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Seobserver: SEO toolbox

By Sean, on July 13, 2021, updated on June 19, 2023 - 6 min read

The race for the top 10 results of the SERP is sometimes fierce. The features offered by SEObserver will help you implement the SEO strategy that will allow you to outperform the competition.

You want to understand the positioning of a competitor? You want to implement a consistent SEO strategy? Seobserver is the tool you need!

  • SEObserver is a complete SaaS software to monitor the SERP and your competitors
  • It is one of the best software on the market to establish an SEO strategy
  • Among the many features of SEObserver, 5 clearly stand out
  • Subscription prices range from 99€ to 999€/month

SEObserver: what is it?

SEObserver is a SaaS SEO software with many features. Designed by a French SEO, this solution offers the practicality expected for years by professionals in the field.

Both intuitive and efficient, SEObserver allows you to follow the evolution of your competitors and the SERP in just a few clicks. Its many qualities have contributed to make it one of the most popular SEO software on the market.

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Who is SEObserver for?

Designed to improve SEO monitoring, this solution is intended for SEO professionals:

  • Web marketing agency
  • Freelance consultant
  • Webmaster
  • Web editors
  • Online business

What is the purpose of this SEO software?

To say that this software is used for everything would be a bit of an exaggeration. Although … A real gem of comprehensiveness, SEObserver offers SEOs the opportunity to:

  • See and understand the performance of the competition at a glance
  • Follow the history of a site or a page over time
  • Find queries and evaluate their difficulty
  • Understand the SERP and its movements
  • Follow the rankings
  • Evaluate the quality of a domain name
  • Perform an audit easily
  • Evaluate the opportunities and implement an effective netlinking

The 5 main features of SEObserver

Seobserver has many features. Among those that have particularly caught our attention are:

  • The identity sheet
  • The SERPmachine
  • The keyword tools
  • The netlinking tools
  • Analysis and monitoring of rankings

The identity sheet: For a complete overview of all the site data

Accessible from the homepage, it is the ideal feature to save time. Linked to some SemRush or Majestic data, it allows you to quickly audit a site. You will have access to an impressive number of metrics that will allow you to know:

  • The Trust flow, the Citation flow and the Topical flow
  • The current and past position of a website
  • The keywords on which it is positioned
  • The tags and their changes
  • The anchors
  • The links in Follow/NoFollow
  • The most relevant backlinks
  • The traffic estimated by SemRush
  • Direct competitors
  • Referring domains

In short: No more juggling between several tools to get a complete overview of a site’s health. You have direct access to all important metrics from one place.

The SERPmachine: To understand the evolution of the SERP

serp machine

Travelling through time is now possible thanks to SEObserver. This feature allows you to follow the evolution of a query in Google over a period ranging from one week to several years. You can thus:

  • Follow the evolution of a keyword over time
  • Have a complete and quick overview of a theme
  • Understand the market
  • Track changes in your positions and those of the competition
  • Spot newcomers who want to overshadow you
  • See what works and replicate it

In short: More than a simple overview of the SERP, the SERPmachine allows you to understand why a site evolves.

Backlinks tracking: For an optimal netlinking

Tracking your incoming links and those of your competitors is essential to manage your netlinking. SEObserver provides several useful functions in this regard:

  • The watchlist
  • The backlinks in common
  • The timeline
  • Extraction

The watchlist: Monitor the backlinks of a site

This tool allows you to list the urls you want to monitor. The watchlist is ideal because it allows you to be informed of all the incoming links obtained by a competitor in real time. It is even possible to activate the notification by e-mail each time a backlink is obtained.

  • Monitor closely the incoming links of your competitors.
  • Be informed in real time of the creation of backlinks.

Backlinks in common: Find relevant links for your site.

This feature allows you to identify links in common between several websites. It is possible to analyze the backlinks of a list that can include up to 10 urls.

  • Identify interesting backlinks for your domain.
  • Get ideas for netlinking.
  • Identify networks of sites.

Backlink Extraction: Find the best inbound links.

This tool allows you to study the backlinks of a list of up to 100 sites. You will be able to get the ranking of the most relevant backlinks. This list displays the essential metrics related to each backlink:

  • Follow/NoFollow
  • TF
  • CF
  • Anchors

Backlink Timeline: Follow the acquisition of backlinks over time.

Like the SERPmachine, the Backlink Timeline allows you to go back in time and see all the backlinks obtained in the last 90 days.

  • Know when a backlink has been obtained.
  • Know the number of links obtained over a period.
  • Spot suspicious backlinks acquisition movements from other sites

In short: The solution offered by SEObserver is very complete in terms of backlink analysis. You will be able to develop an extremely effective netlinking strategy without too much effort.

The keyword tools: For a successful natural referencing

The keywords are the guarantors of a successful natural referencing. SEObserver has understood this and provides you with 2 functions more than interesting:

  • The Niche Finder
  • The Keyword competition checker

Niche Finder: To find ideas for keywords.

niche finder

The Niche Finder is the ideal tool to find ideas or to evaluate the opportunity to place yourself on a keyword. The tool displays:

  • Estimated search volumes.
  • The CPC
  • Competition on a phrase (equivalent to the difficulty score)
  • Degree of similarity between several queries or expressions
  • Search trends (seasonality)

The keyword competition checker: To evaluate the difficulty of a keyword

competition checker

This tool allows you to quickly evaluate the opportunity to position yourself on a keyword. It gives you instant access to the profiles and data of the positioned pages in order to evaluate the difficulty of positioning yourself on a given expression. You will have access to information such as

  • A keyword difficulty score
  • Similar keywords and search intentions
  • The profile of the domains and pages positioned (CF, TF, BL, etc…)

In short: SEObserver keyword analysis tools are powerful. They allow you to quickly assess the difficulty of the work to be undertaken to succeed in positioning on a query.

Ranking: To follow the evolution of its strategies

This feature allows you to track the ranking of a site on a set of keywords. To do this, you need to create a campaign and fill in the keywords you want to track. At the same time, it is possible to establish a list of sites you want to follow on expressions you have entered.

  • Have precise statistics on rankings.
  • Follow the evolution of your site and your pages in the SERP.
  • Be informed as soon as a site passes you by
  • React and adapt your strategies in real time.

In short: This feature is amazingly effective to monitor the positioning of a competitor on specific queries.

The advantages of SEObserver

The solution proposed by Seobserver is extremely complete and offers several significant advantages:

  • A simple interface: Easy to understand.
  • Time saving: Everything is easily accessible in complete reports.
  • Competitor analysis: It allows to analyze in detail all the metrics of a competitor.
  • Ultra-complete: It offers many functions and allows you to avoid multiplying subscriptions.
  • Chrome extensionfor your SEO Audit: Very practical, it allows you to have access to all the metrics of a site while browsing on Google.
  • A compatibility with all systems

The (rare) drawbacks of the software

It is customary to list the disadvantages when giving an opinion on a software. We must admit that, on this point, it is difficult to formulate coherent reproaches to the software. However, some people note:

  • A lack of completeness of the supports for beginners
  • The prices are a bit high
  • Lack of tutorial to know all the functionalities of the tool.

Prices and subscriptions*

prix seobserver

SEObserver has high prices but they remain (in our opinion) relatively reasonable given the range of features offered. There are 4 subscription offers:

  • Freelance: 99€/month
  • Studio: 199 €/month
  • Agency: 499€/month
  • Unlimited: 999€/month


The freelance offer, as its name indicates, is for freelance professionals.

  • 99/month without commitment or 82.50€/month for the year
  • 1 user access


This subscription is more for small structures such as small agencies or small businesses.

  • 199/month without commitment or 165.83/month for the year
  • 2 user accesses


The Agency package is designed for medium-sized agencies and companies.

  • 499/month without commitment or 415.83€/month for the year
  • 10 user accesses


The unlimited offer is the dream of every SEO but its price unfortunately reserves it more for large companies or agencies.

  • 999€/month without commitment
  • Unlimited number of accesses

In summary, SEObserver was designed by an SEO for SEOs. Its ease of use and its completeness make it indispensable to all those who try to reach the top 10 of Google.

  • SEObserver is one of the best SEO software
  • You will be able to follow closely your competitors thanks to a single software
  • Backlinks, keywords, SERP, Ranking… No detail will escape you anymore
  • The features offer access to precise and useful data
  • The solution allows you to have a complete overview of all the information to really understand how the SERP works
  • Subscriptions range from 99€/month to 999€/month