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Link Whisper: The SEO tool that allows you to dominate your market

By Steven, on March 9, 2023 - 4 min read

If you are looking for an effective way to improve your SEO strategy, then Link Whisper is the tool for you!

This innovative WordPress plugin is designed to help users improve their internal linking and build high-quality internal links so that their website ranks better in Google’s SERP.

  • Link Whisper helps you optimize your website’s internal linkage by providing consistent links.
  • The tool identifies similar keywords and topics and links them together.
  • This plugin allows you to improve your on-page SEO while saving a lot of time.

What is Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is an SEO tool that automatically suggests relevant internal links when creating or editing site content.

This plugin allows users to quickly find internal links that can strengthen their SEO strategy and improve overall site quality.

How does Link Whisper work?

When you install the WordPress Link Whisper plugin, it automatically starts scanning your site for internal linking opportunities.

It examines all existing pages and posts to identify relevant keywords and related topics. Based on this information, the tool offers suggestions for relevant internal links that you can add with a single click.

What are the main features of Link Whisper?

As you can see, Link Whisper helps you build a relevant internal link. And to achieve this, it provides you with several interesting features.


Among the main ones are:

  1. Internal link suggestions: Link Whisper suggests relevant internal links as you write your content in WordPress.
  1. Internal link management: You can quickly find and set up internal links to old posts that need more links, and even add new internal links to posts with very few links pointing to them.
  1. Auto-Linking: The “Auto-Linking” feature allows you to quickly build internal links for SEO by automatically building links from past and future mentions of target keywords.
  1. Detailed link reports: These reports allow you to better understand the site structure and optimize your site by providing a complete understanding of internal and external links, broken links, errors and posts that could benefit from further internal links.
  1. Fixing broken links: Link Whisper also facilitates the correction of broken internal and external links.
  1. Link suggestions based on target keywords: You can add your target SEO keywords, and Link Whisper will suggest the most relevant links for your posts.
link report
  1. Link suggestions between sites: It is possible to connect multiple sites using Link Whisper to get link suggestions between them, which can be especially powerful if you have multiple sites in a similar niche.
  1. Integration with Google Search Console: Optional settings allow you to connect Google Search Console traffic data to see organic traffic, average position and keywords that are driving results for your post.

As you can imagine, such features offer a lot of advantages. Let’s see what they are…

What are the main benefits of Link Whisper?

Using Link Whisper can greatly facilitate the work of an SEO consultant or a company looking to improve its online marketing strategy.

Among the many benefits offered by this WordPress extension we can mention:

  • Considerable time savings: Thanks to its automated system, the plugin allows you to save a lot of time in managing internal links and in their SEO optimization in general.
  • Simplification of On-page SEO: By automatically suggesting links based on the existing content on your site, this tool greatly facilitates On-page SEO without additional human intervention.
  • Strengthening Internal linking: Users can easily strengthen internal linking on their website with the automatic suggestions generated by this innovative WordPress plugin. They can also manually add their own suggestions to create a consistent structure linking all popular posts together.
  • Easy tracking of internal linking performance: With the detailed report provided by the tool, it is easy for every user to track and evaluate the overall performance of internal linking on their website on a regular basis.

How to use Link Whisper to improve your SEO strategy?

Although innovative and very useful, Link Whisper might not achieve its objectives if you don’t use it well.

So here are Debugbar’s advices to optimize the use of this plugin:

  • Regularly analyze your statistics: To maximize the benefits offered by this tool, it is important that you regularly review your statistics to evaluate the current performance of internal linking on your website.

This way, you can quickly make any necessary changes to constantly improve your On-page SEO strategy

  • Be vigilant about your anchor texts: If some anchors do not appear natural in your content, replace them immediately with more relevant ones (in line with the desired context) so that Google does not suspect an abusive attempt to break its strict Off-page SEO rules
  • Manually add your own suggestions: Although this tool is able to automatically offer relevant suggestions for every existing post or page on your website, it is still essentially mechanical.

That’s why it may not always take into account all the necessary information depending on the context given in each page / post. It is therefore important to regularly take a few minutes to manually review the existing content and suggest your own relevant ideas to further enrich your own integrated network between pages / posts.

How much does Link Whisper cost?

Link Whisper pricing varies depending on the number of websites you want to use the plugin for.

Currently, here are the prices offered by Link Whisper:

Pricing for one websitePricing for three websitesPricing for ten websites
$77 per year$117 per year$167 per year

Note: There is a 30-day free trial. If you don’t like the plugin, you can take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee.

Link Whisper review: the tool that makes the link!

As you can see, it is now possible to boost your internal linkage very easily thanks to Link Whisper.

However, you must respect certain rules of use to optimize the tool’s capabilities.

  • Link Whisper helps you find links between the different posts of your site.
  • This WordPress plugin will analyze your content and identify related keywords to find the perfect link.
  • To get the most out of the tool, it is important to regularly analyze the statistics of your website and its links.
  • If used properly, Link Whisper can help you improve the position of a post in the Google SERP.