Claude 2: The generative AI that challenges ChatGPT and Bard

By Steven, on July 13, 2023 - 2 min read

Claude 2: This name may not mean anything to you, yet you are likely to hear a lot more about it very soon. This new generative AI has just been launched and is already making some impressive promises.

Can it overshadow Bard and ChatGPT? Probably! Get ready to discover this new innovation that could well disrupt the daily life of many professionals.

Anthropic and its promising technical prowess: Claude 2

A creation of the artificial intelligence startup Anthropic, based in San Francisco, Claude 2 has positioned itself as a serious alternative to compete with giants of generative AI such as ChatGPT. Its promise? To be “helpful, harmless and honest“.

Claude 2: Multiple competencies for a wide range of applications

Claude 2 stands out in various areas of expertise. It is capable of:

  • Reading and writing texts,
  • Solving mathematical problems,
  • Conducting research,
  • Translating texts,
  • and even writing code.

What’s great is that it also can handle massive volumes of text (up to 150,000 words), which is particularly impressive.

A renewed approach for a more empathetic and ethical AI

Despite being quite interesting in many ways, generative AIs still have a lot of flaws. One of them is notably the production of unwanted content at times.

claude 2 reply

Claude is therefore trying to remedy this issue as this artificial intelligence adopts an immersive approach in terms of language understanding, combining knowledge and empathy to provide detailed, relevant, and above all, ethical responses.

Claude 2 is programmed with a set of principles to moderate the responses it generates, thereby minimizing the risk of producing unwanted content.

Access to Claude 2: Currently limited but promised for widespread distribution

Only available in beta form in the United States and the United Kingdom, Claude 2 is not yet accessible to the rest of the world.

Nonetheless, Anthropic startup has stated that they have plans for a global rollout in the near future. French users and those from other countries can, however, access it via a VPN by choosing servers located in either of these two countries.

Claude 2: The new rising star in programming and law?

Its outstanding performances in coding and its convincing results in professional exams such as the bar examination make Claude 2 a true rising star.

Its user interface is fast and offers full support for French, which makes it accessible and usable by a large number of professionals.

claude 2 for business

Limits and upcoming prospects

Despite significant progress, Claude 2 still has challenges to overcome. Currently in beta phase, it can still generate incorrect, misleading or offensive information.

However, Anthropic is working relentlessly to improve the AI and reduce these errors. Claude 2 also promises to provide new features in the future, and although its release date in Europe is not yet known, its current version is freely accessible and free in the United States and the United Kingdom. So, are you ready to try it?