Microsoft 365 is coming to Chrome OS in 2023!

By Bastien, on February 2, 2023, updated on June 2, 2023 - 2 min read

Microsoft 365 is very popular among Chromebook owners, but there’s a catch… At the moment, it’s only possible to use Microsoft Office on a Chromebook through Microsoft’s web apps.

But life for Chrome OS users could be much easier soon as Google has announced that it will add Microsoft 365 to Chromebooks this year.

A simplified installation and configuration experience

To help users install and connect Microsoft 365 and OneDrive to their Chromebook, a guided configuration will be offered.

The integration will be available soon (in the coming months), primarily on the Dev and Beta channels of Chrome OS.

Specific features not disclosed

There are not yet all the details on the specific features of the integration. However, it appears that locally stored Office files will be able to be opened and edited via Microsoft 365, with changes synced to the cloud via OneDrive.

Whether this will replace or complement the current support for Office files via Google Docs on Chromebooks remains to be seen…

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A simplified installation of PWA

Google is also working on simplifying the installation of Microsoft 365 progressive web applications (PWAs) on Chrome OS. They are also thinking about a solution that would better integrate OneDrive with the “Files” app on Chromebooks.

Upgrades to OneDrive

Items opened with Microsoft 365 will be moved to OneDrive if they are not already on OneDrive.

However, it seems that this integration will only work with the Dev and Beta channel of Chromebooks. This means that only a small number of users will be able to enjoy the benefits of this integration immediately.

In short…

In conclusion, the alliance between Google and Microsoft will make it much easier to use Microsoft 365 on Chromebooks.

A simplified installation and configuration experience, as well as specific features not yet revealed, will enhance the integration of Microsoft 365 with Chrome OS.

Simplified installation of Microsoft 365 PWAs and upgrading to OneDrive will provide a smoother experience for users.

Beware, however, that this integration will only be available on the Dev and Beta channels of Chromebooks for now.