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Textbroker: the most profitable platform for web writers?

By Steven, on March 6, 2023, updated on June 2, 2023 - 5 min read

You know that on the web, content is king. However, in order for your articles to be in the big league, they must be relevant and of high quality. Of course, writing quality articles requires certain skills.

Therefore, you can resort to professional writing platforms. Textbroker is one of those that offer exceptional writers. Here is our review of this web writing platform.

Textbroker: an overview

textbroker accueil

The textbroker platform is owned by the German company Sario Marketing GmbH. Founded in 2005 by the SEO consultant Jan Becker-Fochler, this website is a real marketplace for copywriting.

Textbroker pays itself by connecting freelance web editors and customers who are looking for quality texts. At the beginning, the platform was only a professional network made up of several web writers.

Over time, the number of authors and clients grew. As the platform has grown, thousands of freelance web writers can now earn money by writing articles from home. Furthermore, in 2008, Textbroker set up a subsidiary in the United States in Las Vegas, which was a springboard to its strong growth.

Textbroker offers its clients the writing of various types of content on different topics. You can place orders for :

  • product descriptions ;
  • copywriting ;
  • blog articles ;
  • SEO content;
  • press releases,
  • etc.

Textbroker: how does it work?

Textbroker works in a rather simple way. First of all, the customers place orders for

articles while specifying a level of requirement. The level designates in fact the quality of the desired writing. It ranges from 3 stars to 5 stars.

Secondly, you will see writers ranked according to their quality of writing articles. They will only access articles when they meet the quality level required by the client.

The more stars in the level required by the customer, the higher the cost of writing the text. The customer pays more, while the author who writes the text earns more.

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Types of text orders on Textbroker

When placing text orders on Textbroker, customers can consider different criteria.

For example, they can rely on the number of stars of a web writer, the topic of the essay, etc.

However, on the platform, customers can place only three types of text orders:

  • Open Order,
  • Direct Order
  • or in Team Order.

Open Order


In Open Order, text orders are open. Any editor on the platform who meets the customer’s requirements can place the order.

Direct Order


Here, the customer can place article orders directly with a web editor whose work he or she appreciates.

The delivery time and the price for writing the articles are discussed directly between the customer and the web editor. It should be noted, however, that the remuneration received by the web editor is much higher than the price of an open order.

Team Order


Here, clients organize a writing group and invite their favorite authors to join. Any interested writer can apply to join a writing team. It is now up to the client to decide whether or not to approve the web writer’s application.

In a web writing team, all content creators are paid the same rate. With this type of article order, the web editor receives more than with the previous order method.

Regardless of the text order placed, clients must specify the instructions to be followed by the web editors. The client must also tell the author how many words each article should be.

Rating and pricing

As highlighted above, web writers are rated from 3 stars to 5 stars on the Textbroker web writing platform. The highest compensation goes to 5 star web writers who produce high quality content.

For a 3 star freelance, the rate per word is estimated at 1.1 cents. For a 4 stars author, the client must pay 1.5 cents per word.

Finally, if you want the best of the best, a 5 star web editor will cost you more money. You’ll have to spend 4.5 cents per word.

These rates are for “OpenOrder” text orders.

Be aware that Textbroker is not one of the highest paying platforms. But it still pays well compared to other sites.

SEO optimization service on Textbroker

The optimization of a text favors its good positioning in the search results.

It is for this purpose that many customers ask for an optimization of their texts.

The task of SEO optimization consists in integrating certain keywords in the text in a natural and fluid way. Each optimization is a work of inserting a calculated number of keywords given by text, defined or not by the customer.

Advantages of Textbroker

The advantages of Textbroker are what makes it an excellent platform for web writing.

A rigorous management

The rigorous management of Textbroker article writing platform allows to maintain the balance between customers and writers. It is on this rigor that the sustainability of this web writing platform is based. With each order, a team of proofreaders corrects the articles.

They then hand it over to a team of editors who review each article. In addition, the article editors and proofreaders assign grades to the web writers. Depending on the assessment of the proofreading and editing team, the author may improve or worsen his/her ranking.

Listening to customers

At Textbroker, the requests of the clients do not fall on deaf ears. The reactions and various demands of the customers are taken into account and examined with a fine-tooth comb. The objective remains to satisfy the clients while preserving the interests of the web editors.

Presence of professional content creators

On Textbroker, you will find not only individual web writers, but also professional writers.

The authors belonging to this last category are very important for their profession and their reputation.

They practice their job as article writers with conscience while giving the best of themselves. They are often 4 and 5 star web writers. These copywriters often work on several article writing platforms gaining even more experience.

Disadvantages of Textbroker

Like any human work, not everything is perfect on Textbroker. Some disadvantages sometimes cause frustrations in the rank of the customers as well as in the web editors.

Frustrations on both sides

The customers of Textbroker essay writing platform generally consider that they are investing a fortune for writing their articles. It must be recognized that they pay both the web writer and the platform.

At the same time, the web editor feels frustrated, because he considers that he receives insufficient remuneration. This is justified by the research time, the actual writing, the proofreading, etc.

In addition to all this, a large part of the web editors of the platform is just looking to make ends meet by writing. They are then often not very invested professionally or personally in their mission of writing articles. As a result, their interests may not be the same as those of the clients.

A sometimes difficult communication

It is not easy to communicate and when it is done virtually, it becomes even more difficult. The virtual communication remains indeed a difficulty to overcome on the textbroker web writing platform.

Very often, the customer knows correctly what he needs. To make the article writer understand it, he has to write instructions. Conveying his needs is not always simple.

So clients leave writing instructions as they can and content creators understand them as they can too. On the other hand, this effort to understand depends on the writer’s ability and willingness to engage in the writing task.

As a result, there can be a communication gap between clients and editors. Therefore, it becomes urgent to improve the communication between these two major parts of the copywriting platform.

Good communication limits the negative reviews on the articles written and the regular requests for corrections. These reworkings of articles are not always appreciated by web editors. In view of the expected remuneration, copywriters feel that they have already spent enough time on the same production.

Rest assured, most of the web writers and clients are satisfied with working on this Textbroker platform, that’s why it is considered one of the best and has been around for so many years. Ordering on Textbroker platform is a real guarantee of quality.