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Top E-commerce Developers to Help You Build and Scale Your Online Store

By Bastien, on June 23, 2024 - 20 min read

The e-commerce market is booming. According to credible analytics, global e-commerce sales reached approximately $5.8 trillion in 2023, with these figures expected to surpass $8 trillion by 2027. 

If you’re an e-commerce brand, that’s great news. But to tap into this market and enjoy serious profit margins, you’ll need the help of professional e-commerce developers. 

Why? E-commerce developers can drastically improve your e-commerce business. They can help you enhance your user experience, use analytics better, increase your leads/ prospects, and help you attain your desired sales.

Remember, this niche has just as much competition as profits to be realized. So, you’ll need to work with the best to be the best and beat the best. So, working with a professional and reputable e-commerce developer could prove to be a game changer for you.

But, with thousands of e-commerce developers globally, finding the ideal one(s) for your business can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. And not only that, but hiring an inexperienced or unprofessional e-commerce developer puts your business at risk of losses, data breaches, compliance issues, scalability issues, and website performance problems, among many other issues. 

We’ve done all the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. We have consulted with industry leaders, researched online, and conducted interviews to bring you 15 of the best e-commerce developers for your consideration.

Here are the top e-commerce developers that’ll help build and scale your online store.

  1. WeDoWebApps

As an e-commerce brand, it’s pretty common to run into issues involving inexperienced or incompetent developers who often bankrupt you while riding high on promises they can’t deliver on.

Fortunately, WeDoWebApps is a full-service IT software development company with over a decade of experience, helping organizations across the globe to achieve their full potential.  

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Overview of WeDoWebApps: 

Based in Miami, Florida, WeDoWebApps is a global IT software development company that offers a wide range of services aimed at helping companies achieve scalable, secure, and growth-driven digital solutions. 

WeDoWebApps started operations in 2015, but since then, they’ve grown to become a full-service IT company offering a wide range of solutions, including: 

  • Custom Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Web and Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Enterprise Solutions, including ERM and CRM solutions
  • Cloud Services
  • Web and App Maintenance and Support

Thanks to years of experience, WeDoWebApps has managed to create a solid talent pool of professionals who successfully deliver projects worldwide. They offer services that allow people to hire developers directly based on their needs.

What Can WeDoWebApps Do For You? 

Although WeDoWebApps offers a ton of software development-based issues, we’ll focus on those that directly involve e-commerce and its related services.

WeDoWebApps can help your e-commerce business or site in the following ways:

  • WeDoWebApps offers a range of Shopify development services and solutions designed to help your business maximize the potential of e-commerce. Services offered here include creating custom/ unique stores, designing the stores with user experience in mind, integrating conversion optimization features, and providing ongoing maintenance and support.
  • This firm can help you elevate your WooCommerce store, thanks to its holistic development services, which include creating and setting up custom stores, migrating an existing store to WooCommerce, integrating additional features into a WooCommerce store, translating a WooCommerce store into multiple languages, and optimizing it for SEO, among other services.
  • WeDoWebApps has a creative and experienced development team that specializes in custom theme design, API integration, migration assistance, and ongoing maintenance to help you create a dynamic and scalable online store, all of which relate to BigCommerce. 
  • WeDoWebApps also offers e-commerce consulting on platform selection, digital marketing strategies, user experience optimization, and performance improvement to help you succeed in the competitive online marketplace.

What Sets WeDoWebApps Apart? Here’s Why You Should Consider Working With Them

WeDoWebApps has over ten years of experience helping brands like yours. They’ve worked with over 250 clients and delivered over 1500 successful projects with the help of more than 40 software developers. 

They would also like to help you with your e-commerce projects. Visit their website today to discuss your project with an experienced WeDoWebApps developer. 

  1. WpWebElite

WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS). However, it wasn’t originally designed for online stores. This means that if your e-commerce store runs on WordPress, you will need plugins that make your store efficient, simple, and fast. Otherwise, you run the risk of frustrated customers, decreased functionality and efficiency.

WpWebElite is a solutions provider that understands these challenges. They’ve focused their efforts on developing compelling and efficient plugins for WordPress-powered stores, hoping to add functionality and many more features. 

WpWebElite Overview

WpWebElite is a plugin solutions provider that specializes in developing premium WordPress and WooCommerce plugins. They were founded in August 2015 by Mr. Jigar Shah and Mrs. Sneha Shah.

This company has gained recognition as a solid plugin developer. Their solutions enhance the functionality and performance of WordPress websites and WooCommerce stores. 

They offer more than 25 different plugins, all of which are user-friendly, secure, and efficient, catering to different e-commerce needs. 

What Can WpWebElite Do For You?

WpWebElite can help you integrate plugins for your WordPress-powered e-commerce store or WooCommerce store. All these plugins are designed to solve critical e-commerce store challenges while bringing performance and functionality to the same. 

Here’s a brief overview of what WpWebElite can do for you:

  • WpWebElite offers WooCommerce PDF Vouchers plugins that allow businesses to create and manage digital and printable vouchers. This improves your overall sales and enhances customer satisfaction.
  • They also offer the WooCommerce Social Login plugin, which simplifies the registration and login process, reducing cart abandonment rates and improving conversion rates. 
  • The Social Auto Poster plugin automates the sharing of content on social media platforms. This has a positive effect on your online brand visibility as it drives traffic up. 
  • Another plugin, Bravo – WooCommerce Points and Rewards, incentivizes customer loyalty by offering points for purchases, while Docket – WooCommerce Collections enables customers to create and share product collections, boosting engagement and sales. 

What sets WpWebElite Apart? Here’s Why You Should Consider Working With Them

WpWebElite has over 10 years of experience delivering reliable & quality plugins. During this time, they’ve managed to garner over 16,000 downloads from clients who’ve cumulatively given them a 4.9 star rating (out of 5). They’ve also exchanged ideas and worked with over 50 plus industry leading IT experts. 

WpWebElite would also like to work with you to transform your e-commerce store. Get in touch with them for more information on free or premium plugins that can enhance your store’s performance and functionalities. 

  1. SolveIt

Startups and e-commerce brands suffer from a similar challenge: validating an app idea while keeping in mind the need for timely release. Validating an idea, whether it’s an app or an e-commerce product line, takes effort. Not only that, but the market doesn’t wait. If you take too long to validate and launch, competitors might steal your market share or introduce similar products first.

That’s why it’s important to work with a full-service software development company like SolveIt that understands these unique challenges. 

SolveIt Overview

SolveIt is a USA-based (San Francisco) full-service software development company that does just about everything involving building mobile apps and websites such as e-commerce stores. 

What Can SolveIt Do For You

Here’s what they can do for you: 

  • Mobile App Development: SolveIt creates high-quality mobile applications that drive profitability and user engagement. 
  • Web Solutions: SolveIt delivers various web solutions, ranging from simple websites to advanced websites and e-commerce stores. 
  • MVP Development: Their MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development services ensure that the core features of a product are developed and launched within a short timeframe, typically around three months.
  • UI/UX Design Services
  • Tech Consulting & Audit
  • QA & Testing
  • SLA Support: They provide flexible support terms to ensure that the solutions continue to perform well after deployment, addressing any issues promptly.

What Sets SolveIt Apart?

One of the main reasons why SolveIt is a top company worth your consideration is the fact that they prioritizes building long-term relationships with their clients. They also offer a full range of services, from project discovery to software design, development, and product launch and support.

And it shows; SolveIt has a perfect client satisfaction of 100%. In their 7 years of operations, they’ve released more than 100 solutions that have helped businesses across the world. 

They would like to work with you, too, to help you realize the full potential of your e-commerce project. Visit SolveIt’s website here or talk directly to one of SolveIt’s professionals to get started. 

  1. Microdeft

Software development is key to e-commerce success. Many e-commerce platforms struggle with poor web/app technologies that lead to slow loading times, poor mobile optimization, and poor engagement features, among others.

These issues lead to abandoned carts, reduced customer loyalty, and lower conversion rates, ultimately impacting business growth and profitability. 

Fortunately, Microdeft is a giant software solutions company that understands these unique challenges, especially those facing start-ups, and is well-placed to offer solutions that address them.

Microdeft Overview 

Microdeft is a software solutions company focused on helping startups, including e-commerce stores, to bring their ideas to reality while giving them the edge to carve out a unique place in the market. 

Established in 2015 in Bangladesh, this company has since grown to feature a team of skilled professionals that ensure project success for the global market. 

What Can Microdeft Do For You?

Microdeft focuses exclusively on e-commerce, digital marketing, and related software solutions. They can help build and scale your store. 

But that’s not all they can do. Here’s a brief outlook of what services you can expect when working with Microdeft:

  • E-commerce Software Development: This includes creating custom e-commerce software development solutions such as secure payment gateways, scalable backend systems, and advanced analytic tools.
  • Website and Mobile App Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Maintenance and Support

What Sets Microdeft Apart? Here’s Why You Should Consider Working With Them

Microdeft is massively experienced as they’ve been helping start-ups for more than five years. Thanks to their expert team, you can bank on their expertise to deliver your e-commerce project swiftly and decisively. You’ll also get 24/7 customer support to address issues and queries promptly.

Visit their website for more information on how you can get Microdeft’s solutions to meet your business needs. 

  1. Scandiweb

Magneto projects that take too long or are unstable, poor customer experience, issues with data and analytics, and dropping traffic numbers are just but a few problems that ScandiWeb seeks to address within the e-commerce niche. 

Scandiweb Overview

Established in 2003 in the European country of Latvia, ScandiWeb is a leading e-commerce development company that focuses on providing scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes. 

What Can ScandiWeb Do For You?

Here’s how ScandiWeb can be of massive help to your e-commerce business or store: 

  • ScandiWeb can help you with your e-commerce strategy by providing comprehensive planning to align your e-commerce plans and desirable outcomes with business goals.
  • ScandiWeb is your go to dev company for expertise in deploying and optimizing Magento, building scalable headless commerce solutions with PWAs, and developing custom technology solutions. They can also help with integrating ERP and CRM systems, delivering AI-driven personalization, creating native and hybrid mobile apps, and leveraging blockchain for secure transactions.
  • ScandiWeb can support your data and analytics needs by implementing solid and tailor-made data collection and storage systems, transforming data into actionable insights.

What Sets ScandiWeb Apart

ScandiWeb boasts an impressive portfolio that features e-commerce builds, traffic acquisition, design, and data & analytics. Most notably, they’ve worked with one of the largest racing teams in the world, McLaren, tech giant Samsung, apparel clothing line Puma, and the finance solutions provider Citadelle. 

They’d love to work with you to make your e-commerce ideas and aspirations come to reality. Visit ScandiWeb today to talk to one of their competent company partners for the full range of e-commerce solutions.  

  1. Digital Neighbor

Is your store struggling with exposure? Do people find it hard to locate your store? You’re not alone; many stores suffer with strategies, content, and designs that help them attract and convert customers. 

But, by partnering with Digital Neighbor, you’ll address problems unique to your e-commerce store and the general market.

Digital Neighbor Overview

Digital Neighbor is a Florida-based digital SEO marketing agency that seeks to improve the digital space of all businesses, including e-commerce businesses. The company started in 2016 and has grown to become one of the largest marketing solutions providers in the region, catering to brands across the world. 

What Can Digital Neighbor Do For You

Digital Neighbor offers elite marketing solutions that allow your e-commerce store to reach its audience while effectively engaging with them to ensure that they convert and become loyal customers. Here’s how they do it:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), including Local SEO: They can help you leverage the power of SEO to improve online visibility and search rankings. This also includes optimizing for local search to connect with nearby customers.
  • Paid Media (PPC Management): This involves leveraging platforms like Google Ads and Bing Ads for targeted advertising.
  • Social Media Marketing: Digital Neighbor analyzes social media metrics to refine strategies and improve engage
  • Web Design & Development: Your store might need designs that are user-friendly, and responsive. Digital Neighbor will help your store enjoy seamless user experiences to drive conversions and sales.
  • Google Analytics & Reporting: this marketing partner tracks key metrics to gauge the effectiveness of marketing efforts

What Sets Digital Neighbor Apart

Digital Neighbor should be on your radar as they are recognized by industry awards and certifications, including Google SEO Agency Partner and Microsoft Advertising Partner. Besides, this Florida-based outfit has partnered with industry leaders such as MailChimp, Microsoft and Forbes. 

Meet Digital Neighbor’s friendly team here and schedule an appointment to discuss how you can best improve your store’s outlook with their solutions. 

  1. Digital Media Ninja

Brand awareness is everything for an e-commerce business. But standing out in a crowded marketplace can be tricky. Not only that, but keeping up with the constant changes in this niche can be overwhelming, especially for new start-ups. 

But with a brand like Digital Media Ninja using a strategic combination of advanced tools, strategies, and expert insights, you’ll enhance your online presence and actualize other targeted objectives.

Digital Media Ninja Overview

Digital Media Ninja specializes in providing comprehensive digital marketing services, such as SEO, PPC, influencer marketing, social media management, and software development, to help businesses improve their overall online presence and visibility. 

What Can Digital Media Ninja Do For You

Digital Media Ninja’s SEO services improve organic search rankings, driving more traffic to your website. 

Services offered by Digital Media Ninja to help you get to this desired outcome include:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Software Development
  • Reputation Management

What Sets Digital Media Ninja Apart

Digital Media Ninja stands out because of its top-notch services, expert team, and customer-centric approach. Their services also come with 24/7 customer support. 

Tap into one of Digital Media’s tools, courses, or services to help you thrive in the e-commerce niche. 

  1. Dazzet

Dazzet Overview

Dazzet is a digital agency with over 30 years of experience in providing businesses with modern and viable solutions courtesy of their innovative and effective online strategies. They specialize in digital advertising, web development, user experience design, and conversion optimization.

What Can Dazzet Do For You? 

Dazzet offers services targeted at e-commerce businesses, including:

  • Developing clear, effective strategies necessary for the success of e-commerce businesses
  • Implementing advanced marketing tools to drive growth including with a focus on constant optimization of key performance indicators (KPIs). Their data-driven approach ensures that marketing efforts are efficient and effective, maximizing return on investment.
  • Developing scalable web solutions that enhance functionality and user engagement, ensuring your online presence is both powerful and reliable in relation to web development and design.

What Sets Dazzet Apart? 

Dazzet helps fill the need for effective digital strategies, optimized web development, impactful user experience design, and continuous optimization to maintain a competitive edge. 

What started as a small firm in Medellin, Colombia, has now grown to see them receive certifications in Inbound Marketing, Google Analytics, and Google Ads. 

Visit Dazzet’s website today to optimize your digital products and offerings as they relate to your e-commerce store. 

  1. 2Hats Logic

2Hats Logic Overview

2Hats Logic is a Kochi (India-based) web agency established in 2014 that specializes in crafting custom web software solutions and e-commerce platforms. Their team leverages an arsenal of modern technologies and frameworks, including Laravel, Magento, Shopware, Shopify, and Vuejs, to bring client’s e-commerce ideas to life.

What Can 2Hats Logic Do For You?

From conceptualization to deployment, 2Hats Logic custom builds e-commerce platforms that are visually stunning and functionally adept. Their solutions include custom e-commerce website development and integration of various payment gateways.

They also implement advanced features like product search, filtering, and user account management in e-commerce stores. They ensure that each platform is optimized for performance, security, and scalability.

What Sets 2Hats Logic Apart? Here’s Why You Should Consider Them

Over the years, 2Hats Logic has built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality digital solutions. Their portfolio showcases a diverse range of successful projects across various industries, highlighting their ability to adapt to different business requirements and challenges. 

Clients consistently praise their professionalism, reliability, and ability to deliver on promises. You too can be one of them. Partner with 2Hats Logic and unlock the full potential of your e-commerce venture. 

  1. Refresh Ideas

Old design trends, cluttered layout, or lack of fresh content are some of the major signs that your store lacks the visual capabilities to fully communicate your store’s true offerings. Quite frankly some stores come off as generic and uninspiring. 

But that’s where a brand like Refresh Ideas comes into play. Refresh Ideas, just like the name suggests, offers solutions aimed at refreshing your website so that it portrays an image that best portrays your store’s core offerings. 

Refresh Ideas Overview

Refresh Ideas is an Indian based digital marketing solutions company that addresses revamping solutions for websites. They’ve been in operation for more than 2022 years, a lengthy period that’s allowed them to set up bases in many countries across the world.

What Can Refresh Ideas Do For You

Refresh Ideas helps you connect better with your target audience by offering solutions that do more than just ‘refresh’ your store. Here’s what Refresh Ideas can do for you :

  • Custom e-commerce Website Design: This includes unique designs, professional but friendly user interfaces, custom themes, and graphics. 
  • e-commerce development: Refresh Ideas can help you integrate secure payment gateways, scale your store, implement SEO friendly structures to improve rankings, and improve the overall navigation, design and loading times of your store. 
  • Shopify Website Design Services: If you run a Shopify-based store, Refresh Ideas can help you design the perfect themes for your store, improve its functionality, and optimize it for mobile devices. 
  • Additional Services: These include web maintenance, support, and strategies to drive traffic while engaging your audience. 

What Sets Refresh Ideas Apart

Many digital marketing solution providers claim to understand the market, but Refresh Ideas is one of the few that have the experience to back that claim up. This firm’s noteworthy clients include Tata Motors, Valvoline, and Iris Computers. 

Your store deserves a total refresh that will increase traffic, engagement, and sales. Visit Refresh Ideas to find out how you can achieve this and more today! 

  1. BrainSpate

The average e-commerce shopper expects a seamless, user-friendly online shopping experience, failure to which often leads to abandoned shopping carts as the very same customers leave for the competition. It’s almost a requirement for businesses to have aesthetically pleasing stores that capture attention and drive sales. 

BrainSpate is an e-commerce developer and designer who understands these unique challenges and offers solutions that address them. They also understand that most stores struggle with security, scalability, and optimized performance. 

BrainSpate Overview

BrainSpate is an American/Indian-based e-commerce developer that specializes in providing world-class online business solutions. BrainSpate features a team of experienced and creative professionals who come up with e-commerce solutions that include custom designs and added functionality to stores.

If your store leverages Shopify, WooCommerce, Salesforce, or similar technology, BrainSpate is your go-to developer and designer. They can help you take your store to the next level.  

What Can BrainSpate Do For You?

Here’s how BrainSpate can enhance your online shopping platform:

  • WooCommerce Development: Custom plugin development, theme customization, and seamless third-party integrations are just a couple of services that BrainSpate offers to ensure your WooCommerce store meets your business needs, all while providing a seamless user experience.
  • Shopify Development: BrainSpate’s Shopify development services cover custom theme creation, store setup, and migration. They also offer integration with various third-party apps to enhance functionality. 
  • Magento Development: BrainSpate excels in Magento development, offering custom Magento solutions, cloud hosting, and PWA development. Their services include Magento theme development, speed optimization, and secure payment gateway integration. Additionally, BrainSpate provides Magento migration services, ensuring a smooth transition from other platforms.
  • Salesforce Development: BrainSpate integrates Salesforce CRM with your e-commerce platform, streamlining business operations and improving customer relationship management. Their Salesforce solutions enhance data management, automate workflows, and provide insightful analytics.

What Sets BrainSpate Apart? Here’s Why You Should Consider Working With Them

BrainSpate has been in operation for more than five years. They’re experienced and understand the unique challenges that come with growing your e-commerce store. That’s led them to work with over 100 clients, most of whom have nothing but positive reviews for this solutions provider. 

Besides, they also offer 24/7 customer support with the help of their 100% in-house team that features more than 25 IT industry experts. 

BrainSpate wants to work with you to bring top-notch solutions that’ll improve your site’s online visibility, performance, and sales. Contact them today and become one of their happy clients who’ve enhanced their online shopping platform.

  1. Cloudflight

If you’re a business looking to digitize your operations and operate as an e-commerce store fully, you might run into a few challenges that might make this process daunting and tricky. 

Remember, e-commerce stores thrive on efficiency, automation, and data-driven decision-making, all of which come with digitalization. However, hidden costs, security concerns involving data breaches, and incompatibility all make this a hard realization for most e-commerce stores.

Fortunately, partnering with a digitalization expert such as Cloudflight can help you avoid such pitfalls and help you enjoy the benefits that come with digitalization. 

Cloudflight Overview

Cloudflight was formed in 2019 through the merger of custom software pioneer Catalysts and IT analyst firm Crisp Research. Collectively, this gives Cloudflight over 20 years of experience, making it one of the few digitization companies with tremendous depth and experience. 

Cloudflight offers a broad spectrum of services designed to address various aspects of digital transformation:

  • Consulting services aimed at helping businesses define their digital transformation roadmap. This also includes tech consulting to arrive at the most viable tech practices for you.
  • Custom software development that uses modern practices to meet the specific needs of each of Cloudflight’s different clients. 
  • Cloud solutions, which include strategies and migration services that can help you transition to cloud-based infrastructures.
  • Data Science and AI: Advanced analytics and AI solutions to help businesses leverage their data for better decision-making.Machine learning models tailored to specific business needs.
  • Advanced data analytics and AI solutions.
  • Custom solutions for different industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and more.

What Can Cloudflight Do For You? 

Cloudfight has a couple of solutions that could prove to be monumental for your e-commerce store:

  • Cloudflight features a team of seasoned developers who understand the requirements of creating a seamless user experience, which is crucial for e-commerce success. This involves coming up with a design that will make it easy for your customers to use your store while guiding them through the purchasing journey. 
  • Cloudflight can help you use the power of advanced analytics and AI to help your e-commerce store integrate AI to personalize product recommendations, market campaigns, search results, and other features of an enhanced customer experience.
  • Cloudflight can help you with cloud-native solutions that deliver scalability, ensuring your store can handle traffic without lags and hitches, even as your business grows.  
  • This developer can help your e-commerce store with seamless checkout experiences for your customers. Cloudflight can ensure that your store’s checkout experience is smooth and optimized for mobile devices, offering multiple secure payment gateways. This can also boost your conversion rates by up to 35%.

What Sets Cloufligt Apart? Here’s Why You Consider Working With Cloudflight

Cloudflight’s focus on digitalization and e-commerce success has led it to establish bases in over five countries. Being a merger, this firm has a collective experience of over 20 years, meaning partnering with them allows you to tap into a pool of highly professional and competent developers. 

Besides, they’ve completed over 1000 projects, thanks to the 1000 plus employees under their payroll. Cloudlfight would like to help your e-commerce store too.

If you’re looking to future-proof your business, visit Cloudflight’s website here or talk to one of their professionals here.  

  1. BTO Digital

Low brand awareness, poor website traffic, and difficulty generating leads are a couple of issues that prevent e-commerce businesses from experiencing growth and profitability. But BTO Digital is a firm that specializes in addressing such challenges with its unique set of solutions. 

BTO Digital Digital Overview

BTO Digital is an elite digital marketing and technological solutions agency that offers various services targeted at helping businesses positioned as B2B or B2C  corporations. They are an international brand with work teams stationed in Spain, Panama and Colombia. 

What Can BTO Digital Do For You?

This full-service digital marketing agency delivers tailored marketing solutions that include inbound marketing, content creation, SEO, PPC, web design, and digital consultancy. 

Here’s more on how these solutions can benefit your e-commerce business:

  • Inbound Marketing and CRM: BTO Digital’s services can help you with lead generation, prospect nurturing, and lead conversion. That’s because their solutions focus on attracting, engaging and retaining customers. 
  • SEO Services: With SEO being a main priority in online visibility, BTO can help you improve your ranking when customers look you up on search engines. This digital marketing agency can help you generate organic traffic to boost your engagement rates and, eventually, your sales.
  • PPC Campaigns: BTO Digital manages PPC campaigns across various platforms, including Google, Meta, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. They create targeted ads that resonate with your audience, optimizing them for maximum ROI. 
  • Web Design: BTO Digital can professionally redesign your store to focus on user experience and conversion optimization. 
  • Digital Consultancy: The digital marketing niche can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to this. BTO Digital’s consultancy services provide you with the expert advice you need to help you understand all your options well. 

What Sets BTO Digital Apart? Here’s Why You Should Consider Working With Them

BTO Digital differentiates itself as an international agency with work teams and clients in different regions of the world. They’ve worked with a flurry of clients as part of their large portfolio of multinational projects. While this might sound price-deterring, you’ll find their pricing scheme very affordable and inclusive. 

Get in touch with BTO Digital today for a free quote for services specifically designed for your e-commerce store. 

  1. EUX Digital Agency

Growing your presence as an e-commerce business involves a careful adaptation of SEO practices, user-friendly website design, effective marketing strategies, and effective data management. 

However, not all e-commerce stores have the technical know-how to achieve this. EUX Digital is a trusted partner who can help your e-commerce business achieve a strong online presence, regardless of the size of your business. 

EUX Digital Overview

EUX Digital Agency is a Sydney-based digital powerhouse that offers many solutions, including e-commerce website solutions. 

What Can EUX Do For You?

EUX Digital helps businesses build, optimize, and market their online stores. Their expertise spans web development, digital marketing, customer experience optimization, and strategic consulting. They serve as a one-stop shop for e-commerce businesses looking to grow their online presence.

Here’s a brief overview of their services:

  • Custom development and tailored solutions
  • Design services, including UX & UI design
  • e-commerce platform migration and setup, including Shopify and Woocommerce
  • Digital marketing services, including SEO, social media advertising, and email marketing
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Data analysis
  • API integrations

What Sets EUX Apart? Here’s Why You Should Consider Working With Them

They are a small, passionate team that is genuinely invested in helping their clients succeed. And being a small team, you can be rest assured that they’ll give you the personal touch that’s necessary for proper service delivery. 

Get a custom e-commerce solution from EUX today and see your e-commerce store grow its online presence.

  1. APPExperts

E-commerce businesses face a number of challenges in providing a convenient mobile shopping experience and building trust with customers. 

APPExperts Digital Overview

APPExperts is a premier app development company that offers mobile app-related solutions. But their services don’t stop there: they specialize in crafting mobile apps (and related solutions) that cater to the specific needs of businesses across various industries, including the e-commerce niche. 

What Can APPExperts Do For You?

APPExperts can be useful for e-commerce businesses in a number of ways, including:

  • WooCommerce integration: This allows customers to have a convenient and magnetizing e-shopping experience with WooCommerce. APPExperts integrates with WooCommerce, a popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress, to allow customers to browse products, add items to their carts, and checkout directly from the mobile app.
  • Display product reviews: APPExperts can help you display your product reviews more effectively and efficiently to build trust with potential customers and encourage them to make purchases.
  • Social sharing: This allows customers to easily share products with their friends and followers on social media, which can help to increase brand awareness and drive sales.
  • Push notifications: Being an app and software developer, APPExperts can help you integrate features that send targeted notifications to customers about sales, promotions, and new products. This can be a great way to stay engaged with customers and drive sales.

What Sets APPExperts Apart? Here’s Why You Should Consider Working With Them

APPExperts offers a free plan which allows you to create a basic mobile app for free. This is a great way to try out APPExperts before you commit to a paid plan. Besides, they’ve built up a portfolio of successful projects and satisfied clients and, in the process, establishing themselves as a brand committed to excellence in the app development industry.

No coding skills? No problem. Build your e-commerce app with APPExperts.

In Conclusion, These are the Top e-commerce Developers Who’ll Help You Build and Scale Your Online Store

e-commerce businesses are no strangers to challenges involving user experience, online visibility, security, data protection, and integrating systems such as inventory management, shipping carriers, and payment processors.

Working with an e-commerce developer to address these challenges and bring other ideas to fruition is excellent for your business because it means increased visibility, conversion, and, ultimately, sales. 

But with millions of developers worldwide, finding the right, dependable, and experienced ones might prove challenging, especially if you’re new to this field. 

To help with this, we’ve scoured the internet, conducted interviews, and consulted with industry experts to bring you 15 of the best e-commerce developers for your consideration, as highlighted in this article. 

For a quick recap, here are the top e-commerce developers that will help you build and scale your store:

  • WeDoWebApps: A full-service IT software development company with over a decade of experience helping different brands arrive at scalable, secure, and growth-driven digital solutions.
  • WpWebElite: This premium plugin developer caters to WooCommerce stores and WordPress-powered websites and stores. Their plugins offer enhanced performance and functionality, features that could transform your store and boost its sales.  
  • SolveIt: SolveIt is a San Francisco-based full-service software development company that can help you with all stages of your e-commerce website journey, from design to development. They also offer other full IT development services involving mobile/web app conceptualization, product development, etc. 
  • Microdeft: Microdeft is a Bangladesh-based company that focuses exclusively on e-commerce, digital marketing, and related software solutions designed to help startups bring their ideas to reality. 
  • Scandiweb: This is a Latvian e-commerce development company founded in 2003. They specialize in solving problems faced by e-commerce businesses, such as slow Magento websites, unstable platforms, and difficulty attracting customers.
  • Digital Neighbor: This Florida-based digital marketing agency was established in 2016 to help e-commerce businesses improve their online presence and attract more customers.
  • Digital Media Ninja: Digital Media Ninja helps you stay current with the latest industry marketing practices. They also offer courses, tools, and solutions that, when improvised appropriately, can enhance online visibility. 
  • Dazzet: One of the more experienced e-commerce digital marketing agencies with roots in Medellin, Colombia, but has offices in the USA and worldwide. They offer solid and scalable digital marketing solutions tailored to meet e-commerce business needs.
  • 2Hats Logic: 2Hats Logic is an excellent web and e-commerce business. They leverage modern technologies such as Laravel, Magento, Shopware, Shopify, and Vuejs to bring client’s e-commerce ideas to life. 
  • Refresh Ideas: As the name suggests, this digital marketing solutions provider offers many solutions aimed at refreshing or revamping your online store to increase traffic, better engagement, and ultimately, sales. 
  • BrainSpate: An e-commerce developer and design company that offers a wide range of top-notch solutions for stores leveraging e-commerce technology, including Shopify, woo-commerce, and salesforce, among others. 
  • Cloudflight: This is a massively experienced company focused on helping businesses from different industries, including the e-commerce niche, future-proof with digitalization. 
  • BTO Digital: BTODigital is a Colombian digital marketing agency that boosts businesses’ online visibility, engagement rates, and customer retention rates through data-driven strategies and unique solutions.
  • EUX Digital Agency: A Sydney-based digital agency that helps e-commerce businesses grow their online presence through web development, marketing, and customer experience optimization.
  • APPExperts: A mobile app development company that specializes in creating app-related solutions, such as mobile shopping experiences for e-commerce businesses.

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