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What is targeting and positionning according to a market ?

By Mary, on January 10, 2021, updated on November 27, 2022 - 6 min read

A successful marketing strategy includes a specific plan and a detailed execution. While creativity is key, understanding the basics of communications is essential. The targeting positioning tactic means that your business is covering all its bases.

This digital plan allows your brand to get the most out of its social and online platforms. To be successful, you need a strong strategy which includes specific analytics, comprehensive data, and a detailed target audience. The best marketing model includes these three variables and allows to be present on each segment of a market.

What is targeting positioning?

Also known as stp marketing (Segmentation – Targeting – Positioning), this strategy incorporates segmentation, targeting, and positioning. With this online plan of action, your company will think of all the details that make you successful.

Your business is focusing on the customers and on the target audience, instead of the products. This strategy is about finding out where your customers are, what media they use, and what they like. Your brand sheds light on the audience to deliver a targeted message, which means that every segment of the audience and the market is perfectly defined. It works for both your social media and your company’s website.

Breaking it down

This strategy has three main ingredients. The best way to implement it in your company is to first understand them separately. There are many variables to communications services and models, so having a clear idea is key. For your company, the best way to understand them is to break them down, one by one.


This strategy means dividing your target audience into smaller niches (groups and profiles of consumers). You are looking at the customers that you’d like to reach with a magnifying lens. You divide them by age, gender, interests, or geography. Thanks to segmentation, you can identify these niches and plan your digital content around them.
Segmenting your markets approach will give you a clear idea of the characteristics and the categories of your audience. You can focus your company’s resources to maximize the potential of your reach by knowing well consumers’ demographic data.


This ingredient of the stp marketing strategy means that your business focuses on the who : your consumer. What people and customers are you trying to attract? The first step is understanding who uses and enjoys your products. Different brands have different clients. Who are yours?

Through targeting, you can find that out. While segmentation allows you to find the tiny niches, targeting will help you in figuring out who your ideal customer is. Once you know the people that you’d like to attract, you will plan your content accordingly.


Knowing your target audience means knowing what digital and social platform they use. Are your customers on Facebook or Instagram? It might seem like a detail, but it isn’t. Different demographics use different networks. You should plan your marketing strategy around your online presence and the online presence of your ideal users (this is a marketing goal for your company).

Positioning works both for posts and ads. It goes from the bigger picture of the social media to the small picture of where you will position your advertisement.

Combining these three ingredients creates a successful marketing plan, so it’s important to think about all of them. How can you combine them?

Take these two websites for example, with a clear positioning and targeting with a powerful value proposition:

Targeting positioning marketing tips

To build an effective digital plan and an effective marketing strategy, you need to have a detailed and organized list. The best way to be successful is to be open minded to the levels of marketing markets and segmenting. Creating your content based on these tips can help you in the whole process.

Remember where your brand is positioned. Before deciding where you want to focus your content, make sure you keep in mind what platforms you already use. For example, if you already have a Facebook business page, exploit it. You don’t have to delete it, but to build your posts around these new methods.

Begin with a specific list right away. Don’t wait to have an organized calendar and ideas. As soon as you sit down to strategize, grab a piece of paper, or open up an application. Take an organized approach to raise the level of your company’s media presence.

Start from your target audience (your potential customer). Decide what customers you’d like to reach with your content. You can start by brainstorming, throwing in as many variables as possible. Consider demographics, different people, and segmenting your interest group. For businesses, starting with an idea of the markets is essential to have a comprehensive approach.

First, think big

When you begin, look at the bigger picture. Think about countries you will reach and think about gender. Think of all the variables that make a person’s personality. Consider all the levels of your communications. Later, you will look at the details.

Once you have the bigger picture ready, it’s time to start on your market segmentation. Collect your data to identify the small niches and segments. You can use the analytics or talk directly to your customers, by asking questions and surveys. Every group enjoys different things in your product and service.

The small picture.

With this strategy, you will have a detailed plan. You will know what platforms to focus on and how to do it. Segmenting your market will give you an idea of how well your services work.

Once you know who your customers are and what content they like, time to think about what networks to exploit. Every social media and website attract different demographics and choosing the right platforms is key.

Be open minded. During your research, you might find out that your online presence is lacking. Your business might be lacking content, or you might not be present in the right networks. If you find out that your brand should be on TikTok and it isn’t, open an account. And vice versa.

Look at what successful companies are doing. Take inspiration from your competitors without copying. Use creative models to analyze the variables of your markets. Looking at what other businesses are doing can help your approach with segmenting your audience.

The analysis.

Aka, analyze your results. Keep track of how your campaigns are doing and what content is working. Based on the results of your analysis, you will know what part of your process is successful.
The targeting positioning strategy allows you to completely know your customers and your networks. With this plan, you will have a clear and specific idea of how to act.

The benefits of targeting positioning

Creating an effective plan can take time, is it worth it?
Reach the perfect users for your brand and products. The goal of these strategies is to boost sales. You are showing your brand to users who might not know it. If people already know your company, you are reminding them why they follow your business.

Focusing your digital resources: With this action plan, you will know what platforms you should focus on. Having a presence both online and on social media is crucial in this era. But networks cater to different audiences and customers. With targeting positioning, you will be able to decide what media to focus on.

Create loyalty : When you target the right users and when you use the right tools, you will create a loyal following. It’s more than numbers on your Instagram profile. Loyal customers are people who come back to your products, to buy more and know more about your brand.

Learn to adapt : The digital world is constantly changing. New apps appear, with new strategies and content. Your targeting, positioning, and segmentation changes. So do your segments and markets. Marketing is all about adapting and being able to change on your way.

Room for imagination : Once you have all your tactics and analytical details ready, you will have fun with your content. It’s time to create original and imaginative posts. The more creative your brand is online, the more you will attract customers. Colorful and playful content makes sure people stop to watch it.

The positive effects stp marketing help businesses promote services and products. Segmenting your markets by all the variables available ensures that companies are equipped to implement their ideas.

Useful tools and resources for targeting positioning

These are apps or programs that will help you execute your plan. Businesses need useful services and they need helpful tools to help segmenting and approaching the markets. The apps are available for both IOS and Android.

Useful tools and resources for targeting positioning

These are apps or programs that will help you execute your plan. Businesses need useful services and they need helpful tools to help segmenting and approaching the markets. The apps are available for both IOS and Android.

Google Analytics

It measures your website’s traffic, custom campaigns, and it helps you track campaigns with the URL builder. It’s an accurate analysis that measures Google Ads campaigns and the program allows your business to set up views with filters.


This app for both smartphones and pc allows you to program and schedule your social media posts. You can schedule weekly posts and be always up-to-date with the latest comments and users’ messages.

Tiny Calendar

This smart calendar allows your company to merge all of your calendars. You will have the important dates in one, easy and comfortable place. This includes social media and digital posts. With this app, you will never miss an appointment with the people who follow you.


This tool helps you with your SEO. It identifies keywords for your segments and you can grow traffic to your website and social media networks. It analyzes the data and it gives you SEO recommendations and ideas for content marketing and advertising.


Once you have figured out the positioning segment, you can place your promotions in the right places and media. This tool helps your business in the management of your campaigns.

There are more applications and tools that can help your brand exploit its resources. These digital tools will assist your business with its targeting positioning strategy.

Applying this digital and media plan to your brand will lead you to engagement. It will boost your brand and perhaps even your sales. You will be able to showcase your products in a new and more targeted way, to maximize your content’s reach.