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Six Different Tools and Techniques to Help New Managers Do an Incredible Job​​

By Bastien, on February 13, 2024 - 3 min read

As a new manager, you’re sure to want to do an incredible job from the get-go. So, let’s take a look at six different tools and techniques you should adopt.

Three Tools

Let’s begin by looking at three tools that can help you bring your A-game.

1. Employee Management Software 

Managing a team isn’t just about motivational speeches. It’s also about wrangling schedules, performance metrics, and a gazillion other tasks. That’s where employee management software comes in incredibly handy.

Employee management software can streamline processes like attendance tracking, vacation approvals, and personal development plans. By using this tool effectively, you can gain insights into team dynamics and individual performance that empower you to lead more adeptly.

Just make sure that you choose software that has all the features you need. This helpful post by SnackNation lists fifteen of the best employee management software systems for teams. 

2. Effective Communication Platforms 

Team synergy doesn’t just magically happen – it’s built on rock-solid communication. Enter the arena of modern communication platforms. We’re not talking carrier pigeons here; think more along the lines of Slack, Microsoft Teams, or whatever floats your digital boat.

These aren’t just glorified chat rooms; they’re collaboration hubs where you can share files instantly, get quick feedback, and keep everyone in the loop with project updates.

So, ramp up your team’s interaction game and watch productivity soar through great communication tech – because misunderstandings are so last century.

3. Project Management Tools

Okay, let’s talk about keeping this whole operation from going off the rails. For new managers aiming for superhero status, project management tools are your cape and tights. Trello, Notion, Asana, — you’ve got choices!


These aren’t just fancy to-do lists; they’re visual roadmaps to completing projects without losing your mind (or that important sticky note). Assign tasks like a boss, track progress without nagging people, and celebrate the wins as you hit those milestones.

Arm yourself with one of these bad boys and lead your team to victory. Organized leaders get the glory! 

Three Techniques 

Now, let’s look at three techniques you can embrace to ensure you do an incredible job as a new manager. 

1. Delegation 

Get this: being a manager isn’t about doing it all yourself. It’s about playing to your team’s strengths. The trick? Masterful delegation.

Hand over those tasks like you’re dealing cards, but make sure you’re giving them to the right players. Don’t just dump tasks; consider who’s best for each job – think skills, interests, workload – then communicate clearly what success looks like. 

2. Embracing Feedback 

Want to level up as a new manager? Make feedback on your jam. This isn’t one-way traffic; encourage open conversations where ideas flow freely and everyone has their say.

Tima Miroshnichenko:

Set up regular check-ins, surveys, or suggestion boxes for insights on what’s hot and what’s not in team morale and processes.

Use that goldmine of info to adjust and improve continuously. It’s all about making sure your squad feels heard and valued, which in turn fuels motivation—and gets those productivity gears turning smoothly! 

3. Cultivating Emotional Intelligence 

Great managers are like emotional ninjas. They know the power of emotional intelligence in leading teams to glory. It’s not all KPIs and deadlines; it’s reading the room, understanding your team’s feelings, and reacting with empathy.

Start by being more self-aware—acknowledge your own emotions and how they influence others. Then step into your team’s shoes regularly to better connect on a human level.

By cultivating emotional intelligence and adopting the other techniques and tools listed above, you’ll be ready to do an amazing job in your new position.

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