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Efficient Communication: Top Providers to Consider

By Bastien, on June 23, 2024 - 15 min read

Not long ago, organizations relied solely on face-to-face communication, phone calls, and paperwork to relay messages within departments. But this was costly for organizations as it led to information silos, missed deadlines, and failed projects. 

When employees don’t communicate efficiently, they become less effective and productive. Surveys have shown that 86% of employees and executives attribute workplace failures to ineffective communication.

On the other hand, studies have shown that employees are five times more productive when they feel included and connected. 

Fortunately, with a few clicks, you can access a suite of communication tools, including project management and document editing features, all designed for effective communication. 

Don’t let poor communication hold your business back.

We’ve scoured the internet and talked to leading industry experts to bring you the top 10 effective communication solution providers that you should consider:


Happy employees are the hallmark of an organization that is well on its way to achieving its goals. However, disengaged employees, who might feel disconnected due to poor communication, are less productive and more likely to leave the company. This can be costly for businesses. homepage

Cerkl is an organization that understands these challenges. This Cincinnati-based solutions provider built a platform that offers Internal communication software solutions that make it easier for employees and other members of the organization to connect easily with one another.

They offer features such as email blasts, a mobile app, and integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack.

As a business looking for effective communication solutions, here’s how Cerkl can help you: 

  • Do you waste a lot of time creating emails, especially if you have limited design skills? Cerkl Broadcast’s drag-and-drop email builder makes it easy to create emails quickly, thanks to its user-friendly interface. You can craft professional email templates without any coding skills.
  • Cerkl also offers a solution dubbed Broadcast employee segmentation, which allows you to communicate specific messages to select groups of people based on criteria such as department, location, or job role. They understand that some messages are just not meant for every employee. 
  • It’s important to track your analytics, and Cerkl lets you do just that. They offer real-time analytics, which provides valuable insights into employee engagement with communication campaigns. 
  • Many companies already use a variety of communication and collaboration tools. Cerkl Broadcast’s integration with a wide range of third-party platforms eliminates the need for employees to switch between different systems, streamlining workflows and improving overall communication efficiency.

Cerkl offers many features and solutions that can prove invaluable for your organization’s internal communication. 

More reasons why you should consider Cerkl: They’re proven partners when it comes to streamlining organizations internal comms. Some of the most notable organizations they’ve partnered with include St Elizabeth Healthcare, Citrix, and Castellini. 

Besides, Cerkl’s solutions are tailored to various industries like manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and technology. So, regardless of your industry, you’re guaranteed a solution that’ll streamline your communication. 

Visit Cerkl’s website to find out more about their services or to schedule a consultation meeting with one of their professionals. 


Businesses often run into various challenges in service delivery, as follows:

  • Keeping track of customer interactions across different channels (phone, email, social media) can be time-consuming and cumbersome. 
  • Traditional phone systems can be expensive to set up and maintain. 
  • Businesses often use a variety of software systems to manage different aspects of their operations, such as CRM, ERP, and marketing automation. If these systems are not integrated, it can be difficult to share data between them, which can lead to inefficiencies and errors.

Axialys understands these challenges and seeks to solve these pain points by offering cloud-based call center software that integrates with various business tools. Founded in 1999, this French tech company offers cloud-based software that helps businesses manage their phones and customer interactions. 

Axialis offers a diverse range of services and solutions aimed at transforming the way businesses manage their communications. If you’re experiencing some of the challenges mentioned above, here’s how Axialys can help you:

  • Cloud phone software for your customer service
  • Call center software that features unlimited incoming calls, an unlimited number of IVRs at no additional cost and independently, reporting of files and time stamping of calls, and integration with all your business tools through CTI telephony or API.
  • AI software for customer service to automate repetitive tasks, audio-to-text transcription, call summary, automatic qualification tags, and sentiment analysis
  • VoIP telephony for businesses designed for your administrative teams. It comes packed with features supporting unlimited VoIP telephony packages or consumption. 

The list goes on and on. These solutions prove that Axialys can improve your communications. 

Their commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation makes them truly stand out. They also have a competitive pricing model, which includes flexible plans that can be customized to fit your budget and other business needs. 

Lastly, they have a proven track record of success. The company has successfully implemented its solutions for over 350 customer services, including some of the leading brands in the industry, including Franprix, Galeries Lafayette, Coverlife, DPD France, and Meetic, just to mention a few. 

They would like to work with you, too. Take the first step towards improved customer satisfaction and enhanced communication with Axialis today.

DYL homepage

Inefficient lead strategies, disjointed communication systems, manual sales processes, ineffective outbound call management, and tracking and reporting inefficiencies are just a few of the challenges that some organizations face in their communications operations.

However, those challenges can severely hamper targeted profits and turn away prospective clients.

Fortunately, DYL is an organization that sees solutions to these problems and a way out for businesses. 

DYL is a California-based private company that specializes in sales automation and business communication solutions. Their decade of experience in sales automation and business comms, proves that DYL is an expert in all-in-one VoIP phone systems integrated with CRM and lead management solutions. 

Here are some of DYL’s key features that can turn your business into a sales and lead management communication powerhouse:

  • DYL can optimize and streamline your business communication through its VoIP system with features like call forwarding, voicemail to email, and call recording. It integrates with your CRM and other sales tools for improved efficiency.
  • DYL’s world-renowned lead management system helps you connect with leads faster and boost sales success. It features automated lead distribution, real-time notifications, and CRM integration.
  • Are you experiencing sales challenges? Consider DYL’s virtual call center solution, which can boost your sales efficiency by up to 300%. Features include a sequential dialer, call tracking, and multi-user capabilities to manage large call volumes effectively. It also ensures TCPA compliance.

DYL stands out from other players in this niche as it caters to businesses in just about every economic sector, including advertising, marketing, finance, healthcare, education, insurance, legal, and non-profit.

Their products improve staff performance, grow with your business, are cost-effective, and, most importantly, are reliable. 

Visit the official DYL website to find out more about how their products and services can improve your sales efficiency while streamlining your business communication. 


This next company is a bit different from most solution providers on this list. Mustard IT is a London-based IT company that offers several support services designed to help you and your company with your IT needs. 

They believe it’s vital for every company to focus on its core business while allowing outside professionals to focus on other areas. And that’s exactly what their happy clients claimed Mustard IT did for them.

So, what exactly can Mustard IT do for you and your IT department: 

  • IT Support: Includes end-to-end support with a dedicated engineer account manager, 15-minute response times, and unlimited remote support.
  • Cloud Computing: Planning, migration, and deployment of cloud solutions like Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and AWS, along with training and ongoing support.
  • IT Consultancy: Management of IT projects from conception to deployment, including installations, phone system setups, security, remote access, and office moves.
  • Infrastructure Development: Network expertise encompassing routers, switching, servers, storage devices, cabling, connectivity, internet setup, and wireless network deployment.

Studies have shown that leveraging outside professional help for some of your departments frees up resources, including time and skilled labor, to focus on key areas of your business. This significantly increases your productivity and business output while reducing the risk of costs incurred as a result of poor specialization. 

Visit Mustard IT’s website to find out more details about how their services can reduce your IT department’s workload giving you room to focus on what’s truly important for your business. 


Email is the workplace’s most used tool of communication, and it’s easy to see why. Many employees prefer using email to any other communication channel. Sources estimate that approximately 52.2% of employees use emails at least once a week. homepage

Yet emails are not without challenges. Difficulty delivering emails due to lack of sender authentication, emails bouncing back due to authentication failure, and challenges around email privacy are just a couple of issues that can make email communication ineffective.

Greatmail is a worldwide renowned email solutions provider that understands these unique challenges, and as a result, offers cloud-based email hosting designed to provide reliable, secure, and scalable email solutions for businesses.

Greatmail LLC is a privately held firm specializing in email and web-based communications. The company’s been based in Austin, Texas, since its formation in 2003. 

Here’s how Greatmail can be of great help to you: 

  • Greatmail helps you securely manage your business email by offering secure and reliable cloud-based email hosting with spam filtering, antivirus protection, and generous storage. It also works seamlessly with popular email clients and mobile devices.
  • Greatmail offers private label reseller email hosting for groups that need to manage their own brand of email for single or multiple domains.
  • Greatmail helps you reliably send high volumes of email with its SMTP Hosting service. This ensures the high deliverability of your marketing campaigns, newsletters, and transactional emails through responsible sending practices.
  • Greatmail helps you host custom email applications by supporting the hosting of custom email applications and infrastructure solutions. This is ideal for ISPs and application developers needing robust email functionalities.
  • Greatmail helps you scale your email needs with dedicated servers by offering dedicated email servers with features like clustering and load balancing. This allows you to handle high email traffic and benefit from predictable costs with unlimited sending. 

So if you’re looking for an email hosting solution that comes with a ton of other solid features, you should consider Greatmail. Their products are competitively priced and they offer customer support as part of their packages. 

Check out Greatmail’s email hosting platform if you want to speak to one of their professionals directly or learn more about their offerings. 


Have you ever attended some live meetings that you wish were just recorded, transcribed, and summarized for later viewing? 

It’s no secret that live meetings can be time-consuming. Besides, they tend to disrupt workflow and productivity. Coordinating schedules across different time zones and accommodating everyone’s availability adds to the grievances list. 

Fortunately, Bubbles is a cloud-based service (SaaS) that lets teams collaborate using short video messages instead of needing to meet live. When you do need to hold a live meeting, Bubbles’ note taker will be there to revolutionize how you meet.

This California-based solutions provider allows meeting participants to focus on the meeting itself while the conversation is fully recorded, get summaries generated by AI, and get a transcript of meeting proceedings, among many other benefits that make live meetings less tedious and time-consuming.

Bubbles helps teams work together effectively, even if they’re not on the same schedule. Here are more of Bubbles’ key features and how they can help you change the way you communicate through live meetings:

  • Record your screen, add notes, and share feedback: Easily explain ideas and give instructions with screen recordings, annotations, voice messages, and video messages.
  • Never miss a thing in meetings: Bubbles uses AI to automatically transcribe your Google Calendar meetings, summarize key points, and create a to-do list with action items. 
  • Stay on top of tasks: Bubbles keeps everyone accountable with reminders and makes sure tasks get assigned to the right people. 

Bubbles change the way you communicate through live meetings regardless of differences in time zones between meetings. If you want more reasons why you should consider partnering with Bubbles to overhaul your live meetings, here are more reasons to get you on board:

  • Bubbles takes data security seriously. The company uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting and Netlify for frontend web applications, both of which undergo regular security audits.
  • Bubbles serves a diverse range of businesses, from startups to major companies. The estimated annual revenue for Bubbles is between $100K and $5M, and the company currently employs around 11 people.
  • Users have positively reviewed Bubbles for its user-friendly interface and the productivity benefits of asynchronous communication. The platform has been praised for making it easy to capture and share feedback without the constraints of live meetings​.

They’d like to work with you to make your live meetings better and easier for your team members. Visit their website to get started with their free trial or to speak to one of their experts and learn how their product can benefit your business. 

Troop Messenger

For a project to be successful, each member of the team will need to step up and play their role. However, team collaboration has its own challenges, including flawed communication and poor information flow.

Fortunately, there’s a way to fix all of this, and it starts with partnering with Troop Messenger.

Troop Messenger is an elite solutions provider that offers team collaboration and instant messaging solutions designed for various organizational needs, including enterprises, governments, defense, and other sectors requiring secure communication.

Here are key features of Troop Messenger that make them a worthwhile partner that’ll optimize your communication: 

  • Troop Messenger’s main offering revolves around messaging and collaboration tools. It comes packed with features such as instant messaging, which supports features like message editing, deleting, and tagging for later responses​. It also has features like voice and video calls, group chat, remote screen sharing, file sharing attachment preview, and advanced filter search.
  • Are security and privacy concerns for your communication and overall business? Troop Messenger offers end-to-end encryption, role-based access control, multifactor authentication, audit logs, and self-hosted options, all of which are geared toward promoting safe and secure data sharing and communication. 
  • If you work in the government, specifically the defense department, you’ll be pleased to know that Troop Messenger also offers tailored solutions for these sectors. Their solutions include secure communication networks that comply with stringent security protocols and air-gapped networks​. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Troop Messenger has a ton of features that promote secure collaboration designed to meet various organizational needs with a focus on security, flexibility, and extensive features.

Troop Messenger can be deployed as a cloud-based service or on-premise, available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Their pricing starts at $1 per user per month for small teams and $5 for large enterprises. 

You should absolutely give them a try. Visit their website today to find out more about this elite service or to schedule an appointment with a Troop Messenger expert to learn how this product can optimize your communication. 

Clap Messenger

Working remotely presents challenges like difficulty communicating with teams, insecure document sharing, inefficient task management, scattered conversations, departmental information silos, and the lack of a central communication platform.

If your organization is experiencing such challenges, partnering with Clap Messenger could help you a lot. 

Clap Messenger is a super app that combines messaging, calling, polls, albums, lists, and other features. 

What makes Clap appealing to businesses and individuals is its free-to-use features. It also offers features like crisp and clear voice and video calls, secure messaging, and the ability to share documents, photos, and locations.

Here are more features that demonstrate Clap’s ability to improve your communication:

  • Messaging: Clap Messenger offers one-on-one messaging, group chats, and voice messaging.
  • Calling: Clap Messenger provides crisp and clear voice and video calls.
  • Security: Messages shared on this platform are encrypted, meaning only you and the intended receiver can access them.
  • Sharing: Users can share documents, photos, and locations with friends and family.
  • Polls: Users can create and share polls with friends, family, and other groups.
  • Albums: Users can create albums, share photos, and edit them with cropping, effects, and text.
  • Lists: Users can create lists and share them in chats.

Visit Clap’s website to allow your team to talk freely and securely. 


Emails are a vital part of organizational communication. Yet email management, especially at the workplace, can be a fairly challenging and time-consuming process. 

Managing multiple inboxes, data security concerns, clutter, and information overload that comes with cluttered inboxes have all made email management a dreadful experience for most organizations. 

But it doesn’t have to be. MailTrim is an email management software that makes your email experience a breeze. 

So, how exactly does Mailtrim overhaul your email management process:

  • Mailtrim allows you to manage emails from all your inboxes in one place. This can significantly improve your productivity by eliminating the need to switch between different email accounts.
  • Email Threading: Conversations are grouped together in threads, making it easier to follow email chains and stay on top of discussions.
  • Smart Search: Mailtrim’s search function is designed to help you find emails quickly and easily. You can search by sender, recipient, subject, keywords, or any other criteria.
  • Email Templates: You can create and save email templates for frequently used messages. This can save you time and ensure that your emails are consistent and professional.
  • Email Tracking: Mailtrim lets you see if your emails have been opened and clicked. This can be helpful for following up on important emails and understanding how your recipients are engaging with your messages.
  • Send Later: You can schedule emails to be sent later. This can be useful for sending emails outside work hours or coordinating with colleagues in different time zones.
  • Reminders: Mailtrim can remind you to follow up on emails that you haven’t received a response to yet. This can help you stay on top of your communications and ensure that important messages aren’t forgotten.
  • Customizable Inbox: You can customize the layout of your inbox to suit your preferences. This includes things like the order of your email folders, the way emails are displayed, and the information that is shown in the message list.
  • Integrations: Mailtrim integrates with several popular productivity tools, such as Slack, Asana, and Trello. This can help you streamline your workflow and reduce the need to switch between different applications.
  • Security: Mailtrim takes security seriously. They offer a number of features to protect your email data, such as encryption, two-factor authentication, and data loss prevention.

If you’re looking to overhaul your email management processes to achieve efficiency and simplicity, you should consider Mailtrim. 

They are one of the best in the business, and many of their previous clients attribute this to their dedication to addressing pain points in email management, which makes them a compelling choice for businesses and individuals looking for an efficient, secure, and cost-effective email solution.

Visit Mailtrim’s website to give your team a powerful enterprise-class email management tool.


Professional email signatures are a vital part of communication. They take up a few lines at the bottom of a professional email and are designed to let you know more about the sender including their name, phone number, title and company among other important details. 

However, maintaining consistent and professional email signatures across an organization, especially those of a larger stature, can be challenging.

If you’re experiencing such challenges, you’d be pleased to know that Sigilium is an email signature solutions provider that’s tailored its services to simplify this unique pain point. 

Founded in 2015, Sigilium was created as a service with a simple interface to make the management of email signatures accessible and effective. They make the process of creating and managing professional email signatures for all your teams fairly easy and effective.  

But how can Sigilium help you directly?

  • Sigilium provides a centralized platform for creating and managing email signatures, ensuring everyone uses a consistent template that aligns with the company’s branding guidelines. They help you deal with the nightmare of inconsistency that comes with different email signatures, which usually creates negative impressions on the recipients and damages the company’s brand image.
  • Ensuring that your email signatures are up to date with the latest info, such as phone numbers, URLs, and titles, can be a manually demanding, time-consuming process. Sigilium can help you update this information automatically as it pertains to each employee’s signature. 
  • Email signatures can be vulnerable to phishing attempts, especially if they contain sensitive information. Sigilium offers secure email signature management, which ensures that only authorized personnel can make changes and that no unauthorized data is included.
  • Sigilium integrates seamlessly with tools like Salesforce or HubSpot, allowing you to pull data like contact information or social media links directly into email signatures. This will save you a ton of time while keeping the risk of errors low.

Sounds great, but why should you consider working with Sigilium to overhaul your email signature management?

  • First, Sigilium stands out from the crowd thanks to its secure and easy-to-use platform that allows companies to manage and customize email signatures for all their team. Secondly, Sigilium won’t break your bank as pricing starts a €1 per user /per month.  
  • Clients who’ve worked with Sigilium have consistently praised this service for its user-friendly interface, highly responsive customer support team, and ability to manage email signatures at scale. Sigilium goes a step further by offering automation features and targeted messaging capabilities.

Ready to avoid the frustrations that come with managing email signatures? Visit Sigilium for more information, including a free trial and demo, so you can experience the difference firsthand.

In Conclusion, These are the Top Communication Solution Providers You Should Consider

Effective communication has a lot of benefits, including better work relationships, increased productivity leading to completed projects, and improved decision-making, just to mention a few. 

But even with all that said, organizations still find it challenging to implement the necessary strategies and tools to achieve effective communication. 

Partnering with an agency offering effective communication solutions will help you streamline communication at the workplace, regardless of where you’re working from i.e., remote or in-person. 

These agencies also help you bypass data security concerns, unpredictable expenses, and downtime/technical issues to offer unified communication solutions.

But with so many options out there, finding a trustworthy partner offering tailored solutions for your business can be challenging.  Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled 10 of the best agencies offering effective communication solutions – and here is a quick recap of those companies:

  • Cerkl: This company offers internal communication software solutions to help businesses improve employee engagement and streamline communication. They achieve this through offering solutions with features like drag-and-drop email builders and integrations with existing platforms.
  • Axialys: This French company offers cloud-based call center software and other communication solutions to help businesses manage customer interactions, sales, and administrative functions and streamline communication in other business operations.
  • DYL: This California-based company offers an all-in-one solution for sales automation and business communication, including VoIP phone systems, CRM integration, and lead management tools
  • MustardIT: This is a London-based IT support company offering various services like end-to-end IT support, cloud solutions, consultancy, and network infrastructure development. They focus on freeing up your IT department’s resources to improve business productivity.
  • Greatmail: Greatmail is an Austin-based email hosting provider offering secure and reliable cloud-based solutions with features like spam filtering, mobile access, and Exchange integration. They cater to businesses of all sizes with plans for basic email management, high-volume sending, and custom applications.
  • Bubbles: If you’re tired of unproductive live meetings, Bubbles can help. This cloud-based service allows teams to have better live meetings with an incredibly accurate AI note taker. When a live meeting isn’t essential, collaborate asynchronously using short video messages, screen recordings, and features for leaving feedback.
  • Troop Messenger: Troop Messenger is a secure team collaboration and instant messaging app with features like chat, video calls, file sharing, and encryption, designed for businesses of all sizes.
  • Clap Messenger: A free super app that combines messaging, calling, polls, document sharing, task management, and other features designed to address communication challenges faced by teams.
  • Mailtrim: This is an email management software that tackles common challenges like managing multiple inboxes, cluttered emails, and information overload. It offers features like unified inbox, email threading, smart search, and integrations with popular productivity tools to improve email efficiency and security.
  • Sigilium: This company provides a secure and easy-to-use solution for creating and managing professional email signatures for businesses of all sizes. Their platform ensures consistency with branding guidelines and automates updates, saving time while maintaining a professional image.

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