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Can my business be on Google without a website?

By Steven, on October 29, 2023, updated on October 20, 2023 - 3 min read

You know that online visibility is crucial for outshining your competitors. But here’s the catch—you don’t have a website.

No worries! Having a website isn’t the be-all and end-all for showing up on Google. With the rise of tools and platforms specifically designed to assist entrepreneurs, being online without a website is not only feasible but can also be extremely effective.

Wondering how? Then this article is tailor-made for you. Debugbar is about to unveil invaluable tips that will allow you to make a splash on Google, even without a website to call your own. Let’s dive in!

Is it possible to be on Google without a website?

Yes, indeed! It’s entirely feasible to boost your business’s visibility without a website.

Of course, maintaining a website of your own can garner an extra edge, but its absence won’t put you out of the race.

The secret ingredient? Methodical and strategic action. Remember, not all entrepreneurs have the resources or time to maintain a full-fledged website—yet they manage to create an impressive digital footprint.

How? By leveraging the potential of Google My Business and harnessing the power of online directories and social media platforms!

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4 tips to be visible on Google without a website?

Are you eager to escalate your business prominence on Google Search and Maps without a website? We’ve got you covered with these 4 practical tips!

Capitalize on Google Business Profile to appear on Google Search and Google Maps

Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business or GMB) is a free, user-friendly tool that allows businesses to promote their business profile and website on Google Search and Maps.

It serves as your digital storefront – a snapshot of your business that potential customers see when they search for your service or product.

You can list your business name, location, operating hours, and contact details, even without a website.

Wondering how you can benefit? You will see, it’s quite simple.

To create a Google Business Profile listing, all you need to do is:

  1. Go on Google Business Profile (GMB) and click on “Manage Now”.
  2. Enter the name of your business.
  3. Choose a category.
  4. Supply comprehensive contact details including the location, services, hours of operation, and phone number.
  5. Add some pictures of your products or services to your listing.

Then, once it’s done:

  1. Ensure your business is listed on Google Maps for increased visibility.
  2. Keep your listing updated with the latest details about your business such as opening hours, categories, address, services offered, and photos.

Encourage customer engagement and reviews

Online reviews can significantly influence the decision-making process of potential customers.

Now that you have a Google Business Profile listing, use it to answer customer inquiries and address their concerns.

Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews on your profile. Remember, consistency is key – a steady stream of new reviews can help maintain your online visibility.

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Tap into online directories

Your presence in high-ranking online directories can augment your chances of appearing in Google search results.

Similarly, many industries have dedicated directories where you can list your business. Ensure these listings are consistently updated with current information and captivating images.

Leverage social media

Having an active presence on popular social networks can do wonders for your online visibility.

Choose the most suitable platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok…) for your business type and keep your profiles optimized with critical details, including services, address and location.

You can also set up ads campaigns through these social networks to reach your target audience directly.

Being on Google without a website: what to remember

Managing to gain visibility on Google without a website isn’t rocket science. Nevertheless, understanding the strategies that work best for your business is crucial.

  • Google Business Profile (formerly GMB) is an absolute must-have tool for local businesses that lack a website.
  • Maintain updated listings on both Google Maps and popular online directories.
  • Social networks serve not only as a platform to engage with customers but also to increase your digital visibility.
  • Consistently gathering customer reviews boosts your Google ranking and visibility on Google Maps and Search.

While achieving visibility on Google without a website is plausible, these strategies serve as temporary measures, ideal to employ until you’re ready for a full-fledged website. Here’s to your digital success, even without an actual website on hand!