arc has become so popular.

Have you heard of Arc Browser? Wondering how good this browser really is? Debugbar has tried it for you and gives you his opinion!

What are the key features of Arc?

This software created by the Browser Company offers probably less features than some of the more popular ones, but the ones it offers are really very efficient. We particularly appreciated :

  • The speed of navigation,
  • The elegant and customizable design,
  • The blocking of ads and trackers,
  • The command bar,
  • Multi-platform synchronization.

An impressive browsing speed

Arc Browser boasts of very fast browsing thanks to its improved rendering engine.

It is designed to load web pages faster, which helps improve the overall user experience. Moreover, the browser’s tabs can be put to sleep when not in use to increase the overall browsing speed.

Elegant and customizable design

When it comes to design, Arc offers a simple yet elegant interface that can be easily customized according to the user’s preferences.

For example, users can:

  • change the font size,
  • change the theme,
  • rearrange the sidebar,
  • and change keyboard shortcuts for better productivity.

In addition, Arc supports multiple languages to allow users around the world to use it without difficulty.

Ad and tracker blocking

Ad blocking and tracker blocking is another highlight of Arc. This feature addresses the growing concerns about data confidentiality on the Internet.

Specifically, the browser prevents third-party advertisers from tracking users’ online activities so that users can safely browse the Internet without worrying about the theft or unlawful tracking of their sensitive personal data.

The command bar to easily navigate

​​The command bar allows you to quickly execute specific commands. To access the command bar, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open the Arc app on your Android device.
  2. Click on the three dots (menu icon) located at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select “Command Bar”.

Once you have accessed the command bar, you can enter any of the following commands:

  • “search” – to search for a game in your library.
  • “open” – to launch a selected game.
  • “settings” – to access the Arc Browser settings.
  • “reload” – to refresh your game library.
  • “clear cache” – to clear the app’s cache.

To execute a command, simply type the command and hit “Enter” on your device’s keyboard.

Cross-platform synchronization to move between devices without losing your searches

Like many modern browsers, Arc supports cross-platform synchronization between different devices such as:

  • a laptop,
  • a desktop computer,
  • Android and iOS tablets,
  • as well as some operating systems like Windows 10, Mac OS X and Linux Ubuntu.

Bookmarks can be synced across multiple devices so users can access them wherever they are from any of their devices.

So, on paper it all sounds pretty good. But how does Arc browser compare to other web browsers?

Arc vs. other popular browsers: who’s the best?

To help you make up your mind about Arc, we compared it to the 3 most popular browsers:

  • Google Chrome,
  • Mozilla Firefox,
  • and Apple Safari.

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Arc vs. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular and widely used browser, but it is heavy and can slow down system performance if not used properly.

It offers a full range of advanced features and extensions that greatly improve productivity. Compared to Chrome, Arc is much lighter and faster, but has far fewer advanced functionalities and extensions.

CharacteristicGoogle ChromeArc
Browsing speedFastVery fast
DesignElegant and customizableElegant and customizable
Blocking ads and trackersYes, with third-party extensionsYes, built-in
Cross-platform synchronizationYes, with Google accountYes
AvailabilityAvailable on many operating systemsAvailable on many operating systems
PrivacyModerate, better with third-party extensionsHigh

Arc vs. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is another popular browser for the high level of protection it offers its users.

Although it is relatively slow compared to other browsers, Firefox has improved over the years and now offers fast navigation and a nice design.

In comparison, Arc stands out in terms of browsing speed, while also offering an extra layer of protection against unwanted ads and trackers.

Browsing speedFastVery fast
DesignCustomizable DesignElegant and customizable
Blocking ads and trackersYes, built-inYes, built-in
Cross-platform synchronizationYesYes
AvailabilityAvailable on many operating systemsLimited on some operating systems

Apple Safari vs. Arc

Apple Safari is a popular browser compatible with Mac OS X and iOS that offers a minimalist yet elegant design.

The browser can be easily customized via special settings such as changing default fonts or modifying keyboard shortcuts to make the user experience more fluid.

In terms of performance, Safari can’t compete with Arc as it offers significantly faster browsing while supporting most major platforms and operating systems.

Browsing speedFastVery fast
DesignElegant and customizableElegant and customizable
Blocking ads and trackersYes, built-inYes, built-in
Cross-platform synchronizationYes, with iCloudYes
AvailabilityAvailable only on macOS and iOSLimited on some operating systems

As you can see, Arc isn’t doing so bad! But let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of this browser to finalize our review.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Arc?


  • Fast performance – Arc offers very fast browsing thanks to its optimized engine and the ability to put tabs to sleep.
  • User-friendly interface – The intuitive graphical interface allows users to navigate easily and organize their screen as they wish (sidebar, top bar…).
  • Privacy – Blocking ads and trackers ensures a high level of confidentiality for users.


  • Few advanced features – The browser is relatively limited in terms of advanced features.
  • Limited availability on some operating systems – Although available with many systems (Android, iOS, etc…) Arc is not available on all operating systems such as Windows XP or Vista.

Arc Browser Review: our conclusion

In conclusion, Arc by the Browser Company is an excellent browser that is suitable for people who are looking for a simple but effective web experience. It offers great privacy without having to deal with advanced features or extensions.

The browser’s strengths include:

  • its fast performance,
  • its user-friendly interface,
  • and its ability to effectively block unwanted ads and trackers.

However, some limitations are also present such as:

  • lack of advanced features,
  • limited availability on some operating systems.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether you want to adopt Arc as your primary web browser based on your own specific needs.