Unlocking the Potential: Building Trustworthy IoT Ecosystems

By Bastien, on June 12, 2024 - 16 min read

Are you looking for ways to leverage the power of IoT for business optimization? Finding a trustworthy builder is the first step.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly influencing the way we live our lives. From smartwatches that track our daily activities to air conditioners that can be controlled using smartphones, IoT functions as a universe of connected devices that gather and share data about their usage and functions. 

For businesses and entrepreneurs, the IoT creates an opportunity for efficiency, cost saving, enhanced customer service delivery, and a competitive advantage. 

But it also comes with a ton of challenges, some of which involve data privacy concerns, complying with regulations, scalability, and interoperability inefficiencies.

Disruptions to a company’s IoT systems can lead to substantial financial setbacks. A study by the Ponemon Institute found that the average cost of unplanned downtime across industries, as a result of poor IoT systems, amounted to $8,850 per minute.

Another survey by McKinsey & Company found that up to 70% of IoT projects fail to meet expectations. These disruptions and inefficiencies in an IoT system can lead to substantial financial losses and missed business opportunities. 

All these numbers highlight the importance of partnering with a reputable, results-driven, and secure IoT systems provider. 

We’ve scoured the internet and consulted with reputable industry sources to bring you some of the most trustworthy IoT systems providers for your consideration. Here are 15 of the best and most trusted IoT system builders you should consider partnering with to unlock your business’ potential.


Tired of wasting time searching for lost equipment? Or perhaps you’re worried about streamlining employee safety in your facility? Or streamlining workflows and boosting productivity?

Syook is a leading provider of AI powered IoT solutions offering real-time location solutions (RTLS), and sensor intelligence to help businesses solve expensive operational challenges in terms of safety, sustainability and compliance.

Syook is a Bengaluru-based company that was founded in 2016 by Arjun Nagarajan, Aman Agarwal, and Saurabh Sharma, all tech engineers with the qualifications to match. They focus on improving operational efficiency for businesses across various industries by offering world-class IoT solutions.

Here’s how Syook can help you transform your business, through their IoT offerings:

  • Syook InSite: Syook’s real time visibility platform is scalable, configurable and a no-code IoT platform. It is hardware and cloud agnostic which means it works with any hardware or cloud solutions.You would require minimum technical expertise to set up and use the system.
  • Real-Time Location Tracking Solutions Tailored for Industry Specific Needs: Syook’s IoT solutions allow businesses to track people, assets and vehicles and key environment parameters in real time. For you, this means improved real time visibility, enhanced safety, improved compliance and sustainable operations.

Offices and contacts in India, Germany, UAE and Qatar, Syook have allowed Syook to expand the range of their services, most notably partnering with brands such as Microsoft, Cisco, HP, SAP, Bosch and more. 

They want to partner with you too to streamline your business operations. Experience the power of real-time location tracking. Contact them today for a free consultation and discuss how their solutions can benefit your company.


Founded in 2015 by Nitin Tappe and Prashant Anaskure, Pratiti is a digital solutions provider that specializes in offering key solutions including the Internet of Things, augmented reality, virtual reality, digital twins and cloud computing. 

These solutions cater to a couple of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, and energy.

Pratiti’s IoT solutions can help businesses with all aspects of their IoT deployments, from sensor selection to data analytics. Some specific use cases of IoT technology that Pratiti Technologies helps with include:

  • Predictive maintenance: Pratiti Technologies can help businesses use IoT sensors to monitor the health of their equipment and predict when maintenance is needed.
  • Asset tracking: Pratiti Technologies can help businesses track the location and status of their assets using IoT technology.
  • Remote monitoring: Pratiti Technologies can help businesses remotely monitor their operations using IoT sensors and devices.

Other than offering stellar IoT solutions, Pratiti can also help you with:

  • New product development: they help businesses develop new products from concept to launch.
  • Digital twin platforms: a form of technology that can be used to create virtual models of physical assets.
  • Cloud computing solutions that offer businesses a way to migrate their IT infrastructure to the cloud and leverage cloud-based services.
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR): development services to help businesses create immersive experiences.

Pratiti Technologies is big and reputable enough to partner with various technology leaders such as Google, Databricks, and AWS, all partnerships that allow this solutions provider to offer their clients access to the latest technologies and expertise.

Contact them to learn how their solutions can benefit your business today.


The internet of things is all about devices, how they connect to the internet while offering solutions to our everyday problems. This includes mobility and driving solutions.

Zeliot is a mobility startup that builds products to analyze data collected from vehicles. What makes this an invaluable IoT partner is their commitment to data privacy, that also includes a strong emphasis on control. 

Their core value proposition lies in simplifying data collection and analysis from connected vehicles, empowering businesses to gain actionable insights to optimize fleet health, efficiency, and minimize recalls.

So what does Zeliot mean for businesses, and what can they do for you?

  • Zeliot can help you simplify your data management as it offers a solution called Condense Platform, which streamlines the collection and analysis of data from connected vehicles. 
  • Zeliot also provides you with real-time data on vehicle health and performance, helping you and businesses alike to optimize their fleet operations.

Zeliot represents a significant step towards streamlined data management, which has a direct impact on data-driven decision-making. 

Besides, the possibilities with such a partner are truly unlimited. For instance, you can be able to anticipate and address maintenance issues before they cause breakdowns. It could also mean the ability to remotely update vehicle software opens doors for implementing real-time safety patches and updates.

These are just but a few possibilities and features of Zeliot’s incredible vehicle and fleet mobility solutions. For more information, feel free to visit Zeliot’s website or contact them to discuss your specific operational needs.


Rocketech is a leading Singapore-based custom software development company guiding both startups and established businesses through product development, from initial concept to market launch. 

As an experienced tech services provider, Rocketech collaborates with businesses to build brands, raise capital, and expand businesses into new markets.

Rocketech stands out for its approach — it provides practical assistance to businesses and entrepreneurs through customized software solutions and market entry strategies. Their expertise in IoT and other technologies enables seamless integration of innovative solutions, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced customer engagement.

Rocketech is more than a service provider. They are a partner who’ll walk with you as you implement the best software solutions for your business and develop the most effective market entry strategies. 

With over 9 years of experience, this software house uses popular technologies to build innovative solutions focusing on business logic, constant improvement, and feature-driven development.

To date, Rocketech has assisted more than 115 startups in launching, raising over $25M in total. Their extensive network includes 630 clients and partners.

Visit Rocketech’s website to explore how their services can elevate your business. 


Plentify is a pioneering energy solutions company born out of South Africa’s energy crisis, specialising in innovative technologies that connect home appliances to cheaper, cleaner, more reliable energy.

Using intelligent IoT devices and APIs, they control appliances to not only save energy, but also work together across homes to enable a more resilient energy system.

A good example is a 30- month trial they orchestrated with the City of Cape Town, the GIZ, EEP Africa and others. This project demonstrated how their product, HotBot, could coordinate electric water heaters so effectively, that they could eliminate 20 hours per month of morning and evening blackouts if deployed in just 25% of homes, and double the amount of solar that could be installed – all while saving homes up to 24% on their water heating costs and ensuring hot water when needed.

Now they are scaling their technology up further in partnership with large residential property developers and solar installers, who recognise that shifting and shaping electricity demand to when clean energy is available is the best way to drive up the return on investment and resilience of a clean energy system.

While this is an excellent example of using IoT to build resilience into another system, they’ve also needed to put a lot of effort into ensuring the resilience of their own system. This includes obvious areas like cybersecurity, where their systems adhere to the requirements of South Africa’s largest banks and insurance companies.

However, it also extends to some less obvious areas, like communication resilience. With 8 to 12 hours per day of electricity outages in South Africa, home WiFi and public cellular networks often fall over. HotBot again provides a good example of how Plentify deals with this. 

Firstly, each HotBot has three communication stacks on board (cellular, WiFi and mesh), providing valuable fallbacks. 

Secondly, enough intelligence is built into the HotBot itself that it can continue operating, saving money and delivering hot water, even through extended communications outages.

If you’re trying to deliver the highest performing residential solar systems for single homes or multi dwellings, and care about the security, resilience and performance of the solutions you choose, then Plentify is a great choice of partner. While they were born in South Africa, they are quickly becoming active globally.

Visit their website today to learn more and get in touch.


What makes the Internet of Things so appealing is this niche’s ability to be innovative and productive in enhancing our everyday technology uses. 

TimeFlip is one such company that offers a productive solution for time management.

TimeFlip is a time-tracking solutions provider offering products designed to empower individuals and businesses to have significant control over their time. Their flagship product, the TIMEFLIP2, is a dodecahedron-shaped physical timer designed to make time tracking tangible and accessible.

So, why would you need such a product and what can it do for you:

  • Unlike traditional time tracking apps, TIMEFLIP2 eliminates the need for constant digital interaction. A flip of a simple physical device allows you to initiate and stop timer for designated tasks. TIMEFLIP2 makes it so much easier by minimising distractions and enhancing your focus through taking advantage of your muscle memory..
  • The tracker  is powered by completely free mobile and web apps that allow users to categorize tasks, set billing rates, generate insightful reports and integrate data with online calendars. 

TimeFlip can revolutionize the way you track and manage time. 

Have they worked with other companies and individuals? Yes, TimeFlip has garnered attention from various sectors, including education, IT, healthcare, and corporate environments. TimeFlip offers a lot of flexibility and functionality for freelancers, agencies, businesses and entrepreneurs among others.

Take control of your time. Visit TimeFlip’s website to learn more about their products and how they can optimize your approach to time management. 

My SOS Family

My SOS Family is an app that helps its users create a network of trusted contacts specifically for emergency situations, hence the” Family” and “SOS” within the brand name. The company behind this solution prioritized human connection and community over traditional monitoring to ensure personal human responses during critical moments. 

Traditional emergency alert systems often fall short, owing to outdated technology, and devices that might not offer accessibility when urgently needed. This gap can prove creates delays, especially when dealing with local responses and inadequate personal support during emergencies, putting people and assets at risk.

Fortunately, My SOS Family offers an advanced IoT-integrated alert system designed for modern needs. It caters to people in different demographics as follows:

  • Families and individuals can use everyday devices such as smartphones and smartwatches as powerful emergency alert tools thanks to My SOS Family. With this tool, users can trigger alerts, send automated smart calls, SMS and emails to predefined contacts who will know the sender.  
  • The elderly living alone can benefit from this system as it comes packed with easy to use features which can help seniors maintain their independence while having support  in the event of an emergency.
  • For businesses, employees who work alone can have immediate access to help during emergencies thanks to the quick and reliable emergency response mechanism. Not only is it beneficial to the employees, but it can help businesses comply with safety regulations.

There are a lot of possibilities with My SOS Family, all of which improve safety and security access in the event of an emergency. Visit My SOS Family today to learn more about their advanced solutions that can protect you, your family, and your business.


BetterQA is a Romanian-based solutions provider that specializes in software testing services. Romania is one of the best renown markets for software developers and programmers. BetterQA lives up to that reputation ever so well as this brand offers specialized software testing services.

Software reliability is important, yet having scalable apps that are reliable seems to be challenging for most brands. Unreliable software is a disruptor that affects business operations, erodes customer trust, and damages reputations. 

Identifying issues before deployment is paramount to software success, but many companies lack the dedicated resources to ensure thorough testing and quality assurance.

BetterQA, with expertise in fintech, IoT, medical software, and cloud migration, ensures your software functions flawlessly. Thanks to its team of over 50 professionals, BetterQA has successfully completed 43+ projects across 12 countries, delivering exceptional quality and reliability.

So what can BetterQA do for you and your business?

They can enhance your software’s reliability, uncover potential issues before they impact users, and improve overall product quality. They provide thorough testing services tailored to your specific industry needs. These vital processes ensure your software is ready for market with minimized risk of malfunctions.

Tired of unreliable software disrupting your business? Visit BetterQA to find out how partnering with them can help you avoid bugs that can disrupt your business.


Softuvo Solutions is a technology company with over 8 years of experience specializing in web and app development. This leading technology solutions provider is based in Mohali, India, but has several offices, partners, and operations in various regions of the globe. 

Softuvo can help your business identify and fix gaps in IoT, web development and digital marketing. They can help your business by providing robust IT solutions tailored to your specific needs. Not only that, but they function as a one-stop shop for businesses seeking a strong digital presence.

Their services include:

  • Web and App Development: From design to deployment, Softuvo creates custom software solutions.
  • Digital Marketing: Their team develops and executes online marketing strategies to enhance brand visibility.
  • Quality Assurance: Softuvo employs rigorous testing methods to ensure the quality and performance of your software.

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur looking for a reliable partner to overhaul your web applications, improve your digital marketing strategy, or are simply interested in the potential of IoT solutions, visit Softuvo Solutions for a consultation.


Monitoring an oil and gas field can be a challenging task, especially when it is located in a remote area. Traditional monitoring ways require frequent on-site visits which increase the cost of the operations and cause logistical hurdles.

Hiber is a service provider that tackles these challenges in the industry, through wireless monitoring technology. Their flagship solution, HiberHilo, is a system designed to monitor well integrity directly from your control room, providing crucial data on pressure, temperature, flow, and a multitude of other parameters.

So if you’re an operator in this industry, why should you consider installing HiberHilo in your field?

  • You can gain real-time insights into your wells and pipelines from anywhere across the globe via satellite connectivity as part of their effortless remote monitoring features.
  • HiberHilo’s user-friendly dashboard centralises all your data, allowing for effortless monitoring and analysis. It is a simple approach to improve your well management.
  • The wealth of data gained from continuous monitoring enables data-driven decision-making, which is ideal for optimising a field’s operational efficiency.
  • HiberHilo can also help you enhance safety and address potential integrity issues before they escalate, promoting a safer work environment for your personnel and reducing environmental impact.

HiberHilo is a great solution for oil and gas businesses to take control of well and pipeline monitoring operations. The solution works anywhere, is scalable, easy to use and allows constant visibility over your wellheads.

Partner with Hiber today and see the true potential of your wells come to fruition.


Businesses today generate vast amounts of time-series data from various sources like connected vehicles, IoT devices, and applications. Effectively capturing and analyzing this data in real-time is crucial for extracting valuable insights and making data-driven decisions.

If you’re a business or organization experiencing such challenges, you might want to check out GrepTime.

Founded in 2022, GrepTime is a solutions provider that specializes in helping industries capitalize on the value of time-series data. Their core product, GreptimeDB, is an open-source time-series database that can be deployed in various configurations to fit various business needs.

Greptime offers a cloud-native time-series database, GreptimeDB, specifically designed to handle this challenge. This product is available in various deployment options to suit your needs, including standalone, clustered, serverless, and dedicated configurations. 

Additionally, another product of this leading solutions provider, GreptimeAI, leverages GreptimeDB’s capabilities to provide observability solutions tailored for Large Language Model applications.

Don’t let your time-series data go to waste because of inefficiencies. Visit this website to get started with GreptimeDB today.


Bitmotec is a frontrunner in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) arena, empowering businesses to harness the potential of interconnected machines. Their expertise lies in manufacturing technology and condition monitoring, providing solutions to enhance machine availability and streamline data collection.

Bitmotec is a leading solutions provider with expertise in various technological arenas, including the internet of things. They help businesses leverage and harness the potential of interconnected machines. Bitmotec’s expertise lies in manufacturing technology and condition monitoring.

Bitmotec’s value proposition involves a seamless ability to integrate IoT solutions in various business frameworks. For you, partnering with Bitmotec means enjoying systems that optimize operational efficiency through leveraging IoT. 

So what can Bitmotec do for you?

  • Bitmotec can help you unlock many possibilities by leveraging state-of-the-art IoT systems to streamline processes, monitor assets in real-time, and gain invaluable insights into consumer behavior. 
  • With Bitmotec, you can enjoy predictive maintenance. You can anticipate equipment failures way before they happen. This also goes for reduced downtime and maintenance costs in manufacturing facilities.

Bitmotec flaunts its IoT solutions which have helped businesses and organizations save up to 80% of their time in integration and operation of their open source tools. 

And that’s just a fraction of what Bitmotec’s IoT solutions can do: they open a world of opportunities for businesses to innovate, optimize, and excel. Allow your business to enjoy the limitless possibilities of IoT with Bitmotec. Visit their website to find out more, including scheduling an appointment with a professional. 


Blockchain technology remains underutilized in traditional supply chain management. As a result, businesses experience inefficiencies, security vulnerabilities, and data integrity issues. Traditional tracking methods provide limited, delayed information, which usually translates to compromised operational integrity and transparency.

One of the companies leading the usage of Blockchain to provide product visibility is Sensefinity. Sensefinity is using Blockchain to implement the Digital Product Passport platform as a service to help companies be compliant with the upcoming EU regulation.

Sensefinity is a leading provider of IoT-powered tracking solutions for businesses. 

So why should you consider this logistics solutions provider for your business;

  • They use blockchain technology to deliver solutions involving immutable tracking for logistics operations. One thing about blockchain integration is its ability to guarantee data integrity while preventing tampering. 
  • Sensefinity uses this technology to ensure that you’ll achieve complete visibility and control over your supply chains, and in the process, you’ll enjoy enhanced efficiency, minimized losses, and secure data management of valuable assets.
  • The platform’s advanced sensors and trackers provide precise, real-time data on location, temperature, and handling conditions. 

Sensefinity boasts a proven track record of success across diverse industries including logistics, maritime shipping, and luxury fashion among others. 

Have you been experiencing lost, damaged or stolen products? What if you could monitor your supply chain process and logistics in real time? Visit Sensefinity for viable solutions that’ll optimize your product logistics and ensure appropriate handling of your products. 


Datacake is a highly versatile low-code IoT platform that offers many solutions businesses can integrate to their model, including leveraging Internet of Things (IoT), without the need for complex coding.

Datacake was founded to bridge the gap between complex IoT solutions and user-friendly applications. As a result, they offer many solutions that involve multi-tenancy, white labeling and integration with various IoT networks such as LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS).

LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS) is a cutting-edge development technology that drastically simplifies the deployment process for LoRaWAN devices, enabling users to kickstart their IoT projects in just minutes. The integration into a single platform means no more jumping from one installation step to another, streamlining the entire process.

So why should you consider this company and not others? What can they do for you?

  • Datacake seamlessly integrates with LoRaWAN and other popular IoT networks, ensuring your devices connect and communicate effortlessly. It’s like having a universal translator for your “things” to talk to the platform. 
  • Datacake caters to businesses of all sizes, thanks to Its highly scalable architecture that effortlessly adapts based on your business needs. It seamlessly manages small-scale projects or large enterprise deployments with extensive device networks.
  • Perhaps one of its main selling points is the low to minimal code policy. Forget complex coding; Datacake’s drag-and-drop interface lets you build your IoT solution fast without frustration, especially when you’re not a programming expert.

In the company’s 8-year tenure, they’ve registered more than 20,000 users from over 55 plus countries. Not only that, but they’ve also had more than 2000 successful projects. 

LoRaWAN Network Server (LNS) is just one of the many solutions offered by Datacake. They offer a comprehensive suite of solutions for seamless IoT integration including asset tracking, CO2 concentration monitoring, cold chain monitoring for COVID-19 vaccination centers, garbage container fill level monitoring, and water level monitoring among others.

Tired of the challenges that come with complex coding? Don’t let them hold your IoT projects back; visit Datacake to learn more about how this one-stop shop for building powerful and scalable IoT solutions can help you get closer to your IoT goals. 


Founded in 2010, Expanice has since established itself as a leading IoT solution provider with a proven track record of success. This custom software development company offers more than just IoT solutions, as they also provide full-stack software engineering services. 

It’s common for businesses in the marketplace to experience challenges with bringing their Internet of Things (IoT) ideas to life due to a lack of in-house expertise and resources, as well as the complex nature of IoT projects. 

Fortunately, Expanice offers end-to-end IoT solution development services. This company serves as a custom solution provider that augments your team while seamlessly integrating into your business environment and processes. 

When partnering with Expanice, you’ll receive guidance through the entire development lifecycle. But that’s not all; here’s how Expanice can help you:

  • Expanice translates your vision into a tangible IoT solution, helping you bridge the gap between your ideas and technical capabilities up to the very last stage of implementation. 
  • By partnering with Expanice, you gain access to a pool of highly skilled and experienced IoT developers. This could be a game-changer for small and mid-sized businesses that might not have the capacity for extensive in-house recruitment.
  • For professionals and businesses in the healthcare industry, Expanice can streamline telemedicine and remote patient monitoring, develop hospital-grade diagnostic equipment, implement HIPAA-compliant data analytics platforms, and create smart hospital systems.
  • In retail, you can leverage Expanice for the design and deployment of RFID and beacon-based asset tracking solutions. You can also craft real-time marketing campaigns, establish CCTV and anti-theft systems, and implement smart POS systems.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Expanice has a proven track record of helping businesses in manufacturing, logistics, and consumer electronics. This domain-specific expertise allows them to accurately assess the cost of IoT and consult clients on other aspects of the Internet of Things implementation, such as IoT monetization or distributed team meanagement. 

In Conclusion, These are the Top and Most Trustworthy Solutions Providers that Build and Offer IOT solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the way we live and work. Businesses are increasingly leveraging its power to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and gain a competitive edge. 

However, navigating the challenges that come with IoT systems can be frustrating and costly. 

Partnering with a reputable and experienced provider is crucial for success.

This article explored 15 of the most trustworthy IoT system builders, each catering to specific needs and industries. 

Here’s a quick recap of these solutions providers and their unique offerings:

  • Syook: Real-time location tracking solutions for assets, personnel, and improved workflows.
  • Pratiti: Offers a comprehensive suite of services, including IoT deployment, predictive maintenance, asset tracking, and digital twin platforms.
  • Zeliot: Simplifies data collection and analysis from connected vehicles, empowering businesses to optimize fleet health and minimize recalls.
  • Rocketech: Custom software development experts, assisting businesses with integrating innovative IoT solutions and market entry strategies.
  • Plentify: Smart solutions provider offering hardware and software that integrates with everyday appliances to optimize energy use and reduce costs.
  • TimeFlip: Offers a unique, physical time tracking solution (TIMEFLIP2) that minimizes distractions and encourages focused work.
  • My SOS Family: An app that leverages user’s smartphones and smartwatches to create a network of trusted contacts for emergency situations.
  • BetterQA: Specializes in software testing services, ensuring your IoT applications are reliable and bug-free before deployment.
  • Softuvo Solutions: A one-stop shop for web and app development, digital marketing, and IoT solutions.
  • Hiber: Provides remote monitoring solutions for the oil and gas industry, offering real-time well insights and simplified well management.
  • GrepTime: Specializes in time-series data management, offering GreptimeDB, an open-source database for capturing and analyzing real-time data from various sources.
  • Bitmotec: A leader in Industrial IoT (IIoT), helping businesses leverage interconnected machines for optimized operations and predictive maintenance.
  • Sensefinity: Uses blockchain technology to provide secure and transparent tracking solutions for supply chain management.
  • Datacake: A low-code IoT platform that simplifies development and integration with various IoT networks, perfect for businesses without extensive coding experience.
  • Expanice: Offers end-to-end IoT solution development services, helping businesses translate their vision into a tangible and scalable solution.

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