You will soon be able to test Bing with chatGPT!

By Steven, on February 9, 2023, updated on July 4, 2023 - 2 min read

A new chapter opens in the search engine war. Microsoft has just launched an enhanced version of ChatGPT on its search engine Bing and its browser Edge.

This feature is designed to answer questions in natural language and offer a more personalized experience than the one offered by Google.

Considering the capabilities of ChatGPT alone, combined with a search engine, it could be a real blast… But let’s take a closer look at it.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI that has been integrated into Bing and Edge.

It understands not only words, but also context, allowing the user to interact with the search engine by formulating questions in natural language, instead of typing queries.

The feature is currently available to a limited audience on Bing, but anyone can join the waiting list to start using the feature.

How do I use ChatGPT on Bing?

To use ChatGPT on Bing, go to and click on the “chat” icon.

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You can then ask your questions to the search engine and get an immediate answer.

Results are displayed in a column on the right side of the results page, with related sources and suggested answers at the bottom so the user can drill down.

The template also incorporates emojis to make the answers more fun.

As you can imagine this revolution has many benefits to offer.

What are the advantages of the new Bing?

Bing now offers a more intuitive platform that allows users to get relevant answers to their complex questions, thanks to a more powerful OpenAI language model than the one offered by Google (Bard).

Microsoft says that Web search has its limitations and that about half of all searches fail to deliver traditional results; this new version should fill that void and take Bing to the next level.

In addition, it can include up to 1,000 characters for complex queries, giving users a better understanding of the results provided.

The AI-powered sidebar also provides contextual results, such as:

  • Compiling results for purchases
  • Automatic recipe generation
  • And much more…

Providing users with a holistic understanding of the topic at hand without the need to access multiple sources they would otherwise find by browsing the web manually.

The chat feature also allows users to continue a conversation beyond the initial search through the dynamic dialogue set up between the user and the computer system.

But Edge goes even further…

What other features are available in Edge?

Edge can also be integrated with ChatGPT; it can analyze a Web page and generate a summary of the content or link documents together or compare data between different Websites to help users quickly find what they need without doing too much manual work.

Although it is not comparable to human cognitive abilities, it will certainly offer an additional comfort to browse the web without the need to perform too many manual operations.

In short

Microsoft is very aggressive against Google in this field and now offers its own alternative: ChatGPT integrated with Bing and Edge.

The goal is clear: to offer a unique personalized experience designed specifically for natural language questions in order to bring Bing to the next level against Google, which offers Bard as an alternative to ChatGPT.

  • Bing now includes an AI-powered sidebar that provides convenient contextual results.
  • The search engine understands subject matter better thanks to an OpenAI model capable of parsing up to 1000 characters.
  • The chat feature allows users to continue a conversation beyond the initial search.