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The Evolution of Identity and Access Management: Trends and Innovations Shaping the Future

By Bastien, on May 13, 2024, updated on June 17, 2024 - 20 min read

Employees must access organizational data, files, premises, and other resources regardless of where they work. Those working from home also need the same level of access to work efficiently and productively. 

However, as much as hybrid work models are desirable and efficient, they also present a new challenge for ICT departments: keeping organizational data safe and inaccessible to unauthorized users.

Traditionally, organizations housed their data storage centers under one roof. This made it easier and safer for employees to log in to their company accounts and access the information they needed.

However, as more people work from home, accessing company data safely has become challenging. To address this challenge, organizations have turned to various solutions, including Identity and access management (IAM).

Identity and access management (IAM) refers to a series of cybersecurity practices that ensure only authorized staff have access to company data while doing so safely. 

Implementing robust identity and access management (IAM) practices aims to improve organizational security, gain insights into reduced risk, and improve customer experiences.

Enterprises that lack the appropriate resources to carry out their IAM practices turn to partners who can provide off-the-shelf solutions and tailored strategies that align with unique operations, compliance needs, and risk profiles.

In this article, we’ll examine some of the top identity and access management companies and some of the top trends and innovations shaping this industry.

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Who is Authsignal, and What Does Authsignal Do?

Authsignal is the fastest way to secure customer identity authentication processes and mitigate fraud with little engineering effort.


Our drop-in digital identity authentication platform. Focused on enabling enterprise and mid-market businesses to seamlessly authenticate customer identity, mitigate fraud, and secure customer data.

Built to augment any existing or new identity stack, Authsignal enables businesses to easily deploy passkeys, passwordless authentication, eKYC, and biometric authentication. Authsignal delivers a flexible and risk-based approach to authentication, saving time and migration costs.

Authsignal makes it easy to scale and deliver world-class customer experiences, integrating with world-leading airlines, financial institutions, and a wide range of mid-market and small enterprises.

Key Features of Authsignal Solutions

  • Authentication
    • Passwordless authentication: Upgrade your online security by switching to safer alternatives such as one-time passwords, authenticator apps, push notifications, and biometric authentication. Don’t take any chances with risky passwords.
    • Passkeys: Protect your customers and your business from cyber threats by adopting Passkeys that are immune to phishing scams, and deliver a seamless and secure customer experience.
    • Call Center Authentication: Integrate and uplift caller identification using one-time passwords, authenticator apps, push notifications, and biometric authentication to reduce call handling time and queues and prevent deep fake voice biometric account takeovers.
  • No-code rules engine: Authsignal’s no-code policy engine enables Product and Fraud teams to create secure and adaptable customer flows, reducing friction and mitigating risk.
  • Single View of the Customer: Centralize all customer data for a comprehensive view of customer activity. Gain valuable insights into your customers and improve their experience. Try our solution today!

Who are Authsignal’s Solutions Designed For?

Authsignal’s solutions are designed for fast integration. They offer solutions to world-leading airlines, marketplaces, fintech, crypto, banking industries, and a wide range of mid-market and small enterprises.

Why Should You Consider Authsignal?

If you’re looking for a way to uplift your security quickly, avoid expensive migration, protect your reputation, and reduce the risk of fraud, then you should definitely consider Authsignal. With top-notch customer support, Authsignal offers easy integration into any stack with adaptable no-code rules to optimize security and customer experience.

Create a free account and improve your customer identity security today. Visit their website here.


Who is Ory, and What Does Ory Do?

Ory is an identity and access management company that’s on a mission to secure the digital world and make a positive impact on how the internet works.

Ory’s mission is to provide a seamless, world-class access control, authorization and identity platform that provides for the most flexible user experiences and supports the most complex of deployment models, while delivering the integrity and transparency requirements for compliance
and security programs. Ory enables organizations with the ability to rapidly resolve gaps in their existing IAM/CIAM solutions and to easily replace legacy solutions in a frictionless manner.

Ory Cloud facilitates the delivery of a Zero Trust Authentication (ZTA) strategy through the leveraging of our world-class Identity Management, Authorization and Access Control services as part of our highly scalable and globally distributed cloud platform. Ory runs several open-source software projects, such as Hydra, Kratos, Keto and others.

Key Features of Ory’s IAM Solutions

Ory offers a ton of products and solutions designed to cater to firms looking to bolster their security. Here are some key features of its Identity Management products:

  • Authentication features include MFA, social login, passwordless logins, and self-service signup.
  • User management and data security, which includes a centralized identity store and customizable user profiles.
  • Open-source software allows for customization while avoiding vendor lock-in.
  • Scalable infrastructure that’s designed to handle growing user bases without compromising performance.
  • API access and OAuth2 features that allow secure grant access to APIs using the industry-standard OAuth2 protocol. This enables controlled access to third-party applications.

Who Are Ory’s Solutions Designed For?

Ory’s IAM solutions are designed for organizations of all sizes with a high concentration in technology companies and organizations concerned with risk, security and compliance. 

Why Should You Consider Ory? (scale and solving complex identity use cases that others can’t solve)

You should consider Ory because we serve billions of identities and trillions of requests across our open source ecosystem and The Ory Network.  Our large customers choose Ory when their existing solutions do not scale and need the flexibility in user experience that competitive solutions cannot provide.  Our start up and scale up customers choose Ory from the beginning because they love how easy Ory solutions integrate into their applications and identity stacks.

Besides, Ory has one of the largest communities online that features collaborators, friends, and developers. 

Get started with Ory IAM today and see the difference first-hand.


Who is Edlink, and What Does Edlink Do?

Edlink is an integration platform for edtech companies. Part of its mission is to improve the quality of and access to education through the use of technology. Edlink clients (other edtech companies in need of integrations) gain connections to 25+ LMS, SIS, and IAM providers along with the Edlink Dashboard which hosts powerful data management tools.

Key Features of Edlink IAM Solutions

Although Edlink’s secure connections are not limited only to IAM solutions, clients can gain powerful integration functionalities like single sign-on (SSO) and rostering (basic and extended), and sync various data fields such as: assignments, grades, calendars, attendance, behaviors, incidents, assets, and transportation.   

Here are some of Edlink’s IAM-related solutions:

  • SSO and rostering, which can connect to a provider using API or other education data specifications like LTI and OneRoster. SSO allows users to access their platform with a single login (example: “sign in with Google”); rostering can populate classes, user roles, and other data into other platforms. 
  • Extensive integrations with other IAM solution providers that can run in parallel or on top of these providers.
  • Data management tools let developers clean up and solve “dirty data” problems with transformations or sharing rules, to name a few.  

Who are Edlink’s Solutions Designed For?

Edlink’s solutions are designed for other edtech developers, their products, and other education organizations who need integrations to better serve all types of learning institutions from K12 to higher ed.  

Why Should You Consider Edlink?

Although Edlink is only a startup, the team is already supporting over 100 clients to sync and integrate with 4000+ learning institutions, totaling support to over 4 million people. Plus, the Edlink Unified API is tailored to edtech developers to provide secure, safe connections to their users to get 3 years of integration work done in 4 weeks or less.

If you’re stuck building your next integration to another educational data system, be sure to check out Edlink.


What is SharePass, and What Does SharePass Do?

SharePass is a platform that provides data security and privacy to its users, enabling them to manage their personal and confidential details effectively. 

Their AI-enhanced platform allows users to detect confidential details while reducing their digital footprint.

Key Features of SharePass IAM Solutions

SharePass offers a range of products, including a web app, a mobile app, and a browser extension. These tools utilize the power of AI to streamline and revolutionize how you handle and manage your sensitive information.

These products have features that include:

  • Secure File Transfer: SharePass facilitates secure file transfers, ensuring sensitive documents’ safe and confidential exchange.
  • Streamlined Integration: These products integrate seamlessly with existing apps and tools systems, streamlining your current workflow.
  • Mobile Privacy Solutions: SharePass tools allow you to manage selective privacy settings.

Who are SharePass’ Solutions Designed For?

SharePass’ products are designed for individuals and organizations that want to manage their data security, privacy, and overall digital footprint. 

They offer various plans, including a free consumer plan that makes it easy for anyone to get started with data privacy. The other offer is a dedicated instance “SharePass One” which is offered for enterprize. 

Why Should You Consider SharePass?

SharePass upholds some of the most stringent cybersecurity standards, a feat that has seen them sweep many awards, including the Capterra Best (software) Ease of Use and the Cyber Security Excellence Awards of 2023, just to mention a few.

Don’t leave your digital footprint exposed. Check out SharePass to schedule a free consultation and take charge of your data privacy.


Who is Dotfile, and What Does Dotfile Do?

Dotfile is a Paris-based solutions firm that offers a host of services and technologies, better known as Know Your Business (KYB) solutions. 

These solutions include AML screening and Monitoring, Business data and UBO discovery, Risk scoring, AI document analysis, onboarding flow, and Identity Verification. 

Key Features of Dotfile IAM Solutions

Although Dotfile does not offer an exclusive IAM solution, it offers an identity verification solution, a revolutionary related solution that speeds up the identity verification process to create a frictionless experience.   

Here are some of the key features of Dotfile’s Identity Verification solution:

  • Fast and Compliant Identity Verification: Dotfile can verify identities in 10 seconds thanks to its technologies, specifically the eIDAS-compliant video verification. This allows businesses to verify the identities of their customers to determine if they are genuine. 
  • Reduced Manual Verification: Automated verification processes are integral to efficiency and reduce fraud and error risks associated with manual identity verification. 
  • AML Screening & Monitoring: This helps businesses screen individuals and companies against sanctions lists, politically exposed persons (PEP), adverse media, and more. This is crucial in the fight against fraud and money laundering.

Who are Dotfile Solutions Designed For?

Dotfile’s solutions are designed for businesses in all regulated industries but more so those in banking, fintech, payments, crypto, or private equity. 

Why Should You Consider Dotfile?

Dotfile’s KYB solutions can help businesses automate tasks, reduce costs, and improve onboarding times. This solutions provider offers advanced verification methods that help to identify and prevent fraudulent activities. 

If you have a business operating in the regulated industries and struggle with manual or fragmented processes, you’d do well to consider Dotfile as your reliable identity verification partner. 

Head over to Dotfile’s website, check out their services, and schedule a free consultation. 


Who is LoginRadius, and What Does LoginRadius Do?

LoginRadius is a customer identity and access management (CIAM) platform. The company envisions a world where they can secure the identity of every person on the internet.

LoginRadius helps companies safely manage their customers’ identities and data while delivering a unified customer experience. 

Key Features of LoginRadius IAM Solutions

Being a CIAM platform, LoginRadius offers various solutions designed to promote secure identity, authentication, and authorization for various use cases. 

Here are some features of LoginRadius’ CIAM solutions:

  • Authentication includes a range of customer registration and authentication options to help you strike a balance between security and seamless customer experience. This includes login methods such as standard, social, smartphone, and passwordless login options.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) allows customers to unify their data into a single, centralized identity data hub, allowing them to sign in once. This reduces the risk of breaches from multiple login systems.
  • LoginRadius supports Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). A security feature that adds an extra layer of protection to user logins.
  • LoginRadius helps businesses to comply with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA. Their platform also includes features for data encryption and access control.

Who Are LoginRadius’s Solutions Designed For?

LoginRadius offers a host of solutions designed to serve businesses in different industries, from start-ups to Fortune 500 establishments with millions of users. 

Why Should You Consider LoginRadius?

LoginRadius’ platform is cloud-native, making it easy to deploy and scale. It is also easy to set up and use.

So, if you’re looking for a secure, easy-to-use, and affordable CIAM platform, then LoginRadius is a great option to consider 


Who is Tapkey, and What Does Tapkey Do?

What’s the new way to secure safe entry to your home and office?


Unlocking doors has never been simpler – thanks to Tapkey. With just one click in the Tapkey App, you can access entry to your home, office, rental property, or any other establishment, and you can also manage the entry overall.

But Tapkey goes beyond being just an app, it’s a comprehensive solution designed to redefine how you manage access to your spaces.  It offers a versatile platform that caters to both B2B customers and vertical solution providers. From providing their ready-to-use Tapkey App for individuals and businesses to enabling third-party integration through mobile SDKs and web APIs, Tapkey is at the forefront of modern access control.

Key Features of Tapkey’s Solutions

While Tapkey doesn’t directly offer a traditional Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution, it provides a unique mobile-centric platform that can be a powerful asset for organizations seeking to implement strong access control measures.

Here’s a closer look at some of the top features of this convenient and secure access control application:

  • Remote Door Control: Tapkey’s app allows authorized personnel to send out access permissions all over the world, enabling access unlock doors remotely, providing greater flexibility and streamlining access control processes.
  • Lock Group Management: Tapkey simplifies access control for complex environments by facilitating the creation and management of lock groups, allowing administrators to assign access rights with ease.
  • Access Log Visibility: Tapkey maintains a detailed record of access attempts, providing organizations with valuable audit trails for security purposes. This visibility is essential for accountability administrators to identify and address any unauthorized access attempts.
  • NFC Tag Configuration: Tapkey allows organizations to configure NFC tags for access control. These tags can be assigned to specific users or groups, enabling granular control over access rights.

Who Are Tapkey’s Solutions Designed For?

Many organizations, especially those seeking to bolster their physical access control, can benefit from Tapkey’s solutions. This goes for corporate, educational, property management, gym, holiday homes, coworking, and healthcare organizations. 

Why Should You Consider Tapkey?

This app is covered on the major platforms (iOS and Android), making it easy to access regardless of your platform. But there are more compelling reasons:

  1. It’s convenient. With Tapkey, you can unlock doors, cars, boxes, and more directly from your phone using the Tapkey app. It’s as simple as that – no need for physical keys or additional devices.
  2. It’s easy to use. The Tapkey App offers an intuitive user experience with a friendly interface and easy setup.
  3. It’s reliable. Tapkey’s robust technology ensures consistent performance, even in offline scenarios. 
  4. It’s secure. Tapkey prioritizes security, employing state-of-the-art encryption and authentication protocols to protect your digital keys from unauthorized access. 

Head over to Tapkey’s website and bolster your security and physical access controls with Tapkey. 


Who is MojoAuth, and What Does MojoAuth Do?

MojoAuth is an innovative and developer-friendly solutions provider committed to delivering security through password-free solutions. 

According to their company website, weak or poor passwords account for over 80% of cybersecurity breaches. As a result, MojoAuth was created, with a focus on delivering passwordless authentication solutions. 

Key Features of MojoAuth Solutions

MojoAuth delivers phishing-proof authentication processes that see an increase in organizational revenue and security.

Here are some of the top features that help this company deliver authentication services. 

  • Email Magic Link: This allows users to log in to applications with a single click on a link sent to their email address. 
  • Email OTP: This sends a one-time passcode to the user’s email address, which they can then use to log in. 
  • SMS Authentication: This sends a one-time passcode to the user’s phone number, which they can then use to log in. 
  • Social Login: This allows users to log in to applications using their existing social media credentials. 
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): This adds an extra layer of security to the login process by requiring users to provide two or more factors, such as a password and a one-time passcode. 
  • Passkeys: MojoAuth offers a passwordless authentication solution. 
  • User Management: MojoAuth also offers a solution for businesses to manage their users and access controls.

Who are MojoAuth’s Solutions Designed For?

MojoAuth’s solutions are designed for businesses of all sizes that want to improve the security and user experience by bolstering their login processes.

Why Should You Consider MojoAuth?

MojoAuth is trusted by many reputable and well-known companies, such as Dell, Mail7, Bilic, Rave, and Hello Scribe.

However, their solutions are very easy to implement and offer enhanced security features to elevate any organization’s security.

Fortify your user logins with an extra layer of verification that gets rid of risky passwords. Visit MojoAuth and get started for free today!


Who is Teqtivity, and What Does Teqtivity Do?

Teqtivity is an IT solutions provider that offers various services, including IT asset management (ITAM) software solutions.

Key Features of Teqtivity Solutions

While Teqtivity doesn’t explicitly offer a dedicated Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution, their IT asset management (ITAM) software offers features that can indirectly address IAM needs.

Here are some of their products’ key features: 

  • Access Control: Teqtivity’s ITAM software allows organizations to control access to IT assets. This can include controlling who can physically access assets, as well as who can access them remotely. This access control can be a key component of an IAM strategy.
  • Teqtivity’s ITAM software helps standardize asset management processes, ensuring consistency in how assets are tracked and managed. This can help improve IAM by ensuring that all users have the same level of access to assets based on their roles and permissions.

Who are Teqtivity’s Solutions Designed For?

Teqtivity’s products are designed for organizations in the financial, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, and education sectors.

Why Should You Consider Teqtivity?

If you are looking for an ITAM software solution that can help you improve your IAM posture, Teqtivity is a good option to consider. 

Their software products offer a number of features that can help you standardize asset management processes, control access to IT assets, and manage endpoints.

Free your IT team from asset management-related issues. Visit Teqtivity to automate the process and allow them to focus on strategic initiatives.


Who is Docsie, and What Does Docsie Do?

Docsie is an award-winning digital documentation platform. 

Key Features of Docsie Solutions

While Docsie doesn’t offer a dedicated Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution, it does incorporate security features that can be relevant to access control.

Here’s a brief overview of what Docsie offers:

  • Password Protection: Docsie allows you to password-protect your projects, adding a layer of security to your confidential data and documents. This ensures that only authorized users with the password can access your projects, safeguarding sensitive data.
  • Granular Sharing: Docsie provides granular sharing permissions. You can share your projects with specific users or groups, enabling you to control who has access to your information. This way, you can restrict access based on user roles or project requirements.

Who are Docsie’s Solutions Designed For?

Docsie’s solutions are meant for those looking for a solution for simple access control and password protection for their projects.

Why Should You Consider Docsie?

Docsie is a suitable option for organizations seeking a standard and entry-level access control for their projects involving documents or data. 

Empower your team with the award-winning knowledge management solution. See how Docsie’s secure, centralized platform can streamline your workflows and boost team productivity. Get a free trial.


Who is Corbado, and What Does Corbado Do?

Corbado is a devtool company focused on making the implementation of passkeys a seamless experience for developers.

Passkeys are a more secure and user-friendly alternative to traditional passwords as they leverage e.g. Face ID or Touch ID to log into websites and apps. Corbado helps developers add passkeys to any new or existing app with a few lines of code.

Key Features of Corbado Solutions

Corbado Solutions is designed to help developers offer passkey-first authentication to their users. With the provided passkey intelligence, passkeys can be rolled out in a controlled and riskless manner, while boosting their adoption. Moreover, Corbado follows a component-first approach by providing UI components that come with integrated intelligence and can be easily integrated.

Who are Corbado’s Solutions Designed For?

Corbado’s solutions are designed for anyone that is building a new app or has already an existing app looking to improve the security and user experience for users’ login.

  • Corbado’s Solutions can be used as a standalone, passkey-first authentication solution that is ideal for new applications. It can be implemented with a few lines of code, making it an attractive option for developers seeking to get authentication done quickly.
  • Moreover, Corbado’s Solutions can also be integrated seamlessly with existing authentication solutions, adding passkeys as a drop-in feature while benefiting from the passkey intelligence and keeping everything else in place.

Why Should You Consider Corbado?

Corbado offers a forever free community plan with unlimited monthly active users and unlimited login events. More than 3.000 developers trust Corbado’s solution and build their applications on Corbado’s component-first approach. Start for free with the community plan today.


Who is Netbird, and What Does Netbird Do?

Nebird is a leading provider of security solutions for modern enterprises. They focus on security, efficiency, and user experience to empower organizations.

Netbird uses a combination of configurations, such as free peer-to-peer private networks coupled with a centralized access control system. Their platform is centralized and open source. 

Key Features of Netbird IAM Solutions

NetBird offers secure remote access to various destinations, including cloud, databases, servers, internal resources or containers.

This means that your IT team can efficiently manage access from a unified platform, preferably a cloud panel. This simplifies network configuration and maintenance. 

You can install Netbird on MacOS, windows, or your mobile devices and login using multifactor authentication or a single sign in option. The same goes for your team.

But more relevant to security and access control, NetBird allows its users to define access rules between individuals or even groups. 

Your IT admin can use NetBird to define how different groups of resources can access different groups of data or resources. And while this might not be a fully-fledged IAM solution, having access controls can be a crucial part of an IAM strategy.

Who are Netbird’s Solutions Designed For?

Enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), healthcare organizations, and remote workforces can all benefit from NetBird’s access control solutions. 

Why Should You Consider Netbird?

Netbird’s focus on Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) has led them to work with a couple of well-known and established organizations including, Lindera, Protocol Labs, and Kubermatic.

Don’t just control access; manage your organization’s remote secure journey with Netbird’s ZTNA advantage.

GRAEF Gruppe

Who is GRAEF Gruppe, and What Does GRAEF Gruppe Do?

GRAEF Gruppe is a professional IT and security service provider based in Germany. Their offerings span across physical security, IT security, and even network and electrical engineering consulting.

Key Features of GRAEF Gruppe IAM Solutions

While GRAEF Gruppe doesn’t explicitly mention Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions on its website, its access control system offerings can be a crucial component of an IAM strategy.

Here are some of the top features of GRAEF Gruppe’s access control systems: access is limited to staff and customers. 

  • GRAEF Gruppe’s access control systems solutions are designed to secure room doors and areas that are sensitive and worth protection such as server rooms or file storage units. 
  • Their access control also extends to individual solutions for employees, customers, and guests. This includes issuing access cards, unique specialized passwords, and time tracking or booking systems to ensure security.

Who are GRAEF Gruppe’s Solutions Designed For?

GRAEF Gruppe’s security solutions cater to a diverse clientele, including financial institutions such as banks, government agencies, healthcare establishments, and retail and manufacturing businesses. 

Why Should You Consider GRAEF Gruppe?

You know what they say about German efficiency; that products and services from Germany are of great performance and exception.

The GRAEF Gruppe is no different. This experienced IT and security solutions provider offers free consultation with their experts to help you find just the right system for your needs. 

Ready to build solid access control defenses? Contact GRAEF Gruppe today for a complimentary security consultation and discover how they can turn your organization into a secure fortress.

Vault Vision

Who is Vault Vision, and What Does Vault Vision Do?

Vault Vision is a user authentication platform that streamlines the user authentication process for web and app owners. They do so to help web and app owners easily integrate logins and user authentication without coding (or using code).

Key Features of Vault Vision IAM Solutions

With Vault Vision, web and app owners can instantly add memberships, logins, user signups, and CMS lists. 

They achieve secure, centralized authentication through its platform, which houses the following features:

  • Multiple Authentication Methods: Vault Vision supports a wide range of login methods, including social logins, passkeys, traditional email/password combinations, Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP), and more. Passkeys include FaceID, TouchID, and Pin authentication mechanisms. 
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an extra layer of security that could be in the form of one-time SMS codes, fingerprint scans, or security keys.
  • Easy Integration: Vault Vision integrates seamlessly with various platforms, including Webflow Marketplace, allowing for effortless incorporation of user authentication into existing web applications 

Who are Vault Vision’s Solutions Designed For?

Vault Vision’s user authentication platform caters to organizations in finance, healthcare and SaaS, and others seeking to fortify their access control and user authentication mechanisms.

Why Should You Consider Vault Vision?

Vault Vision works with any platform that can perform HTTP redirects and JWT verification. Because there’s

 no code, you can configure, launch, and easily use this platform. 

They offer user authentication solutions for both agencies and individuals, which can be scaled to match the impending needs. 

There’s a free plan, but should you want more features and control, pricing starts at $25 a month and goes all the way up to $95. 

Beef up your user authentication processes with one of the industry’s most niche solutions providers, Vault Vision.


Who is Auraya, and What Does Auraya Do?

Auraya is a voice intelligence company. Their technology is designed to verify a person’s identity through their voice.

This firm offers next-generation voice biometric AI solutions that deliver easy-to-use, secure speaker recognition and fraud detection capabilities.

Key Features of Auraya IAM Solutions

While not explicitly stated as an IAM solution, Auraya’s voice biometric technology can be a powerful tool for Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Here are some of Auraya’s most powerful voice recognition features:

  • Auraya’s voice biometric technology can be used to identify speakers with a high degree of accuracy. Additionally, it can be used in any language and on any platform. 
  • Frictionless Access:  Voice biometric authentication can be performed quickly and easily without users needing to remember passwords or enter codes.
  • Its Eva Forensics solutions offer fraud detection and prevention capabilities.
  • Auraya’s EVA Web solutions offer voice intelligence security solutions for digital channels like chatbots or apps.

Who Are Auraya Solutions Designed For?

Any business or organization worldwide can benefit from Auraya’s voice recognition solutions. This includes companies in the ever-high-risk finance industry or simple home businesses that might require some form of security.

Auraya’s voice biometrics suite offers a comprehensive solution tailored to various requirements. 

  • EVA for Contact Centers streamlines customer interactions by seamlessly integrating with existing systems, enhancing security, and delivering a frictionless experience.
  • EVA Web ensures secure user authentication for online platforms, safeguarding sensitive information and providing a seamless user experience.
  • EVA Forensics provides advanced tools to analyse and authenticate voice recordings, aiding in investigations and ensuring data integrity.

With Auraya’s suite, organisations can deploy voice biometrics solutions that meet their specific needs, whether it’s enhancing customer service, securing online transactions, or conducting forensic analysis.

Why Should You Consider Auraya?

Auraya is on a mission to empower organisations to interact and engage with convenience and security regardless of their preferred channel or language. 

They’ve grown to become industry leaders and pioneers in the field of voice biometrics with a proven track record of success. Consider Auraya for seamless integration and enhanced security. Auraya’s voice biometrics solutions seamlessly integrate with existing systems, maximising efficiency across IVR systems, mobile applications, and contact centres. Auraya continues to address Generative AI, synthetic voice threats, leveraging Auraya’s patented speaker-specific background model that effortlessly distinguishes between genuine and synthetic voice patterns, ensuring robust defence. From finance to healthcare sectors, Auraya’s anti-spoofing measures bolster security, delivering a frictionless customer experience while safeguarding sensitive information from bad actors.

Step into the future of biometric security and empower your users with high-quality, scalable, and robust identity verification with Auraya


Who is Descope, and What Does Descope Do?

Descope is a comprehensive CIAM platform founded in 2022 by the team behind Demisto (a security operations leader that was acquired by Palo Alto Networks). Descope has hundreds of customers using the platform to improve user onboarding and conversion, enhance account security, and get a complete picture of their customer journey. 

Key Features of Descope IAM Solutions

Descope’s unique approach to CIAM is their no / low code workflow engine called Descope Flows, which enables customers to “drag-and-drop” user-facing screens, auth methods and logic, MFA, progressive profiling, and even actions from third-party connectors into their user journey.

Here are the main use cases for Descope:

  • Customer authentication and authorization: The platform supports all major authentication methods (passwords, magic links, passkeys, social login, OTP, etc.) and can be embedded into any customer-facing app with a few lines of code.
  • Adaptive MFA: In addition to being a full CIAM platform, Descope can also augment existing IdPs and auth systems with adaptive MFA that triggers based on the risk level of each login.
  • Enterprise readiness: For B2B applications, Descope simplifies the adoption of complex features like single sign-on, SCIM user provisioning, tenant management, and fine-grained authorization. 
  • Identity federation: For large enterprises with multiple customer-facing applications and IdPs, Descope’s Identity Federation Broker enables the unification of user identities across apps while providing a seamless end user experience.

Who are Descope’s Solutions Designed For?

Descope’s solutions are designed for any company or organization looking for CIAM solutions or to unify customer identities across all of a business’s internal apps or digital infrastructure. Descope’s customer base ranges from early-stage startups to large enterprises with hundreds of millions of users.

Why Should You Consider Descope?

Descope changes the paradigm of CIAM with its workflow-based platform. Engineering and IT teams looking to speed up CIAM implementation, simplify maintenance, and keep up with the changing world of customer authentication should consider Descope.

In Conclusion: Who Are The Top Identity and Access Management Providers Shaping the Future of Data Security

Identity and access management (IAM) is a term coined in reference to a series of cybersecurity practices that ensure only authorized personnel have safe access to physical locations, resources or  company data.

Very few companies have such practices and solutions developed in-house. As a result, a lot of organizations, including both small and large, turn to IAM solution providers to partner with them in a bid to improve security, gain insights, and improve customer experiences.

We’ve covered some of the best identity and access management providers shaping the future of data. For quick reference, here they are:

  • Authsignal: This international company empowers small and medium-sized businesses with secure customer identity authentication, including passwordless options, MFA, and a single view of the customer for comprehensive fraud mitigation.
  • Ory is one of the best identity and access management solutions providers that offers a ton of authentication and identification products for organizations of all sizes, operating in different sectors.
  • While not offering just a standalone IAM solution, Edlink simplifies logins and accounts for edtech platforms to better serve end-users like learning institutions, students, and parents through seamless SSO, rostering, and integrations with IAM providers along with other LMS and SIS providers.
  • SharePass is a platform that prioritizes data privacy with AI-powered secure file transfer, streamlined integrations, and mobile privacy solutions. It caters to both individuals and organizations.
  • Dotfile: Their KYC solutions offer identity verification, AML screening, ongoing monitoring, and risk scoring, ideal for businesses in finance, crypto, and other high-risk sectors.
  • LoginRadius (Ory) is a comprehensive CIAM platform offering features like social login, MFA, and data privacy compliance. It caters to businesses of all sizes.
  • Tapkey is a solutions provider that offers a mobile app focused on physical access control, allowing remote unlocking, lock group management, and access log visibility for enhanced security in offices, rentals, and more.
  • MojoAuth: This developer-friendly solution offers passwordless authentication options like email magic links, SMS codes, and passkeys, aiming to improve security and user experience.
  • Teqtivity: While not an IAM solution itself, their IT asset management software offers access control features that can indirectly address IAM needs by standardizing asset management processes.
  • Docsie is an award-winning platform that provides basic access control through password protection and granular sharing permissions for projects and documents.
  • Corbado: Focused on passkeys, Corbado offers solutions for both new and existing apps, enabling secure logins through FaceID, TouchID, and more. 
  • Netbird is an IT solutions provider that emphasizes security, efficiency, and user experience with secure remote access and centralized access control for enterprises and small businesses.
  • GRAEF Gruppe is a German IT security provider that offers access control systems as a crucial component of an IAM strategy, securing sensitive areas and granting access based on user roles.
  • Vault Vision is a platform that streamlines user authentication for web and app owners with features like social logins, passkeys, MFA, and easy integration.
  • Auraya: Their voice biometrics technology offers a unique approach to IAM, enabling secure speaker recognition and fraud detection.
  • Descope is a drag-and-drop CIAM provider that simplifies the implementation of customer authentication, SSO, adaptive MFA, and federated authentication to save setup and maintenance time for developers.