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Benefits of Using Localization for Businesses

By Bastien, on January 31, 2024 - 4 min read

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, going global isn’t a smart move—it’s a must. However to win in this big game, your business should connect with customers on a personal level to make them resonate with your brand. That’s where localization comes in. 

People are more likely to trust brands that speak their language. Therefore, the way famous brands connect with consumers has undergone a major shift. 

Nowadays, companies devise personalized localization strategies for each target locale. Perhaps for this reason, the language service sector reached a valuation of $49.6 billion in 2019. By 2021, 94% of global companies relied on translation or localization services. 

Clearly, to outpace your local and global competitors, localization should become an indispensable tool in your business toolbox. Let’s explore how else localization can help your business. 

What is localization for business?

Localization for business refers to adapting products, services, and content to suit a specific target market’s cultural, linguistic, and regional preferences. This adaptation is performed by localization experts, preferably steeped in local cultures. When performed properly, localization helps a company’s offerings to resonate with local audiences, thereby increasing their sales. 

The key reasons why localization is important for business

Localization helps companies to:

·   Tailor their messaging and promotional materials to resonate with local audiences

·   Understand the cultural nuances, preferences, and sensitivities

·   Create more relevant and appealing marketing campaigns

·   Increase the chances of capturing attention and driving conversions

·   Impact the user experience by localizing their products or services to meet local expectations (e.g., text translation, graphics, and image adjustment).

The benefits of localization in business you must know

Business localization offers numerous benefits to those looking to expand their global reach:

1. Global opportunities and expansion

By adapting their products or services to local markets, companies can open up new growth opportunities:

·   Reaching diverse markets and demographics: Localization empowers businesses to customize offerings to cultural preferences, languages, and customs, facilitating communication and catering to diverse audiences.

·   Maximizing revenue potential through global reach: Adapting products or services to local preferences helps businesses attract a larger customer base, boost sales, and foster revenue growth.

·   Gaining customer trust and loyalty in international markets: When businesses invest in localization, they demonstrate a commitment to understanding and serving the needs of international customers.

2. Competitive advantage through localization marketing

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Business localization allows companies to outperform their competitors in many ways:

·   Understanding cultural nuances: Understanding local cultures allows for recognizing nuances influencing consumer behavior and preferences, unveiling dynamics that shape purchasing decisions in specific markets.

·   Product and service adjustment for local demand: Customizing offerings to align with local tastes, preferences, and requirements ensures products resonate with diverse audiences.

·   Competitor outperformance with localized marketing strategies: Crafting promotional materials to align with local values, traditions, and societal norms allows you to outshine competitors in the global arena.

3. Enhanced user experience

By focusing on the following points, businesses can boost their performance on an international level:

·   Building trust and credibility with business localization content: Localization business content, including product descriptions, marketing materials, and customer support, allows you to demonstrate a commitment to understanding and serving the needs of local customers, establishing a strong connection and increasing success in the market. The easiest way to localize content is by using professional services or software, such as a localization solution from Centus.

·   Improving website conversion rates with localized interfaces: Providing a localized interface with language solutions, currency conversions, and relevant design elements helps businesses gain numerous website localization benefit prospects. Users, when navigating a website tailored to their language and cultural context, are more likely to engage, make purchases, or submit contact forms.

·   Creating personalized experiences that resonate with local customers: Understanding the cultural nuances, preferences, and behaviors of the target audience allows businesses to tailor offerings to meet specific needs and expectations. Among them are tailoring of product recommendations, localized promotions offers, and delivery of relevant content to the local audience.

4. Localization for tech businesses

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Localization benefits tech companies expanding globally, enabling tailored adaptation of software and tech solutions to diverse markets:

·   Exploring benefits for tech companies: Localization empowers companies to access diverse markets and demographics by customizing software and tech solutions according to local preferences and languages. Doing so will allow you to improve communication, serve to defined target audiences, and increase the likelihood of success in various markets.

·   Software and tech solutions adaptation: Tech companies can offer a seamless global user experience by translating user interfaces, documentation, and support materials. By redesigning software for local consumers (e.g., date formats, measurement units, and currency conversion adjustments), you will ensure your products meet the diverse needs of each market.

·   Seizing new business opportunities: Tech companies, through adapting software and tech solutions to local preferences, expand their customer base, boost sales, and gain a competitive edge globally. Investing in technology localization showcases a commitment to understanding and serving the needs of international customers, fostering trust and loyalty.

Using localization for business is key for those wishing to conquer new markets. Do it right, and you’ll gain a lasting competitive edge and reap a sizable market share. 

Your localization journey won’t be easy, but with enough perseverance and the right tools, you can succeed. Buckle up and build language bridges across the globe!

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