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How Much Money Can You Earn from 100,000 Views on YouTube Shorts?

By Steven, on February 14, 2024, updated on February 5, 2024 - 5 min read

With 100,000 views on YouTube Shorts, a content creator can expect to generate $100 to $500 in revenue. However, many factors determine the exact earnings. DebugBar will examine how monetization works for Shorts on YouTube to help you better understand how much money you can potentially make from monetizing your Shorts videos.

What Are YouTube Shorts?

Everyone knows YouTube, but not necessarily YouTube Shorts. Shorts is YouTube’s short-form video functionality. Simply put, it’s YouTube’s version of TikTok. Creators can:

  • Upload videos up to 60 seconds long
  • Add music and effects
  • Publish on YouTube

Since its launch in 2020, the Shorts format has become very popular. So much so that YouTube, which initially had no plans to monetize it, was forced to do so.

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) Opens to Shorts

The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is the system that allows YouTubers to monetize their videos through ad revenue. Until now it was exclusively for regular YouTube channels and long videos.

However, with the explosion of short-form content on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels, YouTube had to adapt and decided to open access to the monetization program for Shorts creators.

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This strategic decision, made in early 2023, now allows short-form content creators to also access a share of the billions of dollars in ad revenue generated by the platform.

But how exactly does it work? How is revenue redistributed? Well, very simply.

Every month, all advertising revenue generated by Shorts is pooled together. It is then distributed to YouTubers as follows:

  • Calculate the percentage of total views generated by each eligible YouTuber.
  • Redistribute 45% of the pooled amount to each creator, proportional to their share of monthly views.

Thus, the more Shorts a creator produces and generates views, the larger their share of ad revenue will be. This incentive model clearly aims to push creators towards this new, user-friendly short video format.

How Much Money Can You Expect to Earn from 100,000 Views on YouTube Shorts?

With 100,000 views on their Shorts, a YouTuber can expect to generate between $100 and $500 in ad revenue.

However, the reality is a bit more complex because the exact amount will depend on several factors:

  • Type of ads displayed
  • Region of your audience
  • Demographics of your audience
  • Content niche
  • Level of engagement

Type of Ads Displayed

The format of the ads displayed between your Shorts directly influences their CPM (Cost Per Milli or Cost Per Thousand views) and your revenue. Prioritize video ads, interactive ads, and innovative formats that encourage viewers to engage.

  • Polls
  • Quizzes
  • Contests
  • Immersive brand experiences…

Usually offer a better Cost Per Milli than classic display banners.

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These formats better capture attention, generate interaction, and a positive experience for the user. Brands are therefore willing to pay more to display their ads within your Shorts and reach your subscribers. Increase the proportion of these video and interactive ads to boost your revenue.

Region of Your Audience

The geographical makeup of your audience has a direct impact on your ad revenue. Indeed, brands pay more to target certain high-spending markets like:

  • The United States
  • Canada
  • The United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France…

If the majority of your viewers come from these areas, you’ll benefit from a higher CPM. Conversely, if they mainly come from emerging or developing countries, it will result in a lower conversion rate. To increase your revenue, seek to grow your fan base in the most lucrative regions by targeting local trending topics.

Demographics of Your Audience

The composition of your audience in terms of age, gender, socio-professional category, etc. also influences your cost per thousand.

Some profiles are highly sought after by advertisers, such as 13-24 year olds or AB households. Focusing on content that attracts these targets can increase your revenue.

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Conversely, a majority of seniors or children will lower your cost per thousand views. Carefully analyze your audience and identify high-value profiles for advertisers in order to tailor your content accordingly.

Content Niche

The choice of topics and subjects covered in your videos impacts your potential earnings.

Ultra-competitive niches like gaming or music will drag your CPM down. Conversely, less saturated niches like interior design, fashion or gardening offer a better CPM because advertisers are less present.

Vary the themes you cover, test less competitive content niches to attract advertisers and boost your CPM.

Level of Engagement

The more engagement your Shorts generate (likes, comments, shares…), the more they signal to YouTube and advertisers relevant, high-quality content.

This high level of interaction attracts more advertisers interested in targeting these engaged viewers. Optimize your engagement metrics with catchy teasers, calls to action, open-ended questions… to improve your CPM and revenue.

As you can see, your income will depend on several criteria, and each view will not earn the same amount. But to be concrete and give you an idea, here’s what you can expect to earn:

  • Top creators, with a large engaged subscriber base, tend to fall in the upper end of the range, between $300 and $500.
  • Intermediate or emerging creators generally earn less, between $100 and $300.

But getting 100,000 views on your Shorts every month is already a great accomplishment and substantial supplementary income! Interested in monetizing your content? Let’s look at the requirements to qualify.

What Are the Requirements to Monetize Your Shorts?

To monetize your Shorts channel and earn a share of ad revenue, a YouTuber must meet the following conditions:

  • Have a YouTube account in good standing.
  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Reside in a country eligible for YPP (over 100 countries available).
  • Have over 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months, or have over 10 million total views on their YouTube channel over a 90 day period.
  • No community guidelines strikes in the last 90 days.
  • Have connected an AdSense account to receive payments.

Once these conditions are validated and the YPP application accepted by the platform, the creator can start monetizing new Shorts as soon as they are published.

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But beware, being accepted does not guarantee lifetime access to the monetization program. YouTube will regularly review that eligibility conditions are still being met. If so, the revenue generated will be paid out monthly to the creator’s AdSense account.

It is possible to track earnings generated thanks to the statistics provided by YouTube Studio. This allows creators to identify top performing Shorts.

Well, 100,000 views is great, but we’re sure you can do even better! DebugBar will now give you some tips to boost your views and potentially hit 1 million views per video or more.

Our Top 5 Tips to Maximize Your YouTube Shorts Revenue

To maximize the revenue generated by your Shorts on YouTube, here are 5 pro tips:

  • Regularly create new Shorts – The more frequently you post on your channel, the more you increase your chances of generating recurring views and revenue. Aim for at least 1 video every 2 days. And be careful when you publish your video, it matters. To find out more, take a look at our article: What is the best time to post a YouTube Short?
  • Focus on trending and viral themes online – Ride current strong trends to create Shorts with high viral potential.
  • Integrate popular hashtags – Making good use of the most searched hashtags will give you more visibility.
  • Interact with your subscribers and viewers – Respond to comments, run online polls, organize contests… The more engaged people viewing your videos are, the more likely they’ll come back!
  • Try different Shorts formats – Don’t hesitate to test different short video styles to identify what works best.

By applying these practices, you’ll quickly maximize the number of views and revenue from your Shorts! And who knows, maybe you’ll end up in the ranking of most viewed YouTube Shorts videos of all time.

In any case, always keep in mind that the important thing to earn good money on YouTube is to create quality Shorts on your channel that your community will enjoy.

How Much Does YouTube Pay for 100,000 Short Views: Recap

With the Shorts monetization program, YouTubers can now earn money online with these ultra-short videos. With 100,000 views, earnings are generally between $100 and $500. The amount depends on many factors, however.

  • YouTube pays out 45% of Shorts ad revenue to eligible creators.
  • You need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 public watch hours in 12 months or 10 million views in 90 days on your channel to join the YPP.
  • As with other platforms like TikTok or Instagram, the more Shorts a creator publishes and generates views, the more their revenue increases.
  • Making quality videos is the best way to increase your YouTube Shorts’ income.
  • Our advice: ride trends, optimize hashtags, interact with your audience.

By adopting best practices, short video creators can earn decent money with this ultra popular format. Some even manage to make a living from it. So why not you?