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Digital And Social Media Marketing Tips For Your Business

By Bastien, on February 6, 2023 - 4 min read

Forget the advice you have read time and time again about making quality costs and writing enticing question lines. This article covers the ways you can pay to market your content for some genuine results. If you are not willing to wait for years while you build your following, and if you don’t want to spam content with the hopes of going viral, then this is the article for you. This article shows you how to spend your money wisely in order to market your business more effectively.

Starting Pretty Darn Small

As you launch a new campaign, get in touch with your family, friends and acquaintances personally and ask them to support you. Be very careful how you approach this because some people may view these types of messages as spam, or as if your account has been hacked, so don’t go too commercial with your wording.

The point is that you can often stir up a bit of attention for your campaign by getting people you know to support you very early. For example, TikTok uses the first 20 viewers of your TikTok posts to judge if it continues to support your posts or lets them hang. If most of the first 20 viewers watch your video in full or click the heart button, then you have passed the first test and you are promoted a little more. It works on a tiered system where if you get positive reactions from the first 20, they move on to something like the first 100 viewers and so forth. 

On a similar note, an old trick with YouTube was to mark your video as unlisted, buy a bunch of likes for it, then publish it. Google would assume your post got off to a great start and would recommend your video a lot more. This trick doesn’t work anymore, but if you can get people you know to like and comment on your content soon after publication, then YouTube will promote and recommend your content above others who posted at the same time.

Use TikTok Promote, Facebook Boost and Twitter Marketing Tools

There are a lot of platforms out there that allow you to pay to promote your social media posts or pay to display your adverts. There are many fine platforms, but if you are running a small to small-medium business, you should stick to TikTok promotion, the Facebook Boost function and Twitter paid marketing.

TikTok Promote

It is mildly expensive, but you can spend tiny amounts and still see progress. Your success still depends on what you are posting and the type of business you run. Nevertheless, it is one of the most cost-effective ways of getting your promotional posts in front of your potential customers.

Facebook Boost

Again, you have to create your promotional post and find a way of getting people from your post to your website or phone number. Nevertheless, it is a very cost-effective way of promoting your posts and therefore promoting your business/services/products.

Twitter Marketing

twitter ads

Now that Elon Musk has removed any chances of your campaigns getting bot-swatted, you can make some good progress using Twitter ads. Try to focus on very cheap text adverts or image adverts, test out the water, hone your adverts, and you can create some very cost-effective adverts.

Why Does “Cost Effective” Matter?

Just to clarify, if you are running a medium-large or large business, then you can use any platform to promote your content, business, services, etc. The three marketing methods listed above are the most cost-effective promotional methods, and they are very specific. For example, the Facebook ads and TikTok business account ads are not the same as Facebook Boost and TikTok Promote. Your average Facebook ads are woefully expensive and not nearly as cost-effective, and the ads available on TikTok business can run into the tens of thousands.

Just to make it clear, the three methods listed above are the most cost-effective for small to small-medium businesses. But, why should cost-effective matter?

It matters because many social media promotional systems are rigged to draw as much money from you as they possibly can, and they justify this by the fact you are competing with entities that are willing to pay far more than you are. The three methods listed above are three places where you get tangible recordable results for the money you invest.

Use Other People’s Social Media Efforts

There are some very nasty people who are taking content from other people’s accounts, speeding it up, or changing the pitch of the audio, and then posting it on a different platform and are getting followers. 

This was brought about by things like Stitch/Duet, which showed people that they can do very little work and use other people’s content with abandon. One of the easiest tricks right now is to steal people’s TikToks with no watermark and then re-post it on your own Instagram account. Do this over and over again with other people’s content and soon it will go viral.

That is the sleazy way of using other people’s social media efforts. The safer and better way is to hop on a social media marketplace and buy a popular account. You can find a marketplace here. People who have had a lot of social media success will post their accounts for sale, and you can buy as many as you wish (to use as you wish). The best advice is to find an account that has your target audience as its primary focus. For example, if you are selling car parts, don’t buy the account of somebody who only posts My Little Pony fan fiction.

Why You Shouldn’t Pay Influencers Real Money

You are going to read other articles about how you should pay influencers, but there are a few problems with paying influencers. The first is that social media influencers, even the small ones, are going to vastly overestimate their worth. They are not business persons, they are often charmingly dumb people who got lucky. 

Aim for smaller influencers who are pandering to your target demographic. Since you are aiming for smaller influencers, you can approach far more of them and spread your message around a little more without breaking the bank. Again, do not offer them money, offer them your best merchandise.

This comes with the benefit that they think they are getting something worth the marked price, whereas you are only paying the cost of the wholesale purchase minus what you claim off taxes and so forth (hard cost vs soft cost). The influencers believe they have received lots of money because they received priced top-tier versions of your products. Like if you give somebody a bike worth $800, then to them, it is the mental equivalent of you paying them 800 cash dollars. Plus, since they received top-tier products of yours, they are more likely to show them off and will probably be more than happy to agree to review or show them off through their social media accounts.