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Few reasons why Digital Marketing is vital for your business

By Sean, on December 17, 2020, updated on November 27, 2022 - 7 min read

Digital Marketing, the ultimate formula for success in the contemporary business world, is the talk of the town for infinite reasons but did you know that approximately 25% of small businesses are not involved in any sort of digital marketing, and two-third of SMEs don’t even have a website?

If you are new to it and still unclear about opting or shifting to digital marketing, you have certainly arrived at the right place. In this article, we have talked about some primary reasons why digital marketing is important for a business, and we have briefly touched on some effective strategies of this powerful marketing method. Have a look below.

Digital Marketing Is For Everyone

The digital world is full of potential and welcoming for everyone. Businesses of any niche and scale can build a robust digital presence and take this advantage of this medium and grow big in the industry. This is why digital marketing is quintessential for every company, and the best part is it doesn’t discriminate.

There are tons of equal opportunities for every business.

Long gone are the days when digital marketing was a luxury enjoyed by the top big labels. Now a small business in any corner of the world can target a new customer base and market their product & service through diverse channels.

Digital Marketing has reduced the influence of cold calling and call centers, and the conversion rate of this useful online strategy is higher than any of its competitors.

Digital Marketing is Cost-Effective

Did you know email marketing has a 4400% ROI and SEO is an inexpensive strategy that delivers long-lasting results? Pay per Click (PPC) is another cost-effective one where you only pay when your ad gets an impression.

 Small and medium-sized companies are often on stringent budgets, and mostly small retailers don’t even have a separate one for advertising their businesses. They are primarily relying on traditional marketing strategies to attract new customers and drive foot traffic. Such companies seek refuge in digital marketing methods to help them in targeting a new audience cost-effectively. The reach of digital marketing is now far more powerful than conventional marketing strategies.

Research conducted to study this gain of digital marketing reveals that a significant percentage of businesses could make a big saving when they shift to digital marketing methods. Many companies are now more inclined towards it and making adjustments in their advertising and marketing budgets to incorporate digital marketing because it is affordable and provides a higher ROI.

Digital Marketing Is Flexible

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of concepts & strategies. All focused on using the online world for marketing and advertising. There are various forms of it, and businesses can leverage any of them as per the convenience. The flexibility it offers is worth mentioning, which was lacking in traditional marketing. Any company to build an online presence can start with the basics and then explore these diverse available methods.

The most fundamental one is to create a website as most customers see a web page as a seal of authenticity of a business.

Building a user-friendly website may require the services of a professional agency but creating social media business pages is free. You can use email marketing, Search engine optimization (SEO), banner ads, social media advertising, Pay per Click (PPC), and so much more. The possibilities to market a product in the digital world is endless. You just have to be creative and stay up to date with the latest trends.

The best flexibility it offers is to examine marketing campaigns with data analytics tools and drop those strategies that don’t work out for your business.

Digital Marketing Is Targeted

Traditional Marketing strategies were offering inadequate targeting for ages. For instance, a fashion brand would publish ads in a fashion magazine, or a food/beverage business is more inclined towards lifestyle or food associated magazines/channels if using conventional advertising methods. They know that their audience engage with them. Still, for a greater impact, the ad’s size and placement are essential, and obviously,  an advertising agency also has to abide by the publication rules.

These ads might reach a larger audience but does it exactly come to your targeted audience? E.g., anti-aging cream ads will only be effective if they reach older readers, and younger people would not be interested in such ads. The traditional advertising methods were ineffective in such scenarios.

One of the best advantages of digital marketing is its capability to target specific demographics. Your ads/messaging will reach people who are best suitable for your business. This will also allow marketers and advertisers to create more focused campaigns and drop the generic approach. Marketers can hit a specific audience based on age, gender, lifestyle, education level, buying behavior, professions, and so much more. Search engine advertising like google ads and social media advertising like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Twitter & Linkedin ads are best for reaching a wider targeted audience.

Digital Marketing Is For The Mobile Consumer

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Did you know that, on average, people spend more than three hours on their mobile devices per day? 20% of the top mobile users spend more than four hours. Smart mobile devices’ usage is very prevalent in recent times, so mobile marketing has become crucial for data dispersal. It has become one of the most influential and primary correspondence channels. Digital Marketers can take advantage of this immense reach and incorporate ways in their digital marketing endeavor that caters to their mobile consumer base and give them the best online experience.

In this digital time, people are mostly visiting websites on mobile devices. If your online business site is not well optimized, consumers are more likely to shift towards a competitor with a mobile friendly webpage. The website’s content and design are also crucial, and if it includes video content, it should be optimized for mobile devices. Lagging and taking more time to load will result in an increased bounce rate. Marketers must learn strategies and the latest trends to provide a seamless experience to their mobile consumers.

Digital Marketing Increases Accessibility

The digital world is fast, and undoubtedly there is cut throat competition. People are always looking online for a product and service they need, and if you are the first to provide all the relevant information, the customers will likely engage with your business. Google is the first place where people look for data regardless of the objective of the search. Search engine advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for increasing the chance of a customer landing on your website. It’s best to learn and implement the best SEO techniques to be in the top searches on Google.

One of the main objectives of digital marketing is to empower businesses to become more accessible to their customers. When you have achieved this goal, learn techniques to retain the customers. Create engaging content, provide relevant information to earn your customer trust. Modern-day consumers are smart. They are always exploring online for new options. If your company is readily available to them, have an excellent online presence, and provide them a smooth experience, they are more likely to become a recurring customer. Learn and take advantage of these tremendous practical tools to outshine in the online world.

Digital Marketing Is Measurable

One of the core reasons why shifting towards digital marketing is imperative because traditional marketing is not trackable, and you wouldn’t know if your efforts are working or not? A TV commercial or ads in a newspaper or a radio announcement have one thing in common. An advertising agency cannot measure the impact of them. The whole traditional marketing business relies on guesses, and there is no actual data to prove its effectiveness.

Digital marketing is best for measuring performance, and it can be done in real-time. This empowers marketers to make a necessary shift in their strategies and stop working on those that are not beneficial for their business clients. The analytics tools available provide in-depth, accurate data about the success of digital marketing strategies.

These analytics softwares can help to identify the gaps and make necessary changes in the upcoming campaigns. The likes, shares, interactions, prompting another action, whether it drove a sale, everything of a social media ad or google ad is measurable which is best for measuring the ROI of digital advertising campaigns. Beginner marketers must enroll in an analytics course to learn this crucial aspect of this marketing style.

Digital Marketing Is Scalable

Every marketing campaign requires an investment regardless of the end goal of it. Digital marketing has countless benefits for everyone, but it’s essential to stay within their limited budget for a small business or a new brand. Varying types of online marketing and advertising methods are easy to scale. A brand can quickly adapt to their needs with the growth in their business. For instance, social media advertising campaigns and search engine ads work by setting a budget. You can fix your daily budget, or weekly, and so on. Social media ads can be displayed for a specific time and within the selected budget.

This also reduces the work for marketers as renegotiating and placing the ad repeatedly is not required. The ad is running for the specified time without any pauses. When you notice the benefits of advertising and your sales increase, you can increase your ad campaigns’ time duration and budget.

The power is in your hands, and you’re not stuck in a traditional contract with an agency or something that doesn’t deliver results. If you don’t see the desired results, revamp your strategy, and relaunch it. The immense power of digital marketing is its data, quick results, and scalability.

Few Effective Digital Marketing Strategies

Talking about the most effective strategy to shine in the digital world, social media marketing, and advertising will always top the list. Present-day customers are obsessed with social media making it best to reach a new targeted audience, enhance sales, and build brand reputation.

E-mail marketing

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Email Marketing is one of the most versatile and evergreen digital marketing strategies. While some marketers believe that email marketing has lost its charm, its ROI is still higher than any other strategy. It is suitable for every industry and business of any scale.

Video and display Marketing

Video is the latest trend. Video Marketing can do wonders for your online presence, and it can be incorporated into several digital marketing strategies making it an ideal one for the current competitive online world.

Search Engine optimisation

SEO is somewhat between every digital marketing strategy, and adapting to SEO’s shifting trends is essential to drive traffic to your web pages. Local SEO is gaining popularity. Creating a Google My Business Account, focusing on local keywords, optimization for voice searches are vital aspects of SEO to improve local rankings on Google.

Content marketing

Content Marketing should not be just about posting content. The connection, authenticity, optimization for search engines, and telling your information in a comfortable, friendly, and engaging way is imperative for this strategy to work these days.