Emerging Features for ChatGPT: Leak Reveals User Profiles and File Download

By Baptiste, on June 14, 2023, updated on June 21, 2023 - 2 min read

A Serendipitous Discovery

The world of technology experienced a surprise on June 12, when a Reddit user, known by the pseudonym kocham_psy, revealed information about potential features for OpenAI’s famous conversational agent, ChatGPT. This discovery is the result of a meticulous analysis of ChatGPT’s source code by this user.

To achieve this, kocham_psy used a clever script that tricked the site into believing his account had all access rights, thus facilitating the exploration of new features.

my file chatgpt

The Potential New Features of ChatGPT

The screenshot shared by kocham_psy reveals a new workspace in the ChatGPT interface. Two new sections are discovered: “My Profile” and “My Files”. These interesting additions could be a part of the pro version of ChatGPT, an update that OpenAI had announced in April of the previous year.

The “My Profile” section seems to offer users the opportunity to customize their profile by entering their preferences and position. This customization could help optimize interactions with the chatbot, avoiding the repetition of certain information in each session.

The “My Files” feature, on the other hand, seems to offer users the opportunity to submit files to ChatGPT. This opens the door to a multitude of potential tasks that ChatGPT could carry out, such as creating summaries, searching for specific information, or formatting statistics based on the file’s data.

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The Impact of Recent Improvements to ChatGPT

ChatGPT has received numerous improvements recently, including an enhanced ability to browse the Internet to enrich its responses, as well as significant updates for the iPhone and iPad versions.

The Credibility of the Source

The credibility of kocham_psy is not to be doubted. Indeed, he is known for his accurate discoveries in the past, including the “chat sharing” feature he revealed a week before its official launch.

These potential new features could have a major impact on the user experience of ChatGPT, offering more customization and interaction. It is exciting to follow the constant evolution of this technology.