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By Sean, on December 26, 2020, updated on November 29, 2022 - 5 min read

When you market yourself, your brand, or products on Social media platform is called social media marketing. Social Media Marketing is not just posting images on Instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms. Social marketing is way more than just posting on social platforms. Selling your product through social media, resolving your customer’s problem, improving your public relations, Even hiring employees to your businesses from your social media account is also a part of social media marketing.

Increasing your brand awareness by helping the audience or users on any social media platform is the real meaning of social media marketing. Many companies, universities, and websites can provide you both paid and free social marketing courses. In 2020 there are many courses on the internet, and this article will help you find the best social media marketing courses.

Social Media Marketing Specialization by Northwestern University

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Northwestern University has developed this online course for all marketers. You will get six courses in this specialization and certifications for all six courses from Coursera. More than 69,000 People enrolled in this specialization. Content is offered in the form of videos, reading sections, and quizzes. University provides you with a total of four weeks of training and certification after you complete the course.

This course was created in 2014, but Northwestern University updates every aspect of the course quarterly. In this course, you will learn how to manage a social marketing program, build your business persona, and learn how social strategies drive business today.

What is Social

In this course, many marketers and professionals will learn about social strategy and how to use social media to grow a professional persona. It is a great course to get success in digital marketing.

The Importance of Listening

It’s excellent social media marketing for all the listeners out there. North Western University will teach you how to extract knowledge from your competitor’s posts or videos. You will get some knowledge about analytics tools, a full understanding of content strategy, and how to make better decisions before any change or crisis.

Engagement & Nurture Marketing Strategy

Explore two ways to engage your high-value market. This course is all about infographics, how important are infographics for digital marketing, and how big organizations are getting great results through social media marketing.

Content, Advertising & Social IMC

This course is about how to advertising using social media and how to develop engaging content on social media.

The Business of Social

In this course, the university will teach how to use social media to get sales. Everything is explained about how to build a justifiable plan and the future trends of social marketing.

Social Marketing Capstone Project

In this last course, you will learn how to use correctly use social media for business. Practically you have to build a marketing plan for your business. After completing all the courses, you will get a certificate for each course. I am sure all the students are going to develop their skills in the marketing field.

HubSpot Academy Social Media Marketing Course

Hubspot Academy provides the next level course to become a social media marketing expert, search engine optimization expert, and digital marketing certificate. There are 8 lessons, 29 quizzes, 39 video classes, and 4.9 hours to complete the course. This is an excellent course for beginners to learn about social media strategy, content marketing, digital marketing, online marketing, and social media advertising.

When you register for the course, you also receive some free advanced Hubspot Academy tools like email marketing customer relationship, lead forums, live chat, and ads management.

In the entire class, you will learn some tricks on building loyalty, increasing your brand awareness, using social media ads, and attracting new customers. You will get a total of eight free courses.
After completing the course, you will create your marketing strategy to build your brand.

Developing a Social Media Strategy

Create plans to develop your business with the help of social media. Make use of digital technologies to improve your relationship with the customers.

Social Media Listening and Monitoring

This course will let you understand the difference between Social Media Monitoring and Social Media Listening.

How to Build Content Strategy for Social Media

As you all know, without good content, you can’t get success in social media marketing. Great content will help you to build your business and make a connection with your customers.

Extending Your Reach on Social Media

Businesses need to reach out to the right influencers because only good influencers can generate sales.

How to Use Social Media to Build Relationships

Build one to one relationship is vital to fill the emotional gap with your audience. Once you start engaging with your audience, it will build trust and loyalty. This course is going to teach you all building relationship tips.

Introduction to Social Media Advertising

Almost 90% of marketers are doing social media advertising in the wrong way. They’re just spending much money and getting nothing in return. In this class, you will learn some advanced methods to use ads on Facebook, Snapchat, Linkedin, Twitter, youtube, and TikTok.

Measuring Your Social Return on Investment

This class covers all the ways to get a return on an investment after spending on building the brand, customer satisfaction, using ads, and protecting your reputation.

Get Success with Social Media

In this learning class, professors teach you to risk management and grabbing opportunities on social media.

Social Media Monitoring – Udemy

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Social Media Monitoring is one of the best courses by Udemy to learn social media marketing. You are going to learn strategies for many social media platforms. From my perspective, it is the right course for beginners to learn and explore new social media strategies but remembers, you will not get any certificate. You are going to learn Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other social media platforms monitoring strategies. The course is divided into four parts, 46 lectures and 7 hours 26 minutes time duration.

In the intro part, you will know about your instructor and how to use free tools to build social media monitoring strategies. The remaining course is mainly about google advanced search for keyword filtering, finding out the right keyword phrases, using Google-related searches for keyword validation, introducing Predictive Analytics, and finding influencers and social media analytics tools.

Social Media Advertising by Coursera

Social Media Advertising is the best strategy to get success in social media marketing & digital marketing. It is a free online course for beginners level to advanced level. If you want to grow your business as a beginner, social media ads can be your best companion.

The University of Colorado created this course. The course is divided into five parts, and you need 14 hours to complete the course. It covers all the famous social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Instructors explained how to do a successful ad campaign with advanced techniques.

Social Media Marketing By eMarketing Institute

Social Media Marketing By eMarketing Institute is a great online free program for marketers. It’s a great course to learn about online marketing, social media analytics, and search engine. There are 25 lectures training, and you will get a free ebook: Social Media Marketing for Beginners.

All of the courses and ebooks are free of cost. You can work correctly on social media search engine and content marketing after completing the course. You need 50% of the marks to complete each exam, and the time limit will be sixty minutes. eMarketing Institute course is a fantastic platform to learn new skills and strategies for social media marketing. There are a total of 25 chapters or programs offered by Emarketing institute.

The course is started with the introduction, and the 2nd program is all about social media marketing focused on social media websites and detailed knowledge of social media marketing.

The next chapter is about blogging, where you will learn the platforms of blogging and search engine optimization (SEO).

The 5th and 6th chapter is about Social Media and Target Audience & Sharing Content on Social Media. You will learn about the audience you need for your social platforms and the types of content you need to share on social media for a successful campaign.