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Mastering your YouTube Shorts: guide to the perfect dimension and resolution

By Steven, on September 10, 2023, updated on September 5, 2023 - 2 min read

Looking to join the YouTube Shorts trend, but puzzled about what dimensions and resolution to use for your videos? Fear not! In this comprehensive Debugbar will tell you all you need to know to create perfect sized content on YouTube Shorts. It’s time to sharpen your video skills!

What are the perfect dimensions for a YouTube Short video?

To create a successful YouTube Shorts video, you need to respect the dimensions required by YouTube. Your video should therefore have the following dimensions:

  • 1080 pixels wide by 1920 pixels high (1080×1920).

This dimension works well because it is designed for smartphone screens, resulting in a more immersive viewing experience. But it’s not the only requirement to post a video on YouTube Shorts.

Indeed, creating a successful YouTube Short requires attention to detail. You must therefore also comply with the following requirements:

  • Format: MP4 is the recommended video format for simplicity and compatibility.
  • Aspect ratio: A 9:16 (vertical) video ratio aligns perfectly with the vertical viewing mode on smartphones.
  • Resolution: For the crispest image quality, go for 1080p (Full HD).
  • File size: To get the best out of your YouTube Shorts, remember to keep the file size under 60 MB.
  • Length: A YouTube Short video cannot exceed 60 seconds.
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Why is it important to respect the dimensions when publishing a YouTube Short video?

Respecting these dimensions is key! Not only do they ensure your videos look professional, but they also impact visibility and engagement.

Videos that follow these guidelines fit better on a smartphone screen, leading to a more engaging viewer experience.

Another golden nugget of information is that YouTube favors videos that stick to these specifications.

Is it possible to publish a video that doesn’t respect the YouTube Shorts dimensions?

You might be wondering if you can still upload videos that don’t fall within these dimensions.

The answer is yes – but there’s a catch! While it’s possible, they won’t be accepted as YouTube Shorts and will not enjoy the benefits of this feature.

There’s only one exception, for square videos.

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Is it possible to make a square YouTube Shorts video?

It is possible to make a square video for YouTube Shorts since the platform accepts videos in a variety of aspect ratios, including square (1:1).

However, it is recommended to use a vertical aspect ratio (9:16) as YouTube Shorts is designed for vertical viewing on mobile devices. If you upload a square video, it will still be accepted, but there will be black bars on the top and bottom of the video.

YouTube Shorts dimensions, aspect ratio and resolution: the bottom line

Harnessing the power of YouTube Shorts involves more than just creating content. It involves creating content that ticks all boxes:

  • Perfecting dimensions: Always ensure to keep your videos within 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels.
  • Respecting aspect ratio: Keeping a vertical ratio of 9:16 enhances viewer experience.
  • Prioritizing resolution: With 1080p resolution, your videos will look professional and crisp.
  • Size matters: Your content can’t exceed a 60MB size.
  • Length is the key: Keep it under 60 seconds to be classified as a YouTube Short.

YouTube Shorts have aligned their dimension and specification standards with platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. So mastering these measurements doesn’t just improve your YouTube game, but translates across other platforms too.