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How to find your Google Business Profile ID?

By Steven, on November 6, 2023, updated on October 21, 2023 - 3 min read

Setting up your Google Business Profile (GBP formerly GMB) listing and suddenly Google is asking for your ID? Don’t know what that is, let alone where to find it? Keep calm, Debugbar has got your back!

Together, we’re going to explore how to locate this precious key. You will see, it’s incredibly straightforward.

What is Google Business Profile ID?

The Google Business Profile ID is your business’s fingerprint on Google.

It’s a distinctive identifier that helps Google differentiate your company from the millions of others in its colossal database.

You could think of the Google Business Profile ID as your business’s secret number that helps Google keep track of it.

Now, let’s uncover why this ID is so crucial to your online operations.

business online presence

Why do you need a Google Business Profile ID?

Before we dive into the details, let’s take a quick look at the importance of having a Google Business Profile ID.

  • It uniquely defines your business on Google, setting it apart from others and helping it stand tall in the overflowing crowd of Google’s database.
  • This little string of characters is vital for verifying your business across various Google services like Google Maps.
  • If you’re big on SEO, the GBP ID is your passport to connect services and optimize your online visibility.
  • It simplifies managing your online presence, handling customer reviews, and tracking analytics to understand customer interactions better.
  • Without forgetting the crucial role it plays in preventing fraudulent listings by verifying business identity, enhancing customer experience by providing precise information and navigation.

And that’s just scratching the surface! Now, let’s dive into finding this little golden nugget!

How to find your GBP ID: the step-by-step guide

With your motivation engines fired up, let’s take a trip down the path of finding your GBP ID. Lucky for you, there are several ways to locate it. Let’s explore these avenues.

First road: the GMB account:

  1. Log into your Google My Business (GMB) account. Simple enough, right?
  2. Spot the three-dot menu and navigate towards “Business Profile Settings.”
three dots id
  1. Under “Advanced Settings,” you will meet your “Business Profile ID.” Copy it and keep it safe!
gbp settings id
advanced settings id

Second road: Using tools

  1. For the Google Developer’s Place ID finder, all you need to do is input your business information and pick your business from the search results.
  2. Pleper Local SEO Tools fan? After installing the extension, the CID, Place ID, and Business Profile ID will appear magically while searching on Google Maps.

And yes, these methods work for suspended or disabled business profiles as well! It’s as simple as that! 

On the verge: additional tips to supercharge your GBP use

Your journey with the Google Business Profile ID doesn’t end here. There’s always more to explore and exploit to give your business that extra edge.

  • SEO and Visibility: Amplify your online presence and accessibility by linking your Google Business Profile ID to other Google services, such as Google Maps and Google Ads.
  • Local search ranking: Boost your local search ranking and visibility by verifying your business profile listing.
  • Customer engagement: Harness Google’s tools and features effectively to accentuate your online footprint.
  • Manage customers reviews, post updates, and monitor insights for thriving customer engagement.

Remember, the Google Business Profile ID is more than just a string of digits and letters—it’s a magic key that unlocks an array of opportunities!

Google Business Profile ID: the bottom line

So, let’s wrap this up! What’s the key takeaway? The Google Business Profile ID is your business’s unique identifier that helps Google distinguish your business from the rest in its ever-growing database.

Its importance for verifying your business on Google Maps, connecting with Google services, managing your online visibility and interaction with customers cannot be underestimated.

Here are the crucial pointers from our guide:

  • A Google Business Profile ID uniquely defines your business on Google.
  • It is used to verify your business across various Google services.
  • Thanks to GBP ID, you can easily manage your online presence, handle customers reviews and track customer interactions.
  • The ID is accessible via your GMB account settings, the Google’s Developer Place ID finder or specific SEO tools.
  • You can create a GBP ID by signing up on the Google My Business (GMB) website and following through with the provided steps.