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Exploring Free Business Intelligence (BI) Tools in 2024

By Bastien, on June 10, 2024 - 3 min read

Everything is about data nowadays. Big and small companies are always on the lookout for ways on how to improve their data analysis so that it can benefit them more. This is where business intelligence (BI) tools came into play. Simply put, BI tools are used to collect raw data and then transform it into valuable information for businesses to make better decisions. The best thing about them is that there are a variety of free BI tools that can be accessed online from anyone.

In today’s article we will explore those free BI tools in detail and tell you all about their features. Additionally, we will let you know of a few things to consider when choosing a BI tool for your individual needs or business needs.

What is the main role of BI tools?

As previously stated, BI tools are here to help companies analyze data. They technically take this data and work on it by analyzing, then present it in visual form or report as the end product. The most useful thing about these tools is that they enable businesses to gain insights on a variety of aspects which will help them make operational decisions.

Given this importance and usefulness, BI tools can be listed among the productivity tools for businesses such as Google Business Profile and the like.

What are the top free BI tools?

There is quite a long list of free BI tools that can be accessed online and at least one of them is guaranteed to fulfill your needs. In this section we will cover the top free BI tools that you can start using today for the benefit of your business. Let’s have a look together!

1.     Google Data Studio

This listing had to start with Google Data Studio as it is one of the most valuable free tools offered by Google for businesses. Its main feature is to present the data in visual reports and dashboards. This tool is offered by Google to business owners who want to design compelling reports and dashboards to share with their stakeholders.

looker studio

Some of the tools that are integrated within the Google Data Studio include:

  1. Google Analytics
    1. Google Sheets, and
    1. Google Ads

All of these additions give the users the ability to use the tool more thoroughly to their benefit and advantage.

2.     Microsoft Power BI

microsoft power BI

Microsoft Power BI is just as good as the Google Data Studio tool. However, it has a free and a paid version. The free version has different features which allow you to visualize any type of data. You can initially try out the free version and see if you like it, then you can move on to a plan which starts from $10 user/month.

Some of the key elements of this tool are the possibility to perform data modeling and exploration. In being so, Microsoft Power BI is the perfect choice for smaller teams. Apart from that, it can be a great addition and extension if your team already uses Microsoft Data Analytics.

3.     Tableau Public

Tableau is a well-known tool specializing in business intelligence and analytics. The whole package is not free, however, a good portion of it is. Tableau Public is another data visualizer and the best thing about it is that it offers its servers to the user. That being said, you can upload your data visualization to the public server, and anyone can access it.

This tool is particularly beneficial for those who want to practice their data visualization skills or who want to share their insights with the public.

4.     Qlik Sense Desktop

Qlik Sense Desktop has a free version, alongside its paid version. Needless to say, the free version has fewer features than the paid one, but it offers a nice glimpse into the tool itself. This tool is the most suitable for individual users who want to present raw data visually.

Qlik Sense is best known for its simplistic interface and navigation on the website. You can literally just visit the tool, drag and drop your data content, and you will have the visualization in a few seconds. This tool is certainly a favorite for a lot of people because of its simplicity.

5.     Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is another free BI tool which enables you to create interactive dashboards and reports. Its features are similar to the other tools mentioned above and its main focus is to visualize raw data. This is a great addition to those businesses or individuals who already use Zoho’s suite of products. Similar to Microsoft Power BI, this too is a suitable tool for smaller businesses.

To sum up, all of these tools offer robust features that can help visualize data in many ways. Once you have evaluated what you need and the capabilities of these tools, you can select the best one that fits you and contributes to your business!

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