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Mastering Email Marketing: Revealing Top Companies and Experts

By Bastien, on February 29, 2024 - 8 min read

Almost everyone has a functional email address.

Approximately 4.26 billion email users send an estimated 306 billion emails daily. For you as a business, this means ‘reach’. Your market (the people you are trying to retain or sell to) already has an email, which they check on an almost daily basis.

This is why you should leverage email. Businesses with an effective email marketing strategy have experienced a massive return on investments (ROI). Data shows that you can make as much as $38 on every $1 spent on email marketing efforts.

But because reaching people and retaining their interest is a hard ask, businesses make use of the best email marketing companies. These companies will help you with your email marketing strategies and overhaul your campaigns. 

Here’s a list of the top 11 email marketing companies you can trust. These companies are known for their excellent service in securing and retaining prospects.


Source: Sender

Sender is a top email marketing software that offers affordable (yet powerful) features to drive sales and grow your business. 

The platform provides high-converting popups that help you capture quality leads. With its advanced segmentation, you can group these prospects based on their preferences and behavior and target them with personalized emails.

In addition, Sender’s automation feature enables you to schedule email sequences, such as abandoned cart and welcome emails, and deliver them to your subscribers at the perfect time. With the platform’s drag-and-drop email builder and responsive templates, you can create these professional emails in minutes.

Sender’s other key features include:

  • SMS marketing automation;
  • Detailed analytics and reports;
  • High email deliverability;
  • Seamless integration with platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and WooCommerce;
  • 24/7 friendly customer support with a 99% satisfaction rate.


Sender offers a Free Forever plan for all its main features, including 15,000 monthly emails. Its paid plans start from only $15/month and include more advanced features like text message campaigns. is a tool designed to enhance email deliverability by raising your email reputation to ensure your emails avoid the spam folder.

Users can connect their mailbox and let the system warm it up at an optimal pace, analyzing hundreds of parameters daily, interacting with real people on your behalf, and ensuring your emails reach their inboxes. Additionally, emails sent through are automatically opened, marked as important, and taken out of the spam folder, boosting the sender’s reputation.

The platform provides a clear and transparent process, allowing users to stay informed and in control with tools like the Email Deliverability test, Email Health Checker, and Email Template Checker, etc. can also be integrated with various popular tools and platforms such as Gmail, Outlook, Sendgrid, Mailchimp, Salesforce, and many more.

The website showcases testimonials from satisfied customers and offers a 7-day trial without the need for a credit card.)

For B2B companies looking for lead generation through a solid email campaign, the Martal group comes in highly recommended. 

Martal Group prides itself on reinventing traditional outbound lead generation to account for changes in B2B purchasing behaviors. A significant aspect of their lead generation operations includes sending a ton of strategic and targeted emails. 

However, it’s worth noting that emails are not the company’s only lead-generation vehicle. They use a variety of campaigns, including calls, emails, and LinkedIn. Martal Group also maximizes your online presence by boosting organic traffic from blogs, social media, and landing pages. 

They serve clients from different industries, including healthcare, e-commerce and retail, technology, B2B SaaS, cybersecurity, manufacturing, AI, and machine learning, just to mention a few.

Elevate My Brand (EMB)

Elevate My Brand (EMB) is a women-owned, full-service marketing agency that leverages data to steer creative strategy in email marketing, social media management, website development, and more! 

With email marketing being one of the top channels to create customer loyalty, their team of marketing experts delivers attention-grabbing copy and visuals that stand out in an overcrowded inbox to generate high returns.

EMB are innovators known for integrating email marketing campaigns with other forms of digital media advertising, including social media, web design, and content development, to ensure a wholesome and comprehensive online approach. 

InboxArmy is one of the few one-stop shops that focus on all things email marketing, including campaign management, template production, strategy development, and automation setup. 

Other services include:

  • Email deliverability,
  • Dedicated email marketing team,
  • Email marketing strategy, 
  • Email campaign management, 
  • Email marketing automation,
  • Email template design and coding,
  • ESP vendor evaluation and migration,
  • SMS marketing.

What makes InboxArmy stand is the company’s approach to tailored email services. InboxArmy is vendor-agnostic, serving clients working on more than 40 email service providers.

By the numbers, InboxArmy has had over 25,000 email campaigns deployed, over 120 email marketers, and over 5000 delighted clients, with an average client retention time of 3.4 years. 

They work with global brands, agencies, and businesses of all sizes, including start-ups and enterprises. Some of their clients include Purple, eBay, Ubisoft, The Zebra, Hilton, and Capcom, just to mention a few.

If you’re a start-up, small business, freelancer, non-profit organization, or a marketing professional, you might benefit from quick, professional, and responsive emails. That’s where an email template builder comes in handy. is a free email template builder that lets you quickly create professional and responsive emails, even with no HTML skills. With, you can design emails your way, test and export them to any ESPs. You can also use Stripo plugin to integrate the email builder into your own product.

By the numbers, has over 1 million users who’ve built 10 million emails, 1450+ free HTML email templates, and a game generator that adds fun and creativity to your email campaigns.

Some of their clients include Huawei, Airbnb, Forbes, MacPaw, Microsoft, Chelsea Football Club, and Spotify.

Almond Solutions is the ultimate website and e-commerce builder that offers affordable and reliable alternatives to Shopify and Wix.

However, the company’s services also include marketing from various channels, including lead generation SEO, social media marketing, PPC management, blog management, and email management, just to mention a few. 

Almond Solutions offers an email marketing program/ app that does everything for you, including testing, evaluating, and optimizing campaigns. You can create and send professional email campaigns to your customers and prospects. You can also use their simple design tools and templates to draft engaging emails that suit your brand and message. 

What makes Almond Solutions stand out as one of the top email marketing service providers is their extensive knowledge of websites, applications, and various marketing strategies. Besides, they have a strong community of over 35,000 digital marketers.

Email marketing is all about building closer connections with your clients, which in turn leads to higher retention rates. Higher retention rates typically translate into a higher ROI. This is exactly what Promodo is all about.

Promodo is a full-funnel digital marketing agency that works with companies of all sizes, regardless of the industry. This agency provides a range of digital marketing solutions for every stage of your company’s funnel, one of them being email marketing. 

Promodo’s email marketing services include:

  • Creating an email marketing strategy
  • Email marketing automation
  • Template creation 
  • Analysis of key metrics

In their 19 years of operation, Promodo has helped over 3000 clients grow their online businesses, including Karcher, Lenovo, Continental, Leobank, Unijoy, and others.

If you’re in the gaming industry, you know how important it is to market your game effectively. That’s where Game Marketing Genie comes in. What do they do? Well, they’re not your typical digital agency. They specialize in game marketing, covering everything from social media to working with influencers, creating engaging content, and developing an email strategy that helps you stand out amidst the clutter of your customer’s inbox. With their data-driven email strategy, you can convert passive subscribers into loyal customers.

Whether you’ve got a mobile game or a console game, Game Marketing Genie can boost your marketing efforts. What makes them different? They use data to guide their strategies. It’s like having a roadmap for your game marketing on every platform and for every type of game. Here’s the cool part – they’ve partnered with gaming companies all around the world, from big names to new players. If you’re looking to step up your game marketing, Game Marketing Genie is the way to go.

As a start-up, developing your business from its early stages can be a hard ask. From creating brand awareness to email personalization, you’ll need to work closely with a solutions provider who can help you as you focus on your core business.

And that’s what Aspiration Marketing is all about. Aspiration Marketing is a growth agency dedicated to helping technology companies and startups get up and running. 

This agency is more than your average lead generation company. While they offer a host of services that includes SEO and web design, they are also famed for their business development services, which also include:

  • An email management campaign
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Web design
  • Sales operations
  • Recruitment marketing

Based in the US, Canada, and Romania, this agency is not limited to North America as they also have European resources. Aspiration has partnered with many industry pioneers, including Ahrefs, HubSpot, and SmartdeskCRM, to provide comprehensive and quality services.

Are you a business owner, head of marketing, website administrator, or a principal decision-maker? There are a ton of things these people juggle within their professional lives. One wrong move could prove costly and difficult to fix, especially regarding email marketing campaigns.

DigiSavvy is a one-stop shop that serves as your trusted guide. In addition to website development, SEO, e-commerce platforms, and maintenance, Digisavvy also offers one of the best email marketing solutions out there. 

DigiSavvy helps you leverage the power of ActiveCampaign, a robust email marketing and automation platform, to create personalized and engaging campaigns for your customers.

This California-based digital solutions agency has a track record of increasing retention rates and conversions for businesses across many industries. Some of their clients include Big Apple Occupational Safety and the Illinois Health and Hospital Association.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had all digital solutions under one roof? This could be anything from web services such as hosting and development to SEO services such as content creation and email marketing. 

HostHelp is the one-stop solution for web hosting, development, SEO, and other digital services. They’ve worked with businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, to create and manage their online presence.

This agency offers a range of email services, from sales funnel mapping to email audits and marketing automation. For a monthly fee of £425, you’ll get promo emails, email audits, email campaigns, marketing automation, and more. 

HostHelp’s fees start from £499, and we have our own email marketing platform called & our own SEO audit platform called

Dion Marketing

If you prefer a feminine approach for your email marketing and communication campaign, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better marketing company than Dion Marketing. This company is an all-woman-owned and woman-operated business based in Jacksonville Florida. 

This marketing agency helps businesses grow their online presence and reach more customers. They focus on advertising, public relations, and design. But why should you consider working with them?

In addition to the dozens of accolades they’ve won, Dion Marketing is a verified Google and Facebook marketing partner. Whether you’re looking to generate more leads or nurture more prospects, Dion Marketing has the ideal email marketing solution for you.

Conclusion: Who Are The Top Email Marketing Companies and Experts?

We’ve looked at 11 of the best email marketing agencies and experts. Here’s a brief conclusion on the top email marketing companies and agencies.

  • If you’re looking for the top email marketing agencies offering the most diverse features, look no further than Sender or
  • is your go-to email marketing agency if you’re in the B2B niche. 
  • InboxArmy, Promodo, Digisavvy, and Almond Solutions are full digital marketing agencies offering various digital services, including email marketing. 
  • If you’re a start-up looking to partner with a business developer who’ll overhaul your email campaigns while offering other solutions, you should consider Aspiration Marketing. 
  • If you’re in the video game industry and are looking for an email campaign expert best suited to your field, you should check out Game Marketing Genie. 
  • If you’re looking for a creative touch for your email marketing campaigns, public relations or general communications, you’ll be hard-pressed to find marketing companies better than Dion Marketing and Elevate My Brand (EMB).
  • Lastly, if you want a one-stop solution for web, SEO, and digital services, you should consider Hosthelp.Net.

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