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User Favorites: Highly Rated Chrome Extensions Worth Trying

By Bastien, on May 13, 2024 - 6 min read

Google Chrome offers more than 100,000 extensions that make life much easier. There’s a Chrome extension for just about every digital or browsing task.

Considering that Chrome commands over 65% of the user browser market, it’s easy to see why there’s an equally large number of extensions available. Most of these extensions are free and readily available in the Chrome Web Store. 

But what makes an extension the best? For the most part, it’s about personal preference and convenience. However, it’s also about the degree to which the extension is likely to impact your digital life positively.

But with hundreds of thousands of extensions, how do you sift through the lot to find the best ones? We’ve spent hours reviewing some of the best Chrome extensions so you don’t have to.

Here are seven of the most highly-rated Google Chrome extensions worth trying. 

Beagle Security Web Assessment

The internet has forever changed the way we work & live our everyday lives.

We all visit a ton of websites in a day. And these are websites where we end up giving up our email addresses, sign up for an account, make purchases and what not.

But has it ever crossed your mind how secure these sites would be?

We are hardly concerned about it until something inevitable happens.

However, if you do care about your security, Beagle Security Web Assessment might be one of the best free Chrome extensions that you should definitely check out.

Why? The Beagle Security Web Assessment extension performs a surface-level scan of websites to help you get a prior understanding of the security levels of any website you’re visiting. 

Basically, when you visit sites, you’ll get a cool security score to help you assess their safety.

Get started with Beagle Security’s free Chrome extension today and surf the web more confidently. 

This extension and the flagship DAST tool was developed by a duo of security and tech experts who, when combined, boast 23+ years of experience in the security and tech industry. 

Forget expensive, time-consuming manual tests. Beagle Security’s DAST automates the entire process, acting as your tireless watchdog. Plus, it’s easy to set up and use. 

ZeroThreat AI Recorder – Most Intelligent DAST Tool

Remember that unsettling feeling when you land on a website – unsure if they’ll handle your data appropriately or if hackers will steal it?

If you are a developer or a penetration tester (pen testers), you should consider checking this extension out, as it is one of the best and most intelligent web applications and API security scan platforms.

ZeroThreat AI Recorder is a browser extension designed to help developers and pen-testers deliver rapid vulnerability detection capabilities while avoiding the tedious and slow process of manual pentest work. 

ZeroThreat AI Recorder;

  • Streamlines security testing with zero configuration, 
  • Comes loaded with a built-in threat intel 
  • Features a next-gen spider for comprehensive crawling, delivering 5x faster actionable results that prevent session hijacking, 
  • Eliminates false positives
  • Validates authorization access

It’s one of the many world-class software products from Radix Software Service Pvt. Ltd, a software development solutions provider with over two decades of experience in this niche. 

Are you tired of sketchy websites lurking in the digital shadows, ready to steal your data? Check out ZeroThreat AI Recorder and enjoy a safer browsing experience.


The internet is a minefield of data trackers and privacy invaders who steal people’s personal data, such as passwords and credit card details. 

Cloaked is a browser extension that gives you back control over your personal information online as it allows you to generate and autofill unique phone numbers, email addresses, passwords and even payment information into any form field on any website. 

Although there are many privacy-oriented extensions on Chrome’s web store, Cloaked is our favorite. 

Why? It comes loaded with more unique privacy features than the average privacy extension tool. It literally redefines privacy management by giving you full control over your virtual identities.

Besides, it seamlessly integrates across different platforms to ensure you stay secure regardless of where you are. 

Enjoy online anonymity and discover the freedom of privacy with Cloaked.

Moitele Click-To-Dial

Have you ever visited a website looking for contact details only to find unclickable or non-integrable phone numbers? This can be frustrating, especially if you need to dial a client’s number almost immediately.

Moitele Click to Dial is a Chrome extension that comes as advertised – it’s a free Chrome extension that eliminates the tedious copy-and-paste routine, transforming phone numbers on webpages into clickable shortcuts.

But why does Moitele Click-To-Dial deserve your download? 

Because this extension comes loaded with features that;

  • Boost efficiency
  • Increase lead conversion
  • Prioritize seamless mobile integration while promoting security

This extension was developed by Moitele, a solutions provider with over 40 business partners and 10 telcom partners. It’s also easy to set up and use, as users have climbed to deploy low-latency HD voice within a couple of minutes.

Get rid of the frustrating process of copy-pasting. Download Mobile Click-to-Dial today and experience clickable phone numbers to boost efficiency and conversion rates. 


Coupon codes help us save big, especially when shopping online. If only there were an extension that could automatically help you find the best codes when browsing.

image 1

Shopper.com is your free Chrome extension that automatically finds and applies the best coupon codes at checkout, maximizing your discounts with a single click. With Shopper.com, you can save up to 70% on some of your favorite brands!

Shopper extension eliminates the struggle and hustle that comes with finding and applying these codes to your checkout.  The power of Shopper.com lies within its community. Fellow shoppers contribute a vast collection of coupon codes for over 40,000 stores worldwide.

Save big with this award-winning technology. Download Shopper.com and unlock automatic discounts now.


Are you struggling to find the best-priced products for your dropshipping store? 

The Sup Dropshipping Chrome extension is a powerful and handy tool for streamlining your product sourcing process. It saves you time and money so you can focus on other core store offerings. 

Sup Dropshipping is an efficient tool that’ll get you the best-priced product from reputable Chinese Wholesale suppliers. 

With Sup Dropshipping, you can enjoy automated efficiency with a global reach. Not only can you choose from a wide range of shipping methods, but this tool also comes with a calculator that helps you find the most cost-effective option for each order. 

And it’s easy to set up and get started. There is a simple and short YouTube video that perfectly introduces this extension, explaining everything you need to know about how to use the Sup Dropshipping Chrome Extension.  

But even with Sup Dropshipping’s powerful features, you might still be strapped for time or want extra help managing fulfillment. That’s where a dropshipping agent comes in. 

A dropshipping agent takes care of everything after you’ve sourced your winning product with Sup Dropshipping. Read more about drop shipping agents here.

Are you ready to take your dropshipping business to new levels of product sourcing efficiency? Download Sup Dropshipping today and supercharge your dropshipping capabilities. 

Replug | URL Shortener & Links Management

The internet is full of long, clunky, and unwieldy URLs. They are tedious and, quite frankly, challenging to work with because you need URLs that are easily shareable, readable, and offer analytic metrics.

Replug chrome extension is designed to shorten clunky and long URLs. Enhance your link-sharing experience by installing the Replug URL shortener Chrome extension. Easily generate shortened links for the pages you visit with a simple click on the extension icon in your toolbar.

Here’s what makes Replug a worthwhile extension:

  • Shorten URLs on the go with ease, ensuring concise and clickable links in your messages and posts.
  • Shortened URLs enhance email aesthetics, reduce clutter, boost click-through rates, and enable effective campaign tracking.
  • Replug’s Chrome extension maximizes the value of each URL by tailoring your URL shortening to various industries and optimizing links for specific audiences and campaigns.
  • The extension helps to streamline your social media sharing by shortening URLs for better engagement and tracking.
  • Optimize your affiliate marketing efforts by shortening and disguising URLs for your affiliate links.
  • Enhance e-commerce initiatives with shortened URLs tailored for efficient sharing and tracking.
  • Shorten and retarget URLs strategically for the pages you wish to retarget in campaigns.
  • With this extension, you can also trim URL parameters efficiently for concise, trackable links. But that’s not all it does. The complete link management platform comes packed with features that enable tracking and optimization of your links, while still delivering branded links, catchy calls to action, bio links, QR code generator and more.

First impressions matter. And Replug exceeds the expectations, as it lets you craft links that resonate with your audience. Choose the complete link toolbox and experience increased shares, leads, and conversions with Replug.

In Summary: Here Are Highly Rated Chrome Extensions Worth Trying

These are some of the most highly-rated Chrome extensions that you should definitely check out. We’ll try and keep this list updated, but in the meantime, here’s a quick recap for reference purposes:

  • If you want to bolster your browser or website security, Beagle Security Web Assessment is one of your best extension options, offering real-time vulnerability assessments. 
  • Developers and pen-testers will benefit massively from ZeroThreat AI Recorder as this extension streamlines security testing with top-of-the-line speed and accuracy.
  • Cloaked is one of the best privacy extensions that should be installed in every person’s web browser. 
  • If you enjoy shopping and taking advantage of the best discounts online, Shopper.com is your go-to extension for maximizing savings. 
  • Speaking of shopping, dropshipping store owners will be pleased to know that Sup Dropshipping is one of the best tools to help source the best-priced products from reputable Chinese wholesalers.
  • Lastly, Replug is your complete URL toolbox for shortening lengthy, unwieldy URLs and creating branded links with custom CTAs.

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