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By Sean, on December 27, 2020, updated on November 29, 2022 - 6 min read

If you are into digital marketing or web marketing, you must have heard about marketing persona. Marketing Persona will help you create your marketing strategy based on specific customer demographics, locations, and other factors. Marketing personas are very helpful for digital marketing, social media marketing, and inbound marketing.

What is a persona in marketing?

Marketing persona are characters designed to represent your target customer base. They have been used as tools to understand customer or user motivations. For example, if you create a product that would appeal to teenage boys, create a persona. You will give them a name, age, and state problem that you can solve. When you are trying to market your product for personas, you can see through the customer’s eyes by considering their values. Personas are necessary to create great content for your targeted audience and company growth.

You have to apply a marketing persona in the early stages of product design and development. Product development is the primary purpose of a marketing persona. You will better know how to tap into your customers’ emotions to make your products or services seem more appealing. Personas will help you build the brand, search engine optimization, content marketing, increase your sales, and digital marketing.

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Points to Know Before Creating Buyer Personas

After understanding the marketing persona, you should know some points before creating a buyer persona. There are many buyer persona examples out there on Google. I will suggest you guys check them and create your own.

1. Develop Marketing Blueprint for Sucess

To create buyer personas, the first step will be planning, and one of the most crucial parts of planning is identifying your buyer personas. Here are some questions to ask yourself when you are coming up with your ideal buyer personas.

  • What is their demographic information?
  • Are they male or female?
  • What’s their age?
  • Are they married?
  • Do they have a family?
  • What’s their annual household income?

Asking yourself some of these questions will help you to fine-tune your online and your offline marketing. This information is the easiest to obtain, and it really helps to start personalizing your Buyer Personas. This step will guide you to the next step.

2. What is the Job Level of your Buyer

Seniority or job level of the person that you are trying to reach is essential. Knowing the seniority level and what role that person holds within the company will help you target your messaging specifically to that person’s pain point and specifically to their needs. This strategy will be going to help you create buyer personas.

3. Day in the Life of Buyer

When identifying your buyer persona, let’s know what is the day in their life looks like. What they do before work, what they do at work, what they do when going home, and how much time they are spending at home or office.

4. What is the pain point of the Buyers?

Question four to ask your self what is the paint point of buyers or pain points goals? What problem do they have in their daily life so that we can help themselves? Solving our customers’ problems is our business. Offer a great solution in the form of content to solve their problems. So what solution we offer up to our buyer persona will help solve the pain point in their lives. For example, you have the school of digital marketing, and you offer classes in digital marketing.

The buyer’s persona you are trying to target may have the pain point that they have a family, full-time job, and want to go back to do your program, but they don’t know how to start. You know their pain point is their carrier and family. Understanding their pain points can target your messages specifically to those individuals to let them know that you are there to solve their problem. This step will guide you to the next step.

5. What does your Buyers Value Most

Now it’s time to talk about their goals and what they value most in their lives. We can assume by using the same example before that our buyer persona values success, their family. Everyone values battering their and their family’s life. So we can target messages specifically on the things they care about, not what they don’t care about. We want to target our messaging to attract them to the things that will help them reach their goals. Connecting with the goals and your buyer persona values will let them know that you understand their goals.

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6. Where does Your Buyer go to Find the Information?

Where buyers are going for the information, you need to find out, are they searching their friends, family members, or searching online on Google or social media websites? Knowing where your buyer persona is going for the information will help you know exactly where to market and highlight your business.

7. What experience is your Buyer looking for

The next question to ask yourself is all about the experience. What does a buyer persona expecting to happen when they are searching to buy your products or services. You want to make sure that the buying process is following their expectations. They may be expecting a personal call or signup process right on your website. Make sure to provide the experience of what they expect to happen.

8. What is the Objection to your Product or Service

What kind of questions or questions are going to come up through the buying process. You want to make sure if you can anticipate some of the questions that will be asked. Cover those questions on your websites, make a good quality article that gives all the details to your customers. Answer all the potential questions or problems on your website. It will only improve your search engine rankings and the customer’s trust in your product.

These are all the things that we should know before creating buyer personas.

How to Create Marketing Persona for B2B

Now we are focusing on B2B businesses because B2B business has its own set of criteria and their own set of questions that you have to answer. It is imperative to remember that even when you cater to other businesses. You are always trying to appeal to a person or possibly a group of people. You are not ever just talking to a faceless, soulless corporation. Perona for any business is the best way to put a face on your customer or user.

Persona is the best way to make sure your messaging stays on target. It also helps your digital marketing sharp. It also helps to increase conversion and sales on your website. The more you know about your customers, the more you care to speak their language, play to their goals and motivation, and overcome their objections in real-time. Creating a buyer persona will help you in content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, build the brand, and digital marketing strategy.

Refine Down to Your Most Ideal Customers

Refine down the customers you love doing business with, don’t try to target everybody. Focus on the ideal customers

Create Persona template Design

You need to create a buyer persona template before moving on to the next step. You can find out many buyer persona template designs on the internet. A persona template can help you with a successful campaign.

You can add the following data to your persona.

  • Person image
  • First and last name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Job title
  • Marital status
  • Short biography
Monitoring Social Marketing

Stick to a specific persona

Depending on your business, you may have just one persona, or you may have many personas. If you have different areas in your business and diverse people you want to track, I will recommend starting small and starting with one or two customers.

Start with Existing Partner

Start with your existing customer or the customers who connect with your sales team. You want to involve the people in your business who have the most customer interactions under their belt because they will probably be the most knowledgeable.

Interview Past Clients

Interview all of the current and past customers. You can learn a lot from unhappy clients even if it sounds unpleasant to do it. You can create personas without these interviews, but they are likely to miss the mark if you are going on your imagination filling in the gaps.

Reach Out Ideal Prospect

Reach out to some new audience who are going to be valuable. You can find out someone connected with your business in any way. You can try sites like, craigslist, or use the power of Facebook Ads to target those ideal customers and bring them for an interview.

Don’t Email With the List Of Question

That is a very crucial point of buyer personas. If you email a big list of questions, then they will ignore them. I will recommend you or your team to phone interview where you ask a question, record the interview, and write down the answers.

Provide link to the Questions

Link to the Google Doc, and they will find the questions there. It would be best to ask some of the questions like their role in the company, company itself goals, challenges, how they keep up to date in their knowledge, personal background, and shopping preferences.

Finally, I want to tell you guys that a marketing persona is great for business development or brand development, and you should create one for your brand. Start with collecting all the data of your business and your competitor’s business. With the help of all data, you can create a buyer persona.